Film Workshop

Film Workshop Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong production company and film distributor. It was founded in April 1984 by his now ex-wife, Nansun Shi. A renowned director with a string of box office hits behind him, Tsui wanted to create a workshop where the foremost filmmakers could work on films with artistic merit, at the same time, films that could be commercially rewarding for the financiers. In 1984, Film Workshop's first film, Shanghai Blues, turned out to be both a critical and commercial success in Hong Kong. At this time, Tsui invited other directors to join in. With Tsui producing, John Woo directed A Better Tomorrow, which grossed US$4.5 million locally to set a new record as the highest grossing motion picture in Hong Kong. Film Workshop continues to produce the films that Tsui either directs; this includes films such as A Better Tomorrow 2, A Better Tomorrow 3, the Once Upon a Time in China film series and Seven Swords. Official website

Baghdad (EP)

Baghdad is a 7-inch EP released by American punk rock band The Offspring on May 15, 1991. It is out of print, but sold 3000 copies within one week of its release. Although Baghdad has never been reissued on CD in its entirety, one of the songs were released on compilations: "Baghdad" was released on Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1. The band's official website does not list Baghdad in the otherwise comprehensive discography anymore. All tracks are written except where noted; the EP includes an early version of "Get It Right" of which a version was released on their second studio album Ignition. The title track "Baghdad" was a re-recording of the song "Tehran" which appeared on the Offspring's debut self-titled album in 1989, it switches the words "Tehran" for "Baghdad". The EP includes a cover version of "Hey Joe" composed by Billy Roberts, re-recorded for the Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day compilation in 1996. A unreleased instrumental track "The Blurb", which would not appear on any future releases, served as the basis for an early version of "Genocide", as well as "Change the World".

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