Tom Smothers

Thomas Bolyn Smothers III is an American comedian and musician, best known as half of the musical comedy duo the Smothers Brothers, alongside his younger brother Dick. Smothers was born in 1937 at the Fort Jay army post hospital on Governors Island in New York City, the son of Ruth, a homemaker. Smothers, an army officer who died a POW in April 1945. After moving to California, he graduated from Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California, he was a competitive unicyclist, a state champion gymnast in the parallel bars. Smothers attended San José State University known as San José State College. At SJSC, Smothers participated both in gymnastics and pole vault for the track team; the Smothers Brothers wanted to be folk musicians. Tom did not feel that he was good enough to be a professional musician, but he was funny enough to do comedy; the two began adding comedy bits to their act. It was a series of performances. I did all the introductions. I'd just make up stuff for every song, and Dickie said, "Why don't you try repeating some of that stuff?"

I said, "I don't know." I didn't know. And I started repeating it and Dickie would say, "That's wrong." And pretty soon he'd say, "That's wrong, you're stupid." It sort of became an argument. Tom's first foray into the medium of television was as a regular on The Steve Allen Show in 1961, he followed that role with a single episode of Burke's Law. The Smothers Brothers next appeared on the CBS sitcom The Smothers Brothers Show from 1965 to 1966. Tom felt that the show did not play to the brothers' strengths and wanted creative control over their next venture. Tom Smothers negotiated creative control over their next CBS show, a variety show entitled The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967; the documentary Smothered describes how the brothers fought CBS censors to sneak in references to religion, recreational drugs and the Vietnam War. Smothers is quoted as saying: "The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen." The brothers' oppositional politics led to their show's demise, with David Steinberg claiming "The most innovative variety show on television shut down because of political pressure".

During the same years, Tom wrote and recorded mainstream songs, such as "Can't Help Falling in Love with You." Tom has since stated, "When the Smothers Brothers came on the air we had no political point of view or social consciousness, it just evolved as the show was on the air." Smothers introduced some musical acts at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. As he became more politically active, he befriended inclined celebrities like John Lennon. In 1969, Smothers played guitar on Lennon's recording of his single "Give Peace a Chance"; the song was written and performed during Lennon's'Bed-In' honeymoon on June 1, 1969, in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada. Smothers can be seen in the hotel room in the documentary film Imagine. After the show was canceled, Tom became more strident in his politics. I lost my sense of humour. I became a poster boy for the First Amendment, freedom of speech, I started buying into it, it was about three years when I was deadly serious about everything....

I'm still politically active, I'm still angry, but I've got it in the right position now. In the 1970s, Smothers chided popular comedian Bill Cosby for not taking a stand on political issues of the day such as civil rights. At the time I was volatile, thought everyone should take a stand. I guess I said something that pissed him. For a couple years after that, I'd say,'Hiya Bill, how ya doing?' and he wouldn't shake hands with me – you know, like,'Fuck off." In October 1976, both Cosby and Smothers were in attendance at a Playboy Mansion party. The tension between the two culminated in Cosby's punching Smothers in the head. Tom Smothers's politics are in marked contrast to those of his brother Richard, a conservative. Tom stated in 2006 that the duo's real-life political and philosophical differences were a key part of their ability to maintain their act for as long as they did. In motion pictures, Tom Smothers portrayed corporate-executive-turned-tap-dancing-magician Donald Beeman in one of Brian De Palma's earlier films, Get to Know Your Rabbit.

He played a banker in Silver Bears. He portrayed Spike in Serial. In 1973, he voiced Ted E. Bear in the DePatie-Freleng NBC animated Christmas special The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas. Ten years he voiced Ted E. Bear again for its Halloween sequel The Great Bear Scare. In 1980 Smothers starred in the film There Goes the Bride. In 1982 he played with an ensemble cast in Pandemonium in which he was a brave Canadian Mountie chasing down a serial killer at a cheerleader camp, he voiced one of the characters in the cartoon Christmas movie Precious Moments: Timmy's Special Delivery in 1993. In 2007, Tom and Dick Smothers filmed a series of 30-second commercials and promotional spots for the River Rock Casino in Geyserville, California. To augment their act in recent years, "Yo-Yo Man" became part of their shows. Tom Smothers had created the non-speaking character in the late'60s, a comedic performer of tricks using a yo-yo; the term "Yo-Yo Man" is registered in his name. In their 2008 tour, Yo-Yo Man was listed as the group's opening act.

In 2008, during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, Smothers was awarded a special Emmy. In 1968, when he was head writer of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the writing staff was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedic Series. Smothers had refused to let

Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield is a fictional character in the Resident Evil horror franchise by Capcom. Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, an American special police officer and is herself a protagonist of the video games Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, where she is a zombie outbreak survivor turned vigilante, she returned as an abducted activist in the video game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 after being absent from the main series for a decade and a half since Code: Veronica. Claire has appeared in various other media, including several additional video games, the computer-animated film Resident Evil: Degeneration, the non-canon live-action films Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, as well as in the promotion and merchandise for the franchise, she was well received by critics and became one of the most popular Resident Evil characters. Claire Redfield first appears in Resident Evil 2, which revolves around her search for her missing brother Chris, an officer in the local police special force S.

T. A. R. S.. Claire arrives in the Midwestern United States town of Raccoon City to find it overrun by zombies, she soon meets up with a rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy; the rest of the game focuses on Claire's struggle to escape from the city alive. She maintains radio contact with Leon and teams up with a young girl named Sherry, while fighting against the various undead creatures infesting the Raccoon Police Department building, including the mutated scientist William Birkin. Claire escapes from the city through the Umbrella Corporation's underground research complex along with Leon and Sherry, after the three of them manage to destroy Birkin. In the game's epilogue, Claire leaves to continue her search for Chris, while Leon and Sherry are rescued by the U. S. military. Claire, still searching for her brother, is playable for the bulk of Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, set three months after the events of Resident Evil 2. After an unsuccessful infiltration of Umbrella's medical branch in Paris, Claire finds herself imprisoned on Umbrella-owned Rockfort Island.

She escapes following another viral outbreak caused by a rival corporation of Umbrella's and teams up with fellow ex-prisoner Steve Burnside. Claire manages to send a message to Leon. Claire and the arriving Chris escape from the island, only to find themselves in another of Umbrella's secret labs, this time in Antarctica, before they are taken captive by the antagonist Alexia Ashford; the second half of the game follows Chris trying to save his captured sister from Umbrella. Chris finds his way into the Antarctic lab and rescues her before their final battle with Alexia, which costs Steve's life, the siblings escape from the facility via the transport airplane he used to get there. During the game's ending they vow to put an end to the Umbrella Corporation. In the PlayStation 2 version, Veronica X, Claire has a brief encounter with the series' main villain Albert Wesker that would have resulted in her death had Wesker not been called away by his associates. Claire returned as a protagonist in the episodical game Resident Evil: Revelations 2, set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

Claire is now a member of TerraSave, a non-profit humanitarian aid and protest activism organization. The game follows her and Barry Burton's daughter Moira as they get kidnapped and find themselves trapped in a mysterious abandoned prison island. There they fight the "Afflicted" creatures. In the end both of them survive the events along with Barry, who arrived to look for them, a little girl named Natalia Korda. Claire is playable in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, which retells the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, she is a further playable in the non-canonical spin-off games Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City where she is one of the game's bosses in the game's main mode. In addition, Claire is one of two playable characters in Resident Evil: Zombie Busters, which started as a browser game in the Capcom Party line and in 2011 was converted for mobile phones, she is an unlockable bonus character in sports game Trick'N Snowboarder, in 2013 she has been added to the browser-based social game Onimusha Soul, for which she was redesigned to fit the feudal Japan theme.

She returned in a remake of the 1998 game. Claire Redfield was known as'Elza Walker', the female lead in the original version of Resident Evil 2. In the released version of the game, rewritten by Noboru Sugimura, Elza Walker, a blond college student and motorcycle racer, was changed into Chris Redfield's sister named Claire, her appearance and background remained unchanged, but she was given an explanation for her skills with firearms and other weapons and her reason for coming to Raccoon City was to search for Chris, as opposed to trying to recruit fans at Raccoon City university to form a racing team back in her hometown. She was given physical features which more resemble her brother, her signature jacket with "Made in Heaven" printed on the back, a sheath for a stan

1999–2000 S.S. Lazio season

The 1999–2000 season was Società Sportiva Lazio's 100th season since the club's existence and their 12th consecutive in the top division of Italian football. In this season, Lazio won their second Scudetto of their history, their third Coppa Italia, completing an historical double. In Europe, Lazio was knocked out at the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, but won the 1999 UEFA Super Cup against Manchester United. Squad at end of seasonNote: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Marcelo Salas 12 Juan Sebastián Verón 8 Siniša Mihajlović 7 Simone Inzaghi 7 Diego Simeone 6 Pavel Nedvěd 5 Alen Bokšić 4