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The Heiress

The Heiress is a 1949 American drama film produced and directed by William Wyler and starring Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper, Montgomery Clift as Morris Townsend, Ralph Richardson as Dr. Sloper. Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, adapted from their 1947 play The Heiress; the play was suggested by the 1880 novel Washington Square by Henry James. The film is about a young naive woman who falls in love with a handsome young man, despite the objections of her abusive father who suspects the man of being a fortune hunter. In 1996, The Heiress was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally or aesthetically significant". Catherine Sloper is a plain, painfully shy woman whose exacting, detached father, New York physician Austin Sloper, makes no secret of his disappointment in her, he is bitter about the loss of his charming and beautiful wife, whom he feels fate replaced with a simple and unalluring daughter. Catherine is devoted to her father and too innocent to comprehend his mistreatment or the reasons for it.

Catherine enjoys quiet pursuits, such as caring for her father and embroidery, ventures out socially. Catherine's gregarious Aunt Lavinia Penniman moves into the household after becoming widowed, attempts to prod Catherine into being more social and find a husband; when she meets the handsome Morris Townsend at a ball, Catherine is taken by the attention he lavishes upon her, attention she's never received before and wanted, flourishes under his affections. Catherine falls madly in love with Morris and they plan to marry. Catherine is of age, receiving $10,000 a year from her mother's estate, is expected to receive an additional $20,000 per year on top of this after the passing of her father. Dr. Sloper believes Morris, being far more attractive and charming than Catherine, but poor and with few prospects after he wasted his own inheritance, is an idler courting Catherine only to get her sizable income. Aunt Lavinia is in favor of the match regardless, being both romantic and pragmatic enough to view this as Catherine's chance at a happy married life, since Morris seems somewhat genuinely fond of Catherine's honesty and kindness, despite his monetary motivations.

A frank discussion with Morris' sister confirms Dr. Sloper's opinion of Morris as a gold digger; the doctor tells the young couple he believes Morris is attempting to dupe plain and gullible Catherine and takes his daughter to Europe for an extended time to separate them, but she cannot forget her betrothed since he frequents the house to visit Aunt Lavinia in their absence, who enables the two to keep in contact. When they return to New York, Dr. Sloper threatens to disinherit his daughter if she marries Morris, they have a bitter argument in which he makes his disdain and distaste for her abundantly clear, she realizes how poorly he views her. Catherine and Morris make plans to elope with the help of Aunt Lavinia, but Catherine tells Morris about her desire to disinherit herself from her father and never see him again. Catherine is impatient to cut off all contact with her father and desperate to prove him and Aunt Lavinia incorrect: someone does love her, not her money, she has not been stupid to think so.

Catherine eagerly packs her bags and waits for Morris to come and take her away to happiness according to their plan. She waits all night, he never comes. She puts her belongings away. Catherine is heartbroken and grows colder, now painfully aware of her father's opinions of her, but trapped caring for him nonetheless. Soon afterwards, Dr. Sloper reveals. To cause him distress, she vengefully tells her father she still loves Morris and dares him to change his will if he is afraid they will waste his money after he dies, he does not alter the will and dies, leaving her his entire estate as Catherine refuses to see him on his death bed. Years Morris returns from California, having made nothing of himself, poorer and with fewer prospects for his efforts. Aunt Lavinia arranges for Morris to visit Catherine, he finds Catherine wealthy and unmarried, is more attracted to her than before. He claims that he left her behind because he could not bear to see her destitute, is quick to reproclaim his love for her and his desire for her affections.

Aunt Lavinia is thrilled for her niece. Catherine ignites Morris' hopes, she gives Morris a gift of ruby buttons. Morris eagerly promises to come back for her that night, she tells him she will start packing her bags; when Morris arrives that night with the promised carriage and rings the bell, Catherine calmly orders the maid to bolt the door, leaving Morris locked outside, shouting her name and banging on the locked door. Her aunt asks her how she can be so cruel, Catherine coldly responds, "I have been taught by masters." The film fades out with Catherine silently ascending the stairs while Morris' despairing cries echo unanswered in the darkness. After seeing The Heiress on Broadway, Olivia de Havilland approached William Wyler about directing her in a screen adaptation of the play, he agreed and encouraged Paramount Pictures executives to purchase the rights from the playwrights for $250,000 and offer them $10,000 per week to write the screenplay. The couple were asked to make Morris less of a villain than he was in their play and the original novel in deference to the studio's desire to cap

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World is a 2011 American 4D spy action comedy film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is the fourth and final installment in the Spy Kids film series, is a stand-alone sequel to 2003's Game Over, while serving as a soft reboot of the franchise; the film stars Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook, Ricky Gervais and, in a multitude of roles, Jeremy Piven. It is the only film in the series without the participation of Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino and the distribution of Miramax Films; the film held its world premiere screening on July 31, 2011, in Los Angeles and was released in the United States on August 19, 2011. It is the only film in the series that uses "Aroma-scope" that allows people to smell odors and aromas from the film via scratch & sniff cards last used theatrically in the 2003 animated film Rugrats Go Wild. OSS agent Marissa Wilson is attempting to capture a bespectacled criminal named Tick Tock, who purchases a mini-disk stolen from OSS.

Despite being nine months pregnant, she continues her pursuit against the admonitions of her boss Danger D'Amo. Tick Tock is captured and the mini-disk, which contains information on a weapon of mass destruction called Project: Armageddon, is retrieved. At the hospital, Marissa meets her spy-hunting TV host husband, who thinks she is an interior decorator and has never caught a spy, her two stepchildren by him, twins Rebecca and Cecil. Marissa gives birth to Maria. Wilbur has created a 5-year plan in which if his show is successful, he will spend more time with the kids. Rebecca does not accept Marissa as a replacement for her deceased mother and delights in playing pranks on her. Attempting to strengthen her rapport with Rebecca, Marissa gives her a red-sapphire necklace that she says her own parents gave her when she was Rebecca's age; the media reports. A criminal mastermind called the Time Keeper claims responsibility, saying that he will unleash Project: Armageddon as a punishment upon a society that he believes wastes time with meaningless pursuits instead of treasuring time with the loved ones.

The Time Keeper demands that Tick Tock bring him the Chronos Sapphire, revealed to be the jewel in the necklace Marissa gave to Rebecca. The OSS instructs her to bring the Chronos Sapphire with her; when Marissa asks for it from Rebecca, it further strains their relationship. When Marissa arrives at OSS headquarters, she discovers that the box Rebecca gave her did not contain the jewel, but it contained baby food. Tick Tock's henchmen break into Marissa's house, Rebecca and Cecil are directed to take refuge in a Panic Room, where they view a video of Marissa informing them of her secret career and that their dog Argonaut is revealed a talking, weaponized robot; the twins escape and go to OSS headquarters, where Marissa's niece and their step-cousin, Carmen Cortez, gives the twins a tour of the defunct Spy Kids Division. Rebecca and Cecil go after the Time Keeper, their search leads them to a clock shop, Tick Tock's headquarters. The twins view a video of the Wells Experiment, which reveals the nature of the Chronos Sapphire in Rebecca's necklace, as it saves a boy frozen in time by the experiment.

The twins are captured by Tick Tock but are rescued by Marissa and Carmen, though Tick Tock manages to steal the Sapphire. Wilbur begins an investigation to capture his first spy; the cameraman digresses it since the kids will have grown up in 5 years, he should spend time with them before their childhood is over. Wilbur's investigation leads him to the clock shop, but he is shocked to learn that Marissa is a spy; when he destroys the footage that he and his cameraman filmed of the battle, he is fired and becomes estranged from Marissa and the children. As time continues to speed up, OSS agents are debriefed on the Wells Experiment; the OSS shut down the experiment, placed the device under lockdown. Among the agents assigned to the case is Carmen's estranged brother, Juni Cortez; the twins confront Danger over the fact that his watch is similar to the one worn by the Time Keeper, his name is an anagram of "Armageddon." He imprisons them. When a group of OSS agents led by Marissa and Juni return to the clock shop to confront the Time Keeper, he freezes the agents in time using circuity in their ID badges and does the same to 18 major cities.

Juni, who wasn't frozen due to Carmen angrily throwing his ID badge, manages to free Marissa and Carmen. Danger reveals that his father was head of the Wells Experiment, he was the boy frozen in time, his father spent the rest of his life trying unsuccessfully to set him free. The OSS managed to shut down the experiment with the Chronos Sapphire. Now Danger plans to use the Armageddon Device to go back in time to spend more time with his father. Cecil deduces that Danger has tried this before multiple times, but he comes back worse each time and reveals that Tick Tock and his minions are all versions of himself. Rebecca tells Danger that he should use what time he has wisely instead of trying to acquire more of it; when the time vortex opens, Danger meets his father he returns as an elderly form of himself and realizes that Cecil was right as he could not change anything. He shuts down the device, Tick Tock is apprehended by Wilbur, reunited with Marissa and the children, promising he won't wait to hav

2017 in Myanmar

The following lists events in the year 2017 in Myanmar. President: Htin Kyaw First Vice President: Myint Swe Second Vice President: Henry Van Thio State Counsellor: Aung San Suu Kyi 30 January - Tens of thousands of people gather for the funeral of Ko Ni, after his assassination the day before. 3 February - The United Nations Human Rights Council releases a report detailing human rights abuses against the Rohingya people by military and police forces, including rape, mass killings and possible ethnic cleansing. Aung San Suu Kyi has promised to investigate in these allegations. 16 February - The military of Myanmar claims to have stopped its clearance operation that the UN calls ethnic cleansing. 6 March - At least 30 people are killed in an attack by the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army in Laukkai, dealing a blow to Suu Kyi's goal of reaching peace with ethnic minorities. 8 April - At least 20 people are killed when a boat carrying wedding guests collides with a river barge in the west of Myanmar.

4 May - After meeting Pope Francis, Suu Kyi establishes full relations between Myanmar and the Holy See. 4 July - A mob of hundreds of Rakhine Buddhists attack seven Rohingya men from the Dapaing Camp for internally displaced persons in Sittwe, Rakhine State, killing one and injuring another. They were escorted by police to Sittwe's dock to purchase boats but were attacked despite armed guards' presence. 31 July-Teachers from the technological and computer universities and some others medical universities launched a blue ribbon campaign to protest what they called the unfair promotion policy of the Ministry of Education. 25 August - Government officials report that 12 security personnel and 59 Rohingya insurgents were killed overnight during attacks coordinated by Rohingya insurgents on at least 26 police posts and a military base in Rakhine State. 27 August - Dozens of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in the Rakhine State are detained by Burmese and Bangladeshi officials after attempting to cross the border to Bangladesh.

5 September - In response to escalating violence by the Myanmar Army, 123,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. State Counselor Suu Kyi receives international criticism and pressure to urge her to stop the violence. 6 September - Bangladesh accuses the Myanmar Army of placing landmines across the border to prevent fleeing Rohingya from returning. The Burmese government denies these accusations. 9 September - The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army declares a ceasefire to be in place to allow humanitarian aid to be donated to the Rohingya refugees. 18 September - Hundreds of pro-government protesters condemn the Rohingya insurgents and alleged outside interference with Rakhine State. 30 September - Thailand says it is watching the crisis in Rakhine State and offers aid to the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh. 8 October - A refugee boat carrying Rohingya fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh capsizes at the Bay of Bengal, killing 12. 16 November - Human Rights Watch releases a report detailing the systematic rape of Rohingya women and girls by security forces in Rakhine.

19 November - China proposes a three-stage solution for Myanmar and Bangladesh to resolve the conflict in Rakhine with both countries supporting. This includes the repatriation of refugees fleeing violence. 29 January – Ko Ni, shot.9 June – S. S. Khaplang, politician 13 August – Aung Shwe, retired Brigadier General and one of the founders of National League for Democracy

Jeannie Ortega

Jeannette "Jeannie" Ortega is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She made her recording debut in 2006 with the album No Place Like BKLYN at the age of 19; the album featured the hit single "Crowded", which reached the Billboard Hot 100. Jeannie Ortega was born in Bushwick, New York and is of Puerto Rican descent. While attending Brooklyn High School of the Arts, Ortega's song "Got What It Takes" was placed on the soundtrack for the 2003 comedy Love Don't Cost a Thing, the song "Future Is Clear" appeared on the TV show soundtrack for That's So Raven!. She was signed with Hollywood Records in 2002 and released her debut single "It's R Time" in October 2005; the song appeared on the Freedom Writers soundtrack in 2007. Ortega spent several years on the tween-pop Radio Disney circuit of radio interviews, live mall shows, other promotional activities as she worked on her debut album in 2005. In 2006, Ortega followed "It's R Time" with the Urban-pop single "Crowded" the single became a mainstream pop hit peaking in the top twenty-five of the Billboard chart.

On September 12, 2006, Ortega's debut album No Place Like BKLYN was released, two weeks the album entered the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart at number-one. On July 17, Ortega appeared on an episode of One Life to Live. In July 2006, Ortega joined Rihanna as the opening act for her world-tour. I admire her so much, Rihanna said of Ortega. She's a sweetheart and she is so grateful to be on tour with me and that's what I love. She's gonna kill it.. Ortega followed that tour with the "Lo Maximo de la Musica National Tour" alongside Frankie J, Luis Fonsi, Nina Sky and Orishas. Following the tour, she was dropped from Hollywood Records in 2007, she appeared at the Music Unites benefit on March 2010, speaking about her forthcoming album. Ortega has since signed with AIC Records. On April 26, 2011, Jeannie released her debut EP New Day. Jeannie Ortega released her sophomore album Perfect Love on January 30, 2012. Ortega released her third album Love Changed Me on November 1, 2016. Jeannie Ortega and her older sister Yoselyn were raised Santeria.

She contemplated suicide as a child. Jeannie became a Christian, she married Renn Law on December 27, 2009. Jeannie and Renn now live in Florida, they run their own church Most High King Ministries. Jeannie Ortega suffered three miscarriages. 2006 - Step Up Girl Singer #3 2006 - No Place Like BKLYN 2012 - Perfect Love 2016 - Love Changed Me 2005 - "It's R Time" 2006 - "Crowded" 2006 - "So Done" 2008 - "A Girl Like That" Lucas Prata featuring Jeannie Ortega 2010 - "Beautiful Day" 2010 - "Strong" 2013 - "Imperfection" "New Day" "Road To 31" Puerto Rican Americans Jeannie Ortega Most High King Ministries Jeannie Ortega on IMDb

Muhammad Farooq (journalist)

Muhammad Farooq is a journalist, Naat Khawan and newscaster from Pakistan. He was the founding editor of Daily Evening Special from Quetta, he worked as Joint Executive Editor Daily Mashriq Quetta. Nowadays he is working in Daily Pakistan Lahore as a News Editor, he had worked for Pakistan Television Corporation and Radio Pakistan. Muhammad Farooq has participated in many national and some international Mahafil-e-Qirat and Mahafil-e-Na`at, he has been awarded numerous national awards, including the Pride of Performance Award from Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Pakistan Television nominated him for PTV Award. Muhammad Farooq Arain started his career in journalism as a sub editor from the Daily Mashriq Lahore, he has served as the Bureau Chief Lahore for Daily Mashriq Quetta. In 1997, Farooq moved to Quetta and was appointed as the chief news editor of the Daily Mashriq Quetta. On 10 August 2001, he launched first Pakistani evening newspaper Daily Evening Special from Quetta as founding editor.

In 2004, Muhammad Farooq Arain became as the Joint Executive Editor of Daily Mashriq Quetta. He served as editor in the Universal News Agency, in Quetta head office. During his journalistic career he worked for Daily Din Lahore, Daily Akhbar-e-Lahore, Monthly Education Times Lahore, At present he is working as the news editor for Daily Pakistan Lahore, one of the leading newspapers of Pakistan, he has struggled for the freedom of the press and for the rights of working journalists. He was an active member of the Quetta Press Club and Baluchistan Union of Journalists, now a council member of Lahore Press Club and Punjab Union of Journalists. In 1997, Farooq joined Radio Pakistan as a newsreader. On 26 September 1997, Muhammad Farooq delivered first time this words "This is Radio Pakistan, now you listen news by Muhammad Farooq. ” In 2000, Muhammad Farooq was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by Pakistani state radio in recognition of his work. Farooq worked many years for Pakistan Television as a newscaster.

He has been an compere of Pakistan Television. He appeared in many talk shows regarding political and social issues, aspecially current affairs programs including News Morning Show and Qadam ba Qadam from PTV Quetta centre; as a script writer for Pakistan Television, Farooq wrote for many different Pakistani television programs including current affairs. He focuses on the different problems of people of Balochistan. Farooq has written scripts about Khushhal Pakistan Program, rural development and cities of Baluchistan, he has written many articles and translations for different magazines and newspapers. Muhammad Farooq did his early Nazra education from Karachi by Qari Kal-e-Khan, he learned Tajweed by Qari Hilal Ahmad Dehlavi and Khateeb of Tooba Mosque Defense Housing Society Karachi. Farooq is the winner of Pakistani national Qur'an recitation contests, the winner of many Qur'an reciting competitions at All Pakistan Inter Schools and universities. Muhammad Farooq has recited in front of many internationally famous and respected figures including Egyptian Qari Shaikh Sayed Abdul Aal Mutawlli, Qari Shaikh Anwar Shahaat Mahmood Anwar, Qari Shaikh Mahmood Shahaat Anwar, Qari Hussain Shah and Qari Abdur Rasheed Al Azhari.

Muhammad Farooq has participated in many national and some international Mahafil-e-Qirat. He has hosted many Mahafil-e-Qiraat in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Sialkot, Narowal and Lahore, he started Naat Khuwani. Farooq has many times won the All Pakistan Naat recitation competition. After many years Muhammad Farooq restarted his career on Pakistan Television Quetta centre as a Naat Khawan, script writer and compere, he got national fame when he recited his most popular naat "Mujh ko kis din hogi tayaba ke safar ki agahi" in Urdu, Telecast on Pakistan Television. He has performed live on different Pakistani TV and Radio Channels, he recorded Naats for Radio Pakistan and FM 101 radio from Quetta. He performed live these radio channels. In 2006, Pakistan Television nominated him as the best Naat Khawan for PTV Award from PTV Quetta centre. Muhammad Farooq has participated in many national and some international Mahafil-e-Naat, he appears on Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan. Pride of Performance Award from Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Best Urdu Newscaster Award.

Fatima Jinnah Award. Presented by The Government of Pakistan's Ex Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Minorities Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq Special Award Presented by UNICEF & Balochistan Scouts Association. Award from National Civil Defence of Pakistan Best Journalist award Presented by Ex MPA Balochistan Miss Rahila Durani and Muhammad Shafiq Khan. First Position All Pakistan Quraan Recitation Competition Best Qari National Award Award from Daily Jang Lahore Wahdat-e-Pakistan Award Award from Daily Mashriq Lahore Award for Excellent Performance, by Minhaj-ul-Quran International and Lahore Press Club. Presented by Nazim-e-Ala Minhaj-ul-Quran International Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi. First Position All Pakistan Naat Khawani Competition Best Naat Khawan National Award Wahdat-i-Pakistan Award PTV Awards Best Naat Khawan Nomination There are many different serials and programs written by Muhammad Farooq for Pakistan Television. Khushhal Pakistan serials Pak Japan Friend Ship Rural Youth Karkardagi serial Dastan-e-Azm serial Umar

Thor: Blood Oath

Thor: Blood Oath is a 6-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in September to December 2005 and is written by Michael Avon Oeming, with art by Scott Kolins. The series features Thor and the Warriors Three, is set in Thor's early years after Journey into Mystery Annual #1 but before Journey Into Mystery #125; when first announced the series was called Thor: Tales of Asgard. After battling the Absorbing Man and defeating him, Thor travels to Asgard where he discovers the Warriors Three are on trial, they accidentally killed a giant who had shape-shifted into an aquatic beast and as punishment they were sentenced to retrieve several difficult items from various pantheons and return them to the father of the dead giant. These include magic apples from the branches of the Asgardian world tree, guarded by a giant eagle; the skin of Dionysus' magic pig from Olympus, guarded by Hercules. The spear Slaughter from the Celtic Tuatha De Danaan, guarded by Chulain; the sword Grasscutter from the Japanese land of the dead guarded by Mikaboshi.

And they must shout their victory from a hill on top of the Egyptian temple of Toth guarded by his three sons. Thor is forced to not use Mjolnir as a weapon; as they get the items they meet many people including Hercules. The series was collected into a single volume: Thor: Blood Oath The Official Site for Thor Comics Thor: Blood Oath at Thor: Blood Oath at the Immortal Thor Thor: Blood Oath at the Grand Comics Database Thor: Blood Oath at the Comic Book DB