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S.A. Partridge

S. A. Partridge is an author of short stories, she lives in Cape Town. For her contribution to South African literature, Partridge was named one of Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans, a distinction awarded annually to notable South Africans under the age of 35. Partridge is the author of Goblet Club, a young-adult fiction novel set in the South African Platteland, published in South Africa by Human and Rousseau Publishers in 2007; the novel won the SABC/You magazine I am a writer Competition in 2007, as well as the MER Prize for Best Youth Novel at the Mnet Via Afrika Awards in 2008. Her second novel, deals with the sensitive subjects of school killings and runaways, is set on the streets of Cape Town and Pretoria; the novel was shortlisted for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for Youth Fiction awarded by the SA English Academy. Partridge’s third novel, Dark Poppy’s Demise, tells the story of sixteen-year-old Jenna Brooks who falls prey to an Internet predator on Facebook; the novel was awarded the MER Prize at the Media24 Literary Awards.

Her fourth novel, Sharp Edges, was published in August, 2013. In the same year, Partridge was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, her short story, "The Expedition", was published in the Home Away anthology. The Goblet Club Fuse Home Away Dark Poppy's Demise Sharp Edges Official website Goodreads profile Publisher author page Interview with Sunday Times 7/3/2011 Cape Times review of Fuse 13/11/2009 The Citizen profile 9/10/2013

Ils (musician)

Ils is an English musician and producer, who has released records on labels including Marine Parade and Distinct'ive Records. Ils started his production career on Good Looking Records, he was signed to Marine Parade by owner Adam Freeland. Ils is influenced by electro and techno artists in his Idiots Behind the Wheel album. Ils album Soul Trader represented a more sound, with few energetic or downbeat tracks, he mixed an album for Distinct'ive Records' Y4k series. His 2002 single, "Next Level", on Marine Parade spent one week at #75 in the UK Singles Chart, in February 2002, it was released on his second studio album, Soul Trader, as "6 Space". Official website - leads to a'domain for sale' page - remove? Official Myspace Ils discography at Discogs Ils discography at MusicBrainz Ils Interview - September 2007

William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 7th Earl Fitzwilliam

William Charles de Meuron Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 7th Earl Fitzwilliam, styled Viscount Milton 1877–1902, was a British Army officer, nobleman and aristocrat. He was born in Pointe de Meuron, Canada, to William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton and Laura Beauclerk, granddaughter of William Beauclerk, 8th Duke of St Albans; the unusual circumstances of his birth in a remote part of Canada's frontier lands were to cause major controversy within the family. The accusation was that he was a changeling: an unrelated baby inserted into the family line, to purge the bloodline of the epilepsy from which his ostensible forebears had suffered, to provide that arm of the family with a male heir to inherit the earldom, his birth was registered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on 20 August 1872. It was noted in the remarks that his parents were visiting the district "for the benefit of the health of the father, Lord Milton." He sat in the House of Commons for Wakefield from 1895 until 1902, when he inherited the title Earl Fitzwilliam on the death of his grandfather William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 6th Earl Fitzwilliam.

His father William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton had pre-deceased him. On his succession to the Earldom, he became one of the richest men in Britain, inheriting an estate of significant land and mineral-right holdings worth £3.3 billion in 2007 terms. His sister Lady Mabel Fitzwilliam criticised his lifestyle: "he had so much and everyone else had so little", he served 1893 -- 94 as Aide-de-camp to Viceroy of India. He was promoted to captain of the 4th Battalion of the Oxfordshire Light Infantry on 11 April 1896. Following the outbreak of the Second Boer War in late 1899, he volunteered for service with the Imperial Yeomanry where he was commissioned lieutenant on 3 February 1900, serving with the 40th Company in the 10th Battalion, he left London the same day in the SS Montfort, arrived in South Africa the following month. That year he received a staff appointment, as captain on the headquarters staff in South Africa. In May 1902, Lord Fitzwilliam was employed on the staff of the Duke of Connaught, in charge of military events during the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

His main duties were in organizing the auxiliary forces during the celebrations. He was High Sheriff of Rutland for 1898–99. and Lord Mayor of Sheffield for 1909-10 On 24 June 1896, at St Paul's Cathedral, he married Lady Maud Frederica Elizabeth Dundas, the daughter of Lawrence Dundas, 1st Marquess of Zetland and Lady Lillian Selina Elizabeth Lumley. They had five children. Sir Grimond Picton Phillips. Lady Joan had one son: Griffith William Grismond Phillips Lady Donatia Faith Mary Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, married, on 3 June 1925, to Lt.-Col. Burton William Ellis Gething Lady Helena Albreda Marie Gabrielle Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, married twice: on 9 April 1938, to Chetwode Charles Hamilton Hilton-Green. Lady Helena had one daughter: Julia Mary Hamilton Hilton-Green William Henry Lawrence Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam The family operated coal mines, reputedly employing over 2,000 men at their peak, along with interests in glass, tar and cars. On-going real estate investment developed the estate into one of England's most significant landholdings.

Nationalization of coal in 1947, coupled with successive death taxes "reduced the estates during the latter half of the twentieth century from over 20,000 to 15,000 acres today."Earl Fitwilliam, known as "Billy", ruled with a gentle touch, ensuring the Fitzwilliam collieries were the safest, that his workers received help during economic blights, including the 1926 General Strike, when he taught miners on pit ponies how to play polo on his front lawn, fed them during their eight months without pay. The Countess Maud Fitzwilliam was an avid horsewoman who had become a champion for pit pony rights, serving as president of the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pit Ponies, she was a benefactress of mining families working in her husband's collieries. He died at the family's seat, Wentworth Woodhouse, on 15 February 1943. Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Viscount Milton


Romanesca was a melodic-harmonic formula popular from the mid 16th to early 17th centuries, used as an aria formula for singing poetry and as a subject for instrumental variation. It was most popular with Italian composers of the early Baroque period, it was used by vihuelistas including Luis de Narváez, Alonso Mudarra, Enríquez de Valderrábano, Diego Pisador. Originating in Spain as O guárdame las vacas, a romanesca is composed of a sequence of four chords with a simple, repeating bass, which provide the groundwork for variations and improvisation. A famous example is the refrain of "Greensleeves" Play; the romanesca is in triple meter and its soprano formula resembles that of the passamezzo antico but a third higher. The harmonic bass pattern of the romanesca is: III—VII—i—V—III—VII—i-V—iRomanesca is the name of two early music ensembles: one, La Romanesca, founded in 1978 in Australia by John Griffiths. Both specialize in the performance of early plucked string instruments. Bergamasca Moresca Polo Gerbino, Giuseppe.

2001. "Romanesca". The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition, edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell. London: Macmillan Publishers

Disney Channel (Portuguese TV channel)

Disney Channel is a Portuguese pay television channel. It was launched in 28 November 2001 as a premium channel, it was added to basic packages across platforms. Disney Channel airs live action shows, animated series, short series, Disney XD, films. Since July 2013, most Disney Channel and Disney XD original shows are broadcast with dual audio channels, Portuguese or English, using MPEG2 and AAC standards, respectively. Disney Junior in Disney Channel was a preschool block, it used to air every morning, but the block ended, as Disney Junior shows can only be seen on the localized version of Disney Junior. All programs targeted children aged 2–6 years. Art Attack Manny Mãozinhas Jake e os Piratas da Terra do Nunca Selva Sobre Rodas Lalaloopsy Little Einsteins A Casa do Mickey Mouse Agente Especial Oso As of October 2012, Disney Channel Portugal has disputed the leadership of subscription television ratings, in terms of daily average, with Canal Hollywood, finishing second for all but one week.

However, it was the channel with most shows on the top 15 along the month, ranging from five to nine shows per week. Disney Channel is the 4th most watched channel in Portugal. Official website