Fran├žois Quesnel

François Quesnel was a French painter of Scottish extraction. The son of the French painter Pierre Quesnel and his Scottish wife Madeleine Digby, born in Edinburgh while his father worked for Mary of Guise, Quesnel found patronage at the French court of Catherine de Medici and her son, Henri III, he married Charlotte Richandeau. A widower, he remarried in 1584 Marguerite Le Masson, who gave him ten more children, among whom were Nicolas and Augustin and Jacques, bookseller. In le Paris he worked as a decorator and a designer of cartoons for tapestry, but it is as a portrait painter, both in oils and in delicately tinted pencil or red and black chalk, that he is chiefly remembered; some portraits were engraved by Thomas de Leu and Michel Lasne, in 1609 he drew a map of Paris for engraving by Pierre Vallet. He died in le Paris. In 1585 François provided a cartoon for a tapestry of Christ preaching on the steps of the Temple for the Church of Saint Madeleine in Paris. In August 1586, François contracted to provide designs for tapestries of the Life of the Virgin for Renée of Guise Lorraine, Abbess of the Convent of Saint-Pierre-les-Dames at Reims and sister of his father's employer in Scotland, Mary of Guise.

The eight tapestries and his cartoons were to be 1.5 ells in height, 10.25 ells in length. Each was to include the heraldry of the Abbess in the centre; the cost of this design work was 5 ecu sols per Paris ell. These tapestries following his designs were woven in Paris. Several portrait drawings, some identified sitters, Harvard Art Museums Engraving of François Quesnel by Pierre Brebiette, Joconde database, with motto'Quo pedibus Ferri non queo mente Feror.' Portrait of a Noblewoman, Detroit Institute of Arts Portrait of a Bearded Man, Cleveland Museum of Art Portrait of a Bearded Man, Royal Collection Portrait of a Nobleman, 1589, Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina Biography of Quesnel

Lars Oostveen

Lars Oostveen known by his pseudonym Lawrence Ray, is a Dutch presenter and actor. He is best known for his stint as a VJ at MTV Europe, his role as Vico Maesland in the Dutch TV series Lotte. After high school, Oostveen studied International Management at the HEAO and attended an acting course at the Mountview Theatre School in London, he attended several workshops in the field of media presentation and interview techniques, he took part in the Leadership Development Program at Nyenrode Business University. Oostveen gained international fame in 1996 when he was selected as a VJ by MTV during a working holiday in an Italian ski resort. From London he presented a live program, Select MTV five days a week, where he interviewed big stars, he stayed with MTV Europe until 1999. He moved to London to be an actor and performed in several stage productions, television series and films in England and Germany, including a 2001 Jeroen Krabbé-directed film adaptation of Mulisch's bestseller The Discovery of Heaven.

From 2002 to 2004 he appeared in the language education TV series Extr@. The series, scripted as a Friends-esque sitcom, was filmed in four different language versions. In 2006 he returned to the Netherlands. From 2006 to 2007 he had his highest-profile role, in the television series Lotte; the series aired five times a week, Oostveen appeared in over 200 episodes altogether. Before Lotte began in 2004, Oostveen was beginning a documentary by Discovery Channel of 700 candidates selected to participate in "Reel Race", a springboard for emerging talent. Although Oostveen is still acting and leaving voice-overs, he focuses on presenting and producing content challenging projects for radio and online, he presented a radio program on city Amsterdam FM transmitter for broadcasting and the Salto report of Sail Amsterdam 2010. He interviewed for the Election Omroepman / Woman of the Year for Broadcast Magazine heavyweights like Paul Witteman, Frits Barend, Erland Galjaard and Peter R. de Vries. In addition, Oostveen is attached as a producer to Eager Films, where he makes productions for major clients such as Exact and E.

ON. Oostveen speaks fluent Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. Official website Lars Oostveen on IMDb