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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a 1999 American supernatural psychological thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan; the film tells the story of Cole Sear, a boy, able to see and talk to the dead, Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist who tries to help him. The film established Shyamalan as a writer and director, introduced the cinema public to his traits, most notably his affinity for surprise endings. Released by Hollywood Pictures on August 6, 1999, the film was well-received by critics; the Sixth Sense was the second-highest-grossing film of 1999, taking about $293 million in the US and $379 million in other markets. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Shyamalan, Best Supporting Actor for Osment, Best Supporting Actress for Collette. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist in Philadelphia, returns home one night with his wife Anna after having been honored for his work. A young man accuses Malcolm of failing him.

Malcolm recognizes him as Vincent Grey, a former patient he treated as a child for hallucinations, but before he can talk Vincent down, Vincent shoots him and himself. The next fall, Malcolm begins working with a young boy. Malcolm feels he must help him in order to rectify his failure and reconcile with his wife, who has become distant and cold. Cole's mother Lynn worries about his social skills after seeing signs of physical harm. Cole confides his secret to Malcolm: he sees ghosts walking around like the living, unaware that they are dead. Malcolm thinks Cole is delusional and considers dropping his case. After listening to an audiotape from a session with Vincent, Malcolm hears a weeping man begging for help in Spanish and believes that Cole is telling the truth, he suggests that Cole try to find a purpose for his gift by communicating with the ghosts and helping them finish their business. Cole is unwilling at first finally agrees to try to help. Cole awakens one night to discover a ghost girl vomiting.

After finding out who she is, Cole goes with Malcolm to the funeral reception at her home where he is directed to a box holding a videotape, which he gives to her father. The tape shows the girl's mother poisoning her daughter's food. By doing this, Cole has saved the girl's younger sister from the same fate. Learning to live with the ghosts he sees, Cole begins to fit in at school and is cast as the lead in the school play. Before departing, Cole suggests. Stuck in traffic, Cole tells his mother his secret, says that someone died in an accident down the road; when Lynn does not believe him, Cole tells her his grandmother visits him and describes how she saw Lynn in a dance performance when she was a child, giving details he could not have known. Malcolm returns their wedding video playing. While still asleep, Anna asks why he drops Malcolm's wedding ring. Recalling what Cole told him about how dead people only see what they want to see, Malcolm starts to see things he did not see earlier. Malcolm remembers being shot and locates his gunshot wound that reveals he was killed by Vincent and he has been dead the whole time.

Malcolm tells his wife that he loves her. Because of Cole's efforts, Malcolm's business is complete, his spirit departs in a flash of light. Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe Haley Joel Osment as Cole Sear Toni Collette as Lynn Sear Olivia Williams as Anna Crowe Donnie Wahlberg as Vincent Grey Glenn Fitzgerald as Sean Mischa Barton as Kyra Collins Trevor Morgan as Tommy Tammisimo Bruce Norris as Mr. Stanley Cunningham Angelica Page as Mrs. Collins Greg Wood as Mr. Collins M. Night Shyamalan as Dr. Hill Peter Tambakis as Darren Jeffrey Zubernis as Bobby David Vogel, then-president of production of Walt Disney Studios, read Shyamalan's spec script and loved it. Without obtaining corporate approval, Vogel bought the rights to the script, despite the high price of $3 million and the stipulation that Shyamalan could direct the film. Disney dismissed Vogel from his position at the studio, with Vogel leaving the company shortly thereafter. Disney—apparently in a show of little confidence in the film—sold the production rights to Spyglass Entertainment, while retaining the distribution rights and 12.5% of the film's box office receipt.

During the casting process for the role of Cole Sear, Shyamalan had been apprehensive about Osment's video audition, saying he was "this sweet cherub, kind of beautiful, blond boy." Shyamalan saw the role as darker and more brooding but admitted that "He nailed it with the vulnerability and the need... He was able to convey a need as a human being in a way, amazing to see."The color red is intentionally absent from most of the film, but it is used prominently in a few isolated shots for "anything in the real world, tainted by the other world" and "to connote explosively emotional moments and situations". Examples include the door of the church. All of the clothes Malcolm wears during the film are items he wore or touched the evening before

Cedar Rapids River Kings

The Cedar Rapids River Kings are a professional indoor football team based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The River Kings joined the Indoor Football League as an expansion team in 2011 as the Cedar Rapids Titans and first took the field for the 2012 season. Since 2014, the River Kings franchise has played its home games at the newly renovated U. S. Cellular Center, after having played their first two seasons at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena; the Titans were the first indoor team to be based in Cedar Rapids. The Titans have appeared in two United Conference championship games, losing to the Sioux Falls Storm both times. During the 2018 season, the Titans were sold to new ownership and announced that they would rebrand for 2019 with a name-the-team contest taking on the Cedar Rapids River Kings name. In August 2011, it was announced that the Cedar Rapids Titans would become an expansion team of the Indoor Football League for the 2012 season owned by Chris Kokalis, Bob Sullivan and Kenneth Moninski. Titans' general manager, Chris Kolalis stated, "We believe that Cedar Rapids is a fantastic market to bring a team into.

We hope to promote economic development and be a part of the growth of the community by being active and giving back to the fans." The team announced that they would play their home games at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, with the intentions to play in the newly renovated, U. S. Cellular Center in 2013. On November 18, 2011, the Titans hired former NFL player, Kyle Moore-Brown, as the first coach in franchise history, they won their inaugural game on March 3, 2012 with a 32–13 win over Lehigh Valley Steelhawks. The Titans lost their pre-season warm-up against Green Bay but began the 2013 regular season with three straight wins in a home-and-home series with Chicago and hosting the new Texas Revolution franchise out of Allen. After a two-week bye, the team lost its next three games; the Titans recovered from this stumble and finished the season second in the United Conference with a 9–5 record. They lost to the Sioux Falls Storm in the United Conference Championship; the team fared much better at home than on the road with 5 of its 6 losses coming when it was away from the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.

The Titans were one of eight returning teams plus one expansion team for the 2014 Indoor Football League season. After a 38-47 loss to open the 2014 season, the Titans went on to win their next 8 games in a row; the Titans entered Week 12, with a chance to claim first place in the United Conference, but fell 36-48 to the undefeated Storm. The Titans avenged the loss during the final game of the season, defeating the Storm 49–37; the victory placed the Titans in second place in the United Conference, ended the Storm's undefeated season. The Titans' 2nd-place finish meant a road playoff game against the Storm in the United Conference Finals, where they were defeated 36–73; the Titans were tasked with replacing 2014 starting quarterback Spencer Ohm, while losing the IFL's leading rusher, LaRon Council. The team signed Sam Durley, from the defunct Wyoming Cavalry. Durley got the Titans off to a 6-3 start, good enough for second place in the United Conference, but he was released on May 4, 2015 to sign with the New Orleans VooDoo.

However, just two weeks prior to Durley's release, the Titans had traded for the 2014 IFL MVP, Willie Copeland. Jeremiah Price was named the Defensive Player of the Year; the Titans were yet again looking for a quarterback heading into 2016. The team selected Dylan Favre to lead the team. Favre finished 6th in the league in passing touchdowns and 5 in passing yards as the Titans finished the season 12–4, clinching the 2 seed in the United Conference; the Titans won their first playoff game in team history with a 66–36 victory over the Wichita Falls Nighthawks, but were once again defeated by the Sioux Falls Storm 48–41 in the United Conference Championship. Price repeated as the Defensive Player of the Year; the Titans hired former Iowa Hawkeyes wide receiver, Marvin McNutt as the third coach in team history. After the 2017 season, head coach McNutt took over as general manager and hired Billy Back, the 2016 IFL coach of the year with the Wichita Falls Nighthawks, as the new head coach. However, coach Back would leave the team a couple of months after his hiring to coach the expansion Carolina Cobras of the National Arena League for the 2018 season.

The Titans hired former NFL linebacker Marvin Jones as his replacement. On January 30, 2018, the Titans' ownership announced the team was for sale with hopes of selling to new local ownership. In June, it was announced that the Titans had been sold to Roy Choi, a California-based businessman, with the intentions of keeping the team Cedar Rapids. In a letter to fans posted on the team's website on August 17, 2018, new general manager Ryan Eucker announced that the Titans' name and identity would be replaced as part of a rebranding process after the ownership change. On August 20, 2018, Eucker announced a name-the-team contest to select a new team name and identity with submissions due by September 5. On September 22, the team announced their new name as the Cedar Rapids River Kings with a new logo and color scheme to be unveiled by mid-October. On September 25, 2018, general manager Ryan Eucker announced that Mark Stoute had returned as the head coach of the River Kings, he coached the Titans from 2013 to 2016.

A few games into the season, general manager Eucker was sent by the new owner to his other IFL team, the San Diego Strike Force, to take over as general manager. Reggie Harris was promoted to the River Kings' general manager; the River Kings finished with a 1–13 record and head coach Stoute was fired after the season

Ricky Lawson

Ricky Lawson was an American drummer and composer. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he worked extensively as a session musician, collaborating with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Steely Dan, Earl Klugh, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and other artists, he co-founded the jazz-fusion band Yellowjackets and won the 1987 Grammy Award for Best R&B Instrumental Performance for "And You Know That" from their album Shades. Lawson started playing drums at the age of sixteen, he would borrow his uncle's drum set and carry it to his house across town via the Detroit bus system. In high school, Lawson played in his high school jazz band, which consisted of only five members, including the director. Lawson played for The Sons of Soul, who performed at the 1969 Michigan State Fair, opening for The Jackson Five along with The Blazer, a band from Cooley High School in Detroit that included La Palabra. In high school, he played such sports as water polo and swimming, his swimming talent earned him a scholarship to college.

He only spent one year at college. In the'80s and'90s, he played drums for Whitney Houston, he played on Whitney's famous hit, "I Will Always Love You". Lawson has a one note "solo" in the song, where he hits the toms before Whitney's dramatic vocal finale, he said. In addition to the artists listed above, Lawson collaborated with Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, Russell Ferrante, Toto, Al Jarreau, George Benson, Lionel Richie, George Duke, he co-authored The Pointer Sisters' hit "Uh-Uh", co-produced their album Serious Slammin' and the Fattburger hit "Good News". He was the drummer for Michael Jackson's Bad Tour in 1987-1988 and Dangerous Tour in 1992-1993, he was the drummer for Phil Collins' Both Sides tour in 1994-1995 and the Dance into the Light Tour in 1997. He performed with Phil Collins for his MTV Unplugged session in 1994. Lawson appeared on Steely Dan's Two Against Nature studio album, as well as their live album and tour DVD, Two Against Nature: Steely Dan's Plush TV Jazz-Rock Party, he appeared on Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds' MTV Unplugged live album and DVD in 1997.

Lawson became disoriented while performing at the Spaghettini jazz club on December 13, 2013 in Seal Beach, California. He was treated at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, he died on December 2013, aged 59, when he was removed from life support after ten days. In one of his final studio recordings, Lawson appears on 8 of 13 tracks of well-known bassist and Fourplay founding member Nathan East's eponymous album, released in March 2014; the album dedication In memory of Ricky Lawson appears as the final statement in the liner notes. In 2001, Lawson released the solo album Ricky Lawson and Friends, on which he performed, arranged and wrote all of the songs in collaboration with leading artists Gerald Albright, Phil Collins, George Duke, Sheila E. Nathan East, Donald Fagen, Jon Herington, Robben Ford, James Ingram, Boney James, Al Jarreau, Kirk Whalum, Vesta Williams, others; the album is a blend of R&B, jazz. In 2008, Lawson put together a classic Christmas CD, Christmas with Friends, with special guests Ron Reinhardt and Philippe Saisse on acoustic piano, Rick Braun on trumpet, Richard Elliot, Michael Paulo, Steve Alaniz on sax, Paul Brown, Adam Hawley and Iam Keene on guitar, Lenny Castro on percussion, Roberto Vally and Sekou Bunch on bass.

1981: Yellowjackets 1983: Mirage a Trois 1985: Samurai Samba 1986: Shades 1997: First Things 1st 2001: Ricky Lawson and Friends 2008: Christmas with Friends 2000: Two Against Nature 2014: Nathan East Ricky Lawson discography at Discogs Ricky Lawson on IMDb Ricky Lawson on The Steely Dan News Page

Grande Ballroom

The Grande Ballroom is a historic live music venue located at 8952 Grand River Avenue in the Petosky-Otsego neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. The building was designed by Detroit engineer and architect Charles N. Agree in 1928 and served as a multi-purpose building, hosting retail business on the first floor and a large dance hall upstairs. During this period the Grande was renowned for its outstanding hardwood dance floor which took up most of the second floor. Around 1927, Detroit businessman Harry Weitzman approached Agree about creating the ballroom. Weitzman financed and owned the ballroom, popular in the Jewish community and a hangout for the Purple Gang, his children's initials are carved under a windowsill at the venue. In 1966 the Grande was acquired by Dearborn, high school teacher and local radio DJ Russ Gibb. Gibb was inspired by visiting San Francisco's Fillmore Theater, envisioned a similar venue in Detroit for the new psychedelic music and a resource for local teenagers. Gibb worked with Detroit counterculture figure John Sinclair and Hugh "JEEP" Holland in bringing in bands from San Francisco and the neighbouring States and the top level of local/regional rock bands, including the MC5, SRC, Jagged Edge, Catfish, Savage Grace, James Gang, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Third Power, All the Lonely people and Vanwinkle, Iron Horse Exchange, many others who were gathering around Detroit's Plum Street community as well as the suburbs, as far afield as Ann Arbor.

With managers Tom Wright, Bill Robbins and others and local character Dave Miller, the club booked and presented many national and international acts - as well as future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers - of this period including Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Jeff Beck, Procol Harum and The Who. The MC5, The Thyme, The Stooges served as house bands, assuring weekly performances; the Grande featured the avant garde jazz of John Coltrane and Sun Ra. Performances of this period were advertised by the distinctive psychedelic handbills of Gary Grimshaw and Carl Lundgren; the Grande's rock and roll countercultural experience was extensively documented by Detroit photographer Leni Sinclair. It was during this period that the Ballroom became known as the "hippie capitalist center of Detroit". Since Gibb closed the Grande as a rock venue in 1972, the building has been used and has fallen into a state of extreme disrepair; as of 2014, the historic club remains open to redevelopment.

In 2012, LOUDER THAN LOVE-The Grande Ballroom Story was released. Hailed as the greatest untold story in rock & roll history; the film produced and directed by Tony D’Annunzio went on to screen at over 35 film festivals around the world and won an Emmy in 2016 for it PBS Broadcast. The film includes interviews with surviving members of MC5, Alice Cooper, Russ Gibb, John & Leni Sinclair as well as many more Grande era artists and attendees. In December 2018, the Grande Ballroom was added to the National Register of Historic Places; the Grande Ballroom is a square, two-story, yellow-buff brick commercial building, containing elements of Spanish Revival and Mediterranean Revival architectural styled. The first floor contains retail spaces, the second contains a large ballroom; the exterior has round-arch window openings with limestone friezes on the second floor, with low tiled pent roofs above. The first floor held six storefronts, each with large plate glass windows and prismatic glass transoms above.

These storefronts have been altered. The three corners of the ballroom facing the street each have a projecting tower with an octagonal cap and a decorative urn and star design on the center on each face, a low tiled hip roof on top; the Grande Ballroom Homepage Photos gallery of the Grande Ballroom at

Derol railway station

Derol railway station is a small railway station in Panchmahal district, Gujarat. Its code is DRL, it serves Derol village. The station consists of 3 platforms. Following trains halt at Derol railway station in both directions: 12929/30 Dahod - Valsad Intercity Superfast Express 11463/64 Somnath - Jabalpur Express 11465/66 Somnath - Jabalpur Express 19309/10 Gandhinagar Capital - Indore Shanti Express 19037/38 Bandra Terminus - Gorakhpur Avadh Express 19039/40 Bandra Terminus - Muzaffarpur Avadh Express 19019/20 Bandra Terminus - Dehradun Express 19023/24 Mumbai Central - Firozpur Janata Express

Dawn of Solace

Dawn of Solace is a heavy metal side-project from Finland, started in 2005 by Tuomas Saukkonen. While in the writing process for the third Before the Dawn album, The Ghost, Saukkonen ended up with over 30 written songs; the first plan was to make a double album for Before the Dawn, but some of the material was slower, more melodic and darker than the songs chosen for The Ghost and Saukkonen wanted to take things further without any limitations that Before the Dawn might create. The result was Dawn of Solace; the first album, entitled The Darkness, features a melodic sound akin to that of Before the Dawn, albeit with a much stronger gothic metal and doom metal influence. On 10 January 2013 through a press statement, Tuomas Saukkonen announced that he was putting Dawn of Solace to rest along with his other active bands, ending them in order to create new project called "Wolfheart", which he will focus from now on; when interviewed by website KaaosZine, Tuomas replied about his decision: "Yes I have been thinking about this for a few years from the Before the Dawn side and first time this was brought into the table was when we were releasing the Decade of Darkness EP to celebrate the 10th year for Before the Dawn.

At that time I had an idea to end the band. The band played their biggest shows in Europe by supporting Amorphis and in Asia by supporting Stratovarius; the CDs were selling great and we ended up signing a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The album that came after the EP titled Deathstar Rising did an amazing job in the Finnish charts ending into the top 10. Still though we achieved a lot I started to feel like it's becoming more and more of a job for me and felt that I was drifting away from the most important thing in my life, for the love of making music."At that time we started to have a little bad chemistry within the band and it started to reflect into the band's live performances as well as into my own motivation towards the band because I became a bit frustrated. The line-up changes in 2011 gave me more motivation and it once again started to feel like it was right thing to continue after the Rise of the Phoenix album but after the successful tours in Finland and Europe and the great response to the CD both among the fans and press gave me the opportunity to let go of my'old friend' from the past 14 years.

I felt like a winner and decided to put it aside because I could with a large smile remember all that great things we experienced with this band. "At some point I recognized I was just keeping the band alive and it didn't feel so right anymore. I lost the passion to make music my own way and the main reason why I had a lot of side projects like Black Sun Aeon, Dawn of Solace and The Final Harvest at the first place; those were the bands where I had the ability to create what I wanted. Now when Before the Dawn is done it was logical for me to clean the table at once and start building something from scratch again." In 2019 Saukkoen announced Dawn of Solace would be reforming for a second album entitled Waves to be released on January 24, 2020. The music video for the song Lead Wings was published on YouTube on November 24, 2019. Tuomas Saukkonen – all instruments, harsh vocals Mikko Heikkilä – clean vocals Lars Eikind – clean vocals The Darkness Waves