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The Lightning and the Sun

The Lightning and the Sun is a 1958 book by Savitri Devi Mukherji, in which the author outlines her philosophy of history along with her critique of the modern world. The book is known for the author's claim. An abridged version was published by the far-right National Vanguard Books. Resistance Records, a neo-Nazi and white separatist record label, released an audio recording of readings from the book. An unabridged version was made available online by the Savitri Devi archive. Most an unabridged version was published by the white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing. In The Lightning and the Sun, Savitri Devi Mukherji attempts to weave National Socialism with a cyclic view of history, arguing that time begins with a Golden Age and decays through a Silver Age and Bronze Age into a final Kali Yuga, or Dark Age, she elucidates her concept of "Men in Time," "Men above Time," and "Men against Time" using the lives of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler respectively. Genghis Khan is used as an example of a "Man in Time" who exhibits Lightning qualities and furthers historical decay.

Akhnaton is used to illustrate a "Man above Time" who exhibits Sun qualities and seeks to transcend the process of historical decay. Hitler is used to illustrate a "Man against Time" who exhibits both Lightning and Sun qualities and seek to fight historical decay by using violent, Dark-Age methods to achieve a Golden Age state of existence. In the final chapter of the book, Savitri Devi expands further upon her cyclic view of history and argues that at the end of the Dark Age, Kalki will appear and usher in a new Golden Age. Begun in 1948, completed in 1956, first published in 1958 in Calcutta, she said it "could be described as a personal answer to the events of 1945 and of the following years." It is dedicated "To the god-like Individual of our times. It opens with quotations from The Bhagavad Rudolf Hess; the Lightning and the Sun The Lightning and the Sun

Negros Occidental National Science High School

The Negros Occidental National Science High School or NONSHS is a public science high school on Estrella Road, Brgy. XIV, Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, it is a Department of Education-recognized National Science high school. Its old name, Negros Occidental Science High School, was changed after fulfilling the qualifications and standards of a national-level secondary school, it was announced on official resuming date of classes. Major changes were applied to the school; the Negros Occidental National Science High School known as Negros Occidental Science High School, started its active curriculum in 1997. Primary school graduates take the entrance exam; the Supreme Student Government is the highest school organization that implements the rules and regulations of the school and facilitates activities on the school premises. The SSG Office follows the Department of Education memorandum and is allowed to implement memorandums of its own; the Executive Committee is determined through a school-wide election held before the end of the previous academic year.

Other committees and its members are decided by the current executives. The SSG president is Michael Benjamin S. Ramirez with the organization adviser Ken Ledesma. In line with the National Science Club under the Presidential Proclamation No. 264, NONSHS started its own science club: Beryllus Princeps Science Club. This club hosts the annual Beryllus Princeps Science Month with varying dates from October to February, its officers are chosen by the adviser and members are permitted to join through applications and interviews. The current BPSC president is Kent Louie De Venecia with Madonna Decena; the Societas Linguae et Theatri known as Codex Guild, is the English club of the Negros Occidental National Science High School. Similar to other academic organizations, its officers are chosen by other non-electoral means; the organization aims to improve the skills of the students leadership and teamwork. It aims to improve the students knowledge towards English and Literature; the current SLT president is Aldrei Sia with the club adviser, Ms. Kaye B. Aquino The Scholar is the official English publication of NONSHS.

The editor-in-chief is Shekinah Ducay and the publication adviser is Kaye Aquino. The Mathematics Club is one of the academic organizations, promoting effective and efficient learning on mathematics; the club hosts mathematics competitions for the freshmen students and provides voluntary review lessons. The club engages the students in other activities to have a comprehensive learning in mathematics; the club does not have an official celebration as of now. The Math Club president is Eunice Matulac with the club advisers, Bernard Belleza and Ruth Fontanilla; the Gintong Hiyas Club known as the Filipiñana Club, is the Filipino club high school. The club aims to promote nationalism and patriotism to the school, with the versing of the Filipino language; the club holds the Buwan ng Wika, for the student body to engage in activities with a nationalistic view. The Gintong Hiyas president is Kariz Ducay with Gretchen Jardinico. Ang Iskolar is the official Filipino publication of Gintong Hiyas; the current editor-in-chief is Mark Clement Centina with Gretchen Cabungcag.

The Youth for Environment in Schools Organization is a civic organization of the Negros Occidental National Science High School that promotes environmental awareness and protection, disaster management and reaction, the view of our environment and global status. Its executive committee was similar to the Beryllus Princeps Science Club but was changed in 2008; this rule was changed to have the committee undergo an electoral process. The club participates in advocacy for the environment, such as the National YES-O Camp and tree planting and cleanup drives; the club is active in solid waste management and segregation in school and has an absolute committee in the Supreme Student Government office. The club hosts the annual Environment Week celebration; the current YES-O president is Vine De la Cruz with April Jean Caballero. The Sports Club is one of the civic organizations of the Negros Occidental National Science High School, promoting physical fitness and sports engagement; the club hosts the annual Intramural games for the students.

The current Sports Club president is Czarina Lynn Nartatez with the Club Adviser, Mary Grace Roa The Youth Against Drugs is a civic organization of NONSHS that promotes awareness of problems in society brought on by the influence of drugs and incorrect habits and other vices. The current YAD president is John Peter "Padre Damasu" Urbanuzo with the current Club Adviser, Ken L. Ledesma

Anphabe is a Vietnamese version of LinkedIn, started by Thanh Nguyen, one of the few female tech founders in Vietnam. Anphabe has over 500,000+ users on its platform and is the largest network for professionals in Vietnam; the company, founded in 2011 hosts events, a forum, helps with head hunting for local companies. serves as a database for many of the company's employer branding activities. Anphabe's new investor is Recruit Global Incubation Partners, the venture capital arm of Recruit Holdings, a recruiting company out of Japan. platform enables management members to share business knowledge, get job opportunities, acquire important company information, meet business leaders. Anphabe JSC is based in Vietnam. is Vietnam biggest Online Network of Management Professionals in Vietnam with more than 110,000+ members and 400,000 subscribers. About anphabe Anpabe Big Jobs Anphabe Discussions Anphabe Best Companies Anphabe Event on businessweek on on

Lars Eriksson (musician)

Lars Erik Ludvig Eriksson is a Swedish singer-songwriter who became famous for his participation in Sweden's Idol 2008. Eriksson was born in Karlskoga, was just one year old when his family moved to Liberia in 1981, where Lars' father worked at a mining company. Moving back to Sweden in 1984, Lars began playing piano at age 5, he performed at school. He learned playing the guitar at around age 16. Together with three friends, he formed the band "The Jisreels" for three years, they played local gigs, toured the west coast in the summer of 1998. By the time Eriksson applied to Swedish Idol auditions, he had written around 200 songs. Eriksson became a favorite of the competition from the day he auditioned when Idol jury member Anders Bagge promised to cooperate on a record after he heard him perform two songs on his audition in Lund, but he created big controversy when he became critical of the competition quoted as saying he did not wish to win the race. In November 2008, he was eliminated, he recorded the single "Love" jointly with Elin Sigvardsson.

It reached No. 5 in the Swedish singles chart. Eriksson cooperated with Anders Bagge on an album in the autumn of 2009, but for unknown reasons, the album was not released until 11 February 2011. In May 2010, a collaboration began between Eriksson and Birger Pettersson Wiik and his record label HGM in Årjäng, with the single "Rejected Love" released digitally. Eriksson released two albums and one EP – "Rust and golden dust", "Inconsequencia" & "Dictions and contradictions" – before he completed a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in the field of Conservation at Uppsala University in Visby, Gotland. In 2013, Eriksson had a song in the Swedish-Icelandic movie "Hemma", which won prize at Busan International Film Festival in South Korea as The Audience Choice. On 9 July 2013, Paulo Coelho shared Eriksson's song "Like the flowing river" on Facebook and on Twitter; the song was inspired by the same name. After graduation in 2015, Eriksson worked a number of jobs as a conservation officer in places such as Gotland, The Åland Islands, Växjö, Kristianstad and Östersund.

Eriksson has worked as a carpenter in Portugal, restored a Medieval castle in Scotland and played the streets and buses of Cuzco, Peru. In 2017 Eriksson released two demo albums and one EP: “As it were”, "Lonely Jim" & "If you will". All sales revenue from the single and the EP "Lonely Jim" continually goes to UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency. With those releases, the eight-year collaboration between Eriksson and the record company High Gear Music ended. In 2018, Eriksson released independently the EP "Guds vän och allas fiende", which has received positive reviews in Italy and the US; the songs were written on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea during a three-year period when Eriksson lived and studied there. The songs cover experiences; the EP is recorded on Gotland in Stockholm. The title of the EP means "Friend of God and enemy of all", which has its origins from a pirate gang, Vitaliebröderna, who made the seas around Gotland unsafe during the Middle Ages, their battle-cry was "Friends of God and enemies of all!”

Eriksson is a member of the International music collective Kaip and is a board member of Dan Andersson-sällskapet. 2011: Rust and Golden Dust 2012: Dictions and contradictions 2017: As it were 2017: If you will' 2011: Inconsequencia 2017: Lonely Jim 2018: Guds vän och allas fiende 2010: "Rejected Love" 2011: "Signs on every door step" 2012: "Magic life" 2012: "Hey ho, the road is long" 2017: "The winning cards" 2017: "Lonely Jim" 2018: "I love you now" 2018: "Breadcrumbs" 2019: "Gustav Hurtigs visa"Featured in 2009: "Love" 2013: the Swedish-Icelandic movie "Hemma" Lars Eriksson Facebook

Bob Aynsley

Robert Aynsley was a New Zealand rugby league player. He played. Aynsley played for Blackball and represented the West Coast and the South Island before first being selected for the New Zealand national rugby league team in 1946, he played in five test matches, his last in 1949. He played in 15 tour games on the 1947 -- 1948 tour of Great France. After retirement, Aynsley was a referee from 1953 to 1960, he served as a selector for the West Coast, South Island and New Zealand age group sides. Aynsley sat on the West Coast Rugby League Board of Control for 18 years and worked as a groundsman at Wingham Park into his seventies, he was named a Life Member of the West Coast Rugby League in 1978 and a Life Member of the New Zealand Rugby League in 1989. Aynsley died in Greymouth on 12 October 2012

Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan is a Pakistani model and director. Nimra Khan was born on 26 June 1990 in her home town, she possess both Pakistan as well as British nationality. Nimra completed her secondary education in Karachi and received a graduation degree in Film Making from the famous Arts school IVS, she had received a certificate in acting. She operates her own beauty salon as she believes in women empowerment, she is a good squash player. On 21 August 2014 she was injured in a road accident, her car got. Her right leg fractured from five different points. Doctors were not able to fix them as there were a few clots in her brain, she played a lead role in her debut television play Khwaab Tabeer on PTV. She is known for her performances in Kaisi Khushi Lekar Aaya Chand on A-Plus, opposite Ahsan Khan, Rishta Anjana Sa on Ary Digital and Choti Si Zindagi on Hum TV. In 2019, she had a good year as she was praised for her performances in the smash-hit drama Bhool on ARY Digital and popular hit series Uraan on A-Plus.

Her debut film was Blind Love. She appeared as Hayya in Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal, an action-war film about the Pakistan independence. Blind Love Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal Nimra Khan on IMDb