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Location of Thisted municipality
View of beach with small trawlers berthing in Vorupør, Denmark.

Thisted municipality is a municipality (Danish: kommune) in North Jutland Region, Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 1,072 km², and has a total population of 45,549 (2008), its mayor is Erik Hove Olesen, a member of the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne). The main town and the site of its municipal council is the town of Thisted.

On January 1, 2007 Thisted municipality was, as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" of 2007), merged with Hanstholm and Sydthy municipalities to form a new Thisted municipality.


Thisted municipality is roughly identical with the traditional district of Thy, except that the municipality includes a small portion of the district Hanherred, but not the southernmost peninsula of Thy, Thyholm.

Notable people of the municipality[edit]

Bent Larsen, 1961


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