The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a 2009 American romantic fantasy film based on Stephenie Meyer's 2006 novel New Moon. It is the sequel to 2008's Twilight. Summit Entertainment greenlit the sequel in late November 2008, following the early success of Twilight. Directed by Chris Weitz, the film stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, respectively. Melissa Rosenberg, who handed in a draft of the film script during the opening weekend of Twilight, returned as screenwriter for New Moon as well. Filming began in Vancouver in late March 2009, in Montepulciano, Italy in late May 2009; the film was released on November 20, 2009 in most countries, set domestic box office records as the biggest midnight screening, grossing $26.3 million, superseded by its sequel, Eclipse. This led to the highest single-day, domestic gross on an opening day, with $72.7 million, until it was beaten in 2011 by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which made $91.1 million, by nearly $20 million.

Furthermore, New Moon opened with the third-highest domestic opening weekend since 2002 grossing a total of $142,839,137. The film became the highest-grossing film released by Summit Entertainment, was the widest independent release, playing in over 4,100 theaters in its theatrical run, until it was surpassed by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. New Moon was released on Blu-ray Disc on March 20, 2010 through midnight release parties; as of July 2012, the film has grossed $184,916,451 in North American DVD sales, selling more than 8,835,501 units, 4 million of which were sold within its first weekend, beating Twilight's 3.8 million units sold in its first two days. The film was well received by fans, but received negative reviews from critics. On her eighteenth birthday, Bella Swan awakens from a dream where she is an old woman and Edward Cullen, her immortal vampire boyfriend is forever young. Despite her lack of enthusiasm, Edward's family host a birthday reception for Bella at their residence. While unwrapping a gift, Bella receives a paper cut.

Edward's foster brother, overwhelmed by the scent of Bella's blood, attempts to attack her, but is restrained. Believing that he and his family are putting Bella's life in danger, Edward ends their relationship, the Cullens leave Forks. Bella is left depressed and isolated for months, her concerned father, decides to send Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville, Florida. Bella promises to spend more time with her other school friends, she and Jessica see a movie. Afterwards, Bella approaches some rough-looking bikers outside the theater, much to Jessica's dismay; the dicey encounter reminds Bella of a previous near-assault. She imagines seeing and hearing Edward and realizes that thrill-seeking activities can evoke his preserved image. Bella's Quileute friend Jacob Black, helps ease her pain by engaging her in various activities. Jacob mentions how many of his tribal friends are now controlled by another Quileute. While attending a movie with Bella and Mike, Jacob abruptly leaves after becoming inexplicably upset and suffering a burning fever.

Bella drives to Jacob's home. Jacob has cut his long hair and now has the same Quileute tattoo on his upper right arm as Sam and other tribe members; when Bella hikes to the meadow that she and Edward visited, she is confronted by Victoria's vampire companion, Laurent. As he is about to kill her, a wolf pack attack him. Bella discovers that Jacob and the other tribe members are shape-shifters who phase into giant wolves, their age-old enemy are vampires, though a treaty exists between the tribe. Jacob's pack members are on alert for Victoria, the vampire seeking to avenge her mate, who Edward defeated to protect Bella. With Jacob focused on adapting to his new shape-shifting powers, Bella again finds herself alone and returns to seeking thrill-inducing activities, deliberately oblivious to Victoria's presence. Through a series of miscommunications, Edward believes that Bella has killed herself after Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a seaside cliff. Distraught, Edward travels to Italy to ask the Volturi to end his life, as he is incapable of doing this himself.

When they refuse his request, he plans to force their hand by exposing himself as a vampire to humans during a large festival. Meanwhile, Edward's sister, returns to Forks and is shocked that Bella is still alive. Alice and Bella travel to Italy to save Edward, arriving in time to prevent his revealing himself as a vampire. Edward, relieved that Bella is alive, explains that he only left Forks to protect her and promises never to leave again. Impressed by a human's willingness to sacrifice her life for a vampire, the Volturi determine that Bella, who knows that vampires exist, must either be killed or be transformed into a vampire. Alice shares her vision of Bella as a vampire with Aro, a Volturi elder able to read thoughts through touch. After returning to Forks, Bella asks the Cullens to vote on her becoming a vampire. Only Edward and Rosalie vote no. Jacob reminds Edward that the years-old treaty with Quileute will be broken if any Cullen bites a human. Bella tells Jacob; the movie concludes with Edward telling Bella that he will change her into a vampire if Bella marries him.

In early November 2008, Summit Entertainment announced that they had obtained the rights to the remaining books in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series: New Moon and Breaking Dawn. On November 22, 2008, one day after the the

Night of the Crime

Night of the Crime is the second album by the heavy metal band Icon. It was far more polished than their self-titled debut and forayed into areas of glam only alluded to on their debut, it was engineered by legendary producer, Eddie Kramer. Around 30 songs were demoed for the album, Kramer´s version included one more finished track, "Hang Tough". Ron Nevison mixed the album and "Hang Tough" did not make it to the final release; the album has, like the debut, been remastered and re-released several times on CD. "Night of the Crime" was voted 3rd best AOR album of all time by Kerrang! magazine readers in 1988, behind multimillion selling classic albums by Journey and Michael Bolton. Side one"Naked Eyes" – 4:04 "Missing" – 4:30 "Danger Calling" – 3:39 " Shot at My Heart" – 3:23 "Out for Blood" – 5:40Side two"Raise the Hammer" – 3:33 "Frozen Tears" – 4:00 "Whites of Their Eyes" – 3:43 "Hungry for Love" – 4:17 "Rock My Radio" – 4:14 IconStephen Clifford – vocals Dan Wexler – guitars John Aquilino – guitars Tracy Wallach – bass, vocals Pat Dixon – drumsProductionEddie Kramer – producer for Remarkable Productions Inc. engineer Mark McKenna – engineer Bill Scheniman, Chris Isca, Steve Escallier – additional engineers Ron Nevison – mixing at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA Dan Wexler, Mike Clink – mixing assistant Mike Reesemastering Tom Muller – CD mastering Stan Watts – illustrations Klee Shea – design Karen Filter, Norman Seeff – photography Volker Kurze – reissue producer for ATM Records

The Captain's Daughter

The Captain's Daughter is a historical novel by the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. It was first published in 1836 in the fourth issue of the literary journal Sovremennik; the novel is a romanticized account of Pugachev's Rebellion in 1773–1774. Pyotr Andreyich Grinyov is the only surviving child of a retired army officer; when Pyotr turns 17, his father sends him into military service in Orenburg. En route Pyotr is rescued by a mysterious man; as a token of his gratitude, Pyotr gives the guide his hareskin coat. Arriving in Orenburg, Pyotr reports to his commanding officer and is assigned to serve at Fort Belogorsky under captain Ivan Mironov; the fort is little more than a fence around a village, the captain's wife Vasilisa is in charge. Pyotr befriends his fellow officer Shvabrin, banished here after a duel resulted in the death of his opponent; when Pyotr dines with the Mironov family, he falls in love with her. This causes a rift between Pyotr and Shvabrin, turned down by Masha; when Shvabrin insults Masha's honor and Shvabrin duel and Pyotr is injured.

Pyotr is refused. Not much the fortress is besieged by the insurgent Yemelyan Pugachev, who claims to be the emperor Peter III; the cossacks stationed at the fortress defect to the forces of Pugachev, he takes the fortress easily. He demands that Captain Mironov swear an oath of allegiance to him, when refused, hangs the Captain and kills his wife; when it is Pyotr's turn, Shvabrin appears to have defected as well, upon his advice Pugachev orders Pyotr to be hanged. However, his life is spared as Pugachev turns out to be the guide who rescued Pyotr from the blizzard, he recognizes Pyotr whom he remembers with affection; the next evening and Pugachev talk in private. Pyotr impresses Pugachev with the sincerity of his insistence. Pugachev decides to let Pyotr go to Orenburg, he is to relay a message to the Governor. The fort is to be left under the command of Shvabrin, who takes advantage of the situation to try to compel Masha to marry him. Pyotr is captured by Pugachev's troops. After explaining the situation to Pugachev, they both ride off to the fortress.

After Masha has been freed and Pyotr take off to his father's estate, but they are intercepted by the army. Pyotr sends Masha to his father; the war with Pugachev goes on and Pyotr rejoins the army. But at the moment of Pugachev's defeat, Pyotr is arrested for having friendly relations with Pugachev. During his interrogation, Shvabrin testifies. Not willing to drag Masha into court, Pyotr is unable to repudiate this accusation and receives the death penalty. Although Empress Catherine the Great spares his life, Pyotr remains a prisoner. Masha understands why Pyotr wasn't able to defend himself and decides to go to St. Petersburg, to present a petition to the empress. In Tsarskoye Selo, she meets a lady of the court and details her plan to see the Empress on Pyotr's behalf; the lady refuses at first, saying that Pyotr is a traitor, but Masha is able to explain all the circumstances. Soon, Masha receives an invitation to see the Empress, is shocked to recognize her as the lady she had talked to earlier.

The Empress has ordered his release. Pyotr witnesses the beheading of Pugachev, he and Masha are married. Composer César Cui adapted the novel to a libretto for his opera of the same name. Several films have been made as well: 1934 – Volga in Flames directed by Viktor Tourjansky 1947 – La figlia del capitano by director Mario Camerini with Cesare Danova as Pyotr and Irasema Dilián as Masha. 1958 – Tempest by director Alberto Lattuada with Geoffrey Horne as Pyotr and Silvana Mangano as Masha. 1959 – Kapitanskaya Dochka by director Vladimir Kaplunovsky with Oleg Strizhenov as Pyotr and Iya Arepina as Masha. 2000 – Russkiy Bunt by director Aleksandr Proshkin with Mateusz Damiecki as Pyotr and Karolina Gruszka as Masha. 2005 – The Captain's Daughter, a 28-minute stop motion-animated film. Placed 4th in the professional rating at the 2006 Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. Won a Golden Eagle Award in the category "Best Animated Film" in 2007; the full text of The Captain's Daughter at Wikisource «Капитанская дочка» available at Russian Virtual Library An English translation of The Captain's Daughter under the title Marie: A Story of Russian Love Parallel Russian-English text of the novel in ParallelBook format Book review on novel The Captain's Daughter on The Daughter of the Commandant public domain audiobook at LibriVox