Theodul Pass

Theodul Pass, elevation 3,295 metres, is a high mountain pass across the eastern Pennine Alps, connecting Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais and Breuil-Cervinia in the Italian region of Aosta Valley. Theodul Pass is the second lowest pass and the easiest pass between the valleys of Zermatt and Valtournanche; the pass lies between the Matterhorn on the west and the Breithorn on the east and is overlooked by the Theodulhorn and Testa Grigia. The Rifugio del Teodulo is located just above the pass; the east side of the pass is covered by large glaciers part of the Theodul Glacier system and is part of a year-round ski area. On the Italian side, the pass can be reached from Breuil-Cervinia by a dead-end trail. On the Swiss side, trails go up from Gandegg Hut. In 1965, Percy Stallard rode his bicycle solo over the Theodul Pass; the Rough Stuff Fellowship, an organisation for enthusiasts of cross-country cycling, acknowledged that it was the first time a cyclist had done it. Stallard made it in less than 15 hours, sometimes through deep snow.

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Sam Fox Publishing Company

The Sam Fox Publishing Company was an American music publishing house, founded in 1906 by Sam Fox of Cleveland, Ohio. The company was the first to publish original film scores in the United States, was the publisher of numerous artists and international hit songs; the company began in 1906, when at age 25, Sam Fox borrowed $300 to start the company he first called Sandbox Music Publishing. At the same time as the company's founding, construction of Cleveland's Hippodrome Theatre had just been completed where John Stepan Zamecnik was named music director. Zemecnik began writing original music scores for the films shown at the Hippodrome, which Fox published; the business arrangement between Fox and Zamecnik flourished and the music director became the major composer and music director for Fox's publishing company. Fox and Zamecnik began a collaboration that resulted in a prolific output of music. Zamecnik used more than twenty pseudonyms in penning his songs, giving the impression that the publishing company was a large company.

In 1908, Sam Fox Publishing Company released a march by Zamecnik entitled "The College Yell" which may have led to an association nine years when Fox became the exclusive publisher for the man known as the March King, John Philip Sousa. That working relationship continued until Sousa's death in 1934. Publication of the Zamecnik scores ran the extent of the silent film era and the music was played in film theaters across the United States on a daily basis for more than a decade; the Fox-Zamecnik collaboration resulted in the publication of more than 2,000 compositions. The 1915 piano novelty "Nola," by Felix Arndt became an international hit, by 1918, Sam Fox Publishing Company offerings could be found in newspapers in both the United States and Canada, in advertisements claiming "Leading Dealers sell Sam Fox Music of Merit." "Kisses", Valse D'Amour by J. S. Zamecnik was listed as one of two successes that should be in "every home." Zamecnik's "Neapolitan Nights" met with major success, as did "Lady of Spain," penned by Erell Reaves and Tolchard Evans in 1931.

As early as the release of "Nola," the Sam Fox Publishing Company logo featured the tag line, "Established Throughout The World," and listed offices and representatives in New York, Paris, Melbourne, "other Important Centers." The New York office was headed in years by Sam Fox's son Frederick, who had worked at the office at 202 The Arcade, Cleveland until after 1942. The company's musical score publishing for Hollywood films was solidified with contracts with Fox Films and Movietone News as their exclusive musical producer; the Hollywood film work led to his publication of songs in Fox films, including "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and Animal Crackers in My Soup sung by Shirley Temple. Sam Fox Publishing Company entered the Broadway field in 1947 with the publication of the musical score for the award-winning film "Brigadoon" and the score for "Man of La Mancha." Sam Fox Publishing Company ranked among the top ten musical publishers in the United States by the middle of the 20th century. The company became Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc. on January 22, 1953, when it was incorporated in the state of New York.

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Sims' vaginal speculum

Sims' vaginal speculum is a double-bladed surgical instrument used for examining the vagina and cervix. It was developed by J. Marion Sims out of pewter spoon, but nowadays it is manufactured out of stainless steel or plastic; the plastic speculum is disposable. Therefore, the stainless steel speculum should be sterilized before each use. Sims' speculum is inserted into the vagina to retract posterior vaginal wall, it gives more exposure of the vaginal walls than Cusco's Speculum and therefore is preferred for gynaecological surgeries. It is possible to slide the instrument around the vaginal wall to enable better visualization; the groove in the middle of Sims' speculum allows free flow of secretions and blood to the outside, thereby keeping the area dry. Sims' speculum is available in various sizes, the size appropriate to the vaginal dimensions of the woman is chosen for use; the disadvantage of Sims' speculum is. The examiner might want to use an anterior wall retractor in addition to Sims' speculum for better visualization of the cervix.

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