Thomas Barclay (missionary)

Thomas Barclay was a missionary of the Presbyterian Church of England to Formosa from 1875 until his death. His ministry in southern Taiwan has been compared to the work done in northern Taiwan by George Leslie Mackay, he founded Tainan Theological College and Seminary in 1876. Thomas Barclay was born on 21 November 1849 in the youngest brother of six, his father was a devout merchant who sold soft goods and fabrics, claimed French Huguenot ancestry for the family. The younger Barclay was an able student, matriculated at Glasgow University a few weeks before his 15th birthday. While there he excelled at mathematics and science, studying under Sir William Thomson and earning a mention in the Encyclopædia Britannica for his authorship of a scientific treatise on "the Specific Inductive Capacity of Dielectrics", he was the first student to graduate in the new Gilmorehill hall of Glasgow University, after which he studied at the Free Church Divinity College with his friends John Campbell Gibson and Dugald Mackichan.

On deciding to become missionaries the three became known as the "Glasgow Three" and went to Leipzig for further study. While at the Divinity College, Barclay had met Carstairs Douglas, brother of the principal of the college and missionary in Amoy. Douglas inspired Barclay and his friends to move east, with Mackichan heading to Bombay, Gibson to Swatow and Barclay to Formosa, he would joke that he was chosen over Gibson for Formosa because of his longer legs, the better to navigate the hillier country in southern Taiwan. In 1885, after a year spent in Amoy learning the Amoy dialect under Douglas, Barclay moved to Taiwan-fu, the capital of Qing-era Taiwan, where he was to spend the rest of his life in service to the church and the people of that city, he was the fifth missionary from the Presbyterian Church of England to be stationed in Taiwan-fu, after James Laidlaw Maxwell, Hugh Ritchie, William Campbell and Matthew Dickson. He was responsible for introducing the first newsletter in Taiwanese Hokkien, the first printed newspaper in Taiwan in any language, the Taiwan Church News, printed using the Peh-oe-ji romanisation.

Barclay married Elisabeth Turner, in England, in 1892. Barclay was responsible for overseeing the translation of the Bible from English into Taiwanese, first the New Testament in 1916 and the Old Testament in 1932. Both volumes are still in print today, have a reputation for elegance and accuracy, although due to both the passage of time and the fact that the church dialect is rather removed from everyday speech, the prose can sound strange to modern ears, his other major contribution to the study of the language was the Supplement to Dictionary of the vernacular or spoken language of Amoy, which accompanies Carstairs Douglas' Amoy-English dictionary, in essence "completing" the work, which up until had lacked a character index to accompany the romanised entries. In 1895 the ailing Qing Dynasty ceded the island of Taiwan to Japan and relinquished all claim to it. In the resulting power vacuum before Japanese troops arrived to take over control, a fledgling resistance movement sprang up and a Republic of Formosa was declared.

The Japanese treated any such resistance harshly and looked set to make an example of Tainan as the former capital. With forces from both sides arrayed to fight, Barclay emerged from the city to mediate with the Japanese, persuading the defenders to surrender and the invaders against taking punitive measures. Barclay's services in the capitulation of Tainan were recognised by the Japanese by the award of a medal from the emperor. Barclay is buried alongside several other missionaries in the Presbyterian section of a public cemetery in the southern part of Tainan City, his congregation raised up a church in his honour - the Barclay Memorial Church, which still bears his name today. To honor his contributions to the city, in 2004, the Tainan City Government renamed the Park No.18 the Barclay Memorial Park. Band, Edward. Barclay of Formosa. Ginza, Tokyo: Christian Literature Society. OCLC 713694390. OL 19206669M

José Varacka

José Varacka was an Argentine football player and coach. Varacka played for three of the big five teams in Argentina, he started his career in 1952 with Independiente. In 1954 he played and scored in a famous 6–0 win over Real Madrid, he joined River Plate in 1960. In 1966 Varacka joined San Lorenzo de Almagro and after one season with the club he would down his career at Colo-Colo in Chile and Miraflores in Peru. Varacka played in the 1966 editions of the FIFA World Cup, he played in the Copa América 1956 and 1959. He was part of the Argentine national team that won the 1964 Copa de Las Naciones, played in Brazil. Varacka started his managerial career with Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata in 1968, he went on to serve as the manager of River Plate. He won two Colombian league titles during his four spells as manager of Atlético Junior. In 1981 his Argentinos Juniors team avoided relegation on the last day of the season by beating his former team San Lorenzo 1–0, causing their relegation instead. Varacka managed the Argentine national team in the 1974 world cup alongside Vladislao Cap.

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Bookmark Content and Communications

Bookmark Content and Communications, sometimes shortened to Bookmark or Bookmark Content, is an international content marketing and communications agency. It is a member of a WPP company, it was rebranded in 2016 after the merger of Spafax Content Marketing and Forward Worldwide and operates out of nine cities in North and South America and Asia. Bookmark specializes in content marketing, digital marketing, public relations, CRM, social media, magazine publishing and media sales; the company serves a number of major clients in industries including luxury and hospitality, real estate, automotive and retail. Spafax traces its origins to the 1930s founded as Bath Spa Factors in Bath and providing garage services to Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles. Bath Spa Factors shifted into the film industry, forming Spafax Television, offering services to a client base including Reuters and Marconi. In 1986, Duncan Hilleary, one of Spafax's earliest contributors, worked with filmmaker Jeremy Hunter to produce content for British Airways as Spafax Group.

This led to contracts including Singapore and Northwest. Spafax continued to provide services to airlines and began servicing more clients in different fields over time. In 1993, Hilleary re-launched British Airways’ in-flight entertainment with a new programming strategy, a new graphic identity and media brand. Spafax provided services for all aspects of British Airways’ in-flight passenger "audio-visual experience". From 1995 to 2004, Spafax expanded to Canada, South America, the UAE. In 1986, Forward Publishing was established by William Sieghart and Neil Mendoza to create magazines for brands that would rival newsstand titles; the first office was the upper floor of a terraced house in Great Pulteney Street in Soho, designed by the architect Sophie Hicks. M & C Saatchi were early investors via its affiliate Megalomedia, the company formed a strategic alliance with Condé Nast to develop titles for luxury brands. Forward was sold to WPP in 2001. William Sieghart founded the Forward Prizes for Poetry, as well as StreetSmart, an innovative charity to help the local homeless.

Both non-profit ventures were run alongside the commercial business. Clients at this time included IBM, British Airways, BT, Midland Bank Patek Philippe, Lexus, Nasdaq, NCR and The Body Shop. From 2001 the business stepped up its transformation into a digital agency with print still a core offering. Digital strategy, paid media and digital development were included in a full-service offering to a client list including Barclays, Standard Life, B&Q, Bang & Olufsen and Aberdeen Standard Capital; the advertising department expanded to include multi-channel content solutions. In 2016, Spafax Content Marketing and Forward Worldwide, both content marketing companies, merged to become Bookmark Content and Communications, under the Spafax Group, headed by CEO Niall McBain; the merger of Spafax Content Marketing and Forward created a new global content marketing and PR agency, with co-CEOs Raymond Girard and Simon Hobbs. The decision to rebrand was based on an intention to avoid market confusion between the firms post-merger.

The new company was formally launched October 2016 in New York at Eleven Madison Park. Bookmark exists as a member of the Spafax Group, a WPP company; the company operates out of nine offices in seven countries, including offices in the cities of Lima, Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai and Toronto. The company employs more than 200 specialists in content marketing, PR, media sales. Since the merger, Bookmark has worked on several print, PR projects including Air Canada enRoute in-flight publications for Air Canada on topics ranging from restaurants to fashion, a biannual magazine for Patek Philippe, the Earn Your Wings gamified loyalty platform for Air Canada, the Tesco Baby Club content program, an experiential campaign in a Toronto streetcar for the launch of Pandora Garden. Other major projects include content production for the StreetSmart Foundation, which raises money for homelessness charities and social media management for Hudson Yards through Related Companies. Bookmark produces Air Canada's Top 10 list of Canada's Best New Restaurants annually