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Timiș may refer to:

  • Timiș County, a county in western Romania
  • Timiș (river), a river in western Romania and Serbia
  • Ținutul Timiș, a former administrative unit of Romania
  • Temes County, a former administrative county (comitatus) in the historic Kingdom of Hungary
  • Timiș-Torontal County, a former county in the historic Kingdom of Romania
  • Timiș-Cerna Gap, a mountain pass in south-western Romania
  • Slatina-Timiș, a commune in Caraș-Severin County, Romania
  • Timiș (Olt), a tributary of the Olt River in central Romania
  • Canalul Timiș, a canal linking the Timiș and the Ghimbășel rivers in Romania
  • Frank Timiș (born 1965), Romanian-Australian businessman living in London
  • Timiș 2, a series of tramcars built by the Timișoara Transport and Tram Carriage Construction Company

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