Transport in Hungary

Transport in Hungary relies on several main modes, including transport by road, rail and water. Hungary has a total of 159,568 km of public roads; as of October 2016, there are 1,481 kilometres of controlled-access highways. Motorways in Hungary:M1 | M3 | M4 | M5 | M6 | M7 | M8 | M15 | M19 | M30 | M31 | M35 | M43 | M60 Expressways in Hungary:M0 | M2 | M9 | M51 | M70 | M85 | M86 New motorway sections are being added to the existing network, which connects many major economically important cities to the capital. Bus transport between municipalities was provided by Volán Companies, twenty-four bus companies founded in 1970 and named after the regions they served, they provided local transport in cities and towns that did not have their own public transport company, operated bus lines in cities where the local company operated only tram and trolley bus lines. In early 2015 the 24 companies were organized into seven regional companies. Note: Hungary and Austria jointly manage the cross-border standard-gauge railway between Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurt, a distance of about 101 km in Hungary and 65 km in Austria.

In Budapest, the three main railway stations are the Eastern and Southern, with other outlying stations like Kelenföld. Of the three, the Southern is the most modern but the Eastern and the Western are more decorative and architecturally interesting. Other important railway stations countrywide include Szolnok, Tiszai Railway Station in Miskolc and the stations of Pécs, Győr, Szeged and Székesfehérvár; the only city with an underground railway system is Budapest with its Metro. In Budapest there is a suburban rail service in and around the city, operated under the name HÉV. Total: 7,606 km Standard gauge: 7,394 km 1,435 mm gauge Broad gauge: 36 km 1,520 mm gauge Narrow gauge: 176 km 760 mm gauge Same gauge: Austria Croatia Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Break-of-gauge – 1,435 mm / 1,520 mm Ukraine There are 43-45 airports in Hungary, including smaller, unpaved airports, too; the five international airports are Budapest-Liszt Ferenc, Debrecen Airport, Hévíz–Balaton International Airport, Győr-Pér and Pécs-Pogány.

Malév Hungarian Airlines ceased operations in 2012. Airports with paved runways Total: 20 Over 3,047 m: 2 2,438 to 3,047 m: 8 1,524 to 2,437 m: 4 914 to 1,523 m: 1 Under 914 m: 1Airports with unpaved runwaysTotal: 27 2,438 to 3,047 m: 3 1,524 to 2,437 m: 5 914 to 1,523 m: 12 Under 914 m: 7 List of airports in Hungary. 1,373 km permanently navigable The most important port is the capital. Other important ones include Baja. Ports on the Danube: Győr-Gönyű Komárom Budapest Dunaújváros Dunavecse Madocsa Paks Fadd-Dombori Bogyiszló Baja Mohács Ports on the Tisza: Szeged Total: 2 ships totaling 12,949 GT/14,550 tonnes deadweight Ships by type: cargo ship 2 BKK DKV Zrt. MVK Zrt. SzKT Kft. PK Rt. KT Rt. In the rest of the cities and towns local transport is provided by Volánbusz companies that provide intercity bus lines; the Budapest Metro is the rapid transit system in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Its line 1 is the oldest electrified underground railway on the European continent; the second line was opened in 1970, third line was opened in 1976, the newest line is the fourth, it was opened in 2014.

The busiest traditional city tram line in the world is still route 4/6 in Budapest, where 50-meter long tr

Indomalayan pencil-tailed tree mouse

The Indomalayan pencil-tailed tree mouse or pencil-tailed tree mouse is a species of arboreal rodent in the family Muridae. It is found in northeastern India, southern China, Thailand, Cambodia, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia; this locally abundant but patchily distributed species occurs in primary and secondary forests, without affinity to particular forest types. It is sometimes harvested for consumption. Like all members of the genus Chiropodomys, it builds its nest between stalks of bamboo, it does this by constructing a by constructing a bundle of leaves and branches between the two stalks gnawing through part of the bamboo stalks so that they may enter into the nest. The mice are sociable in nature, may share their nests with other mice


"Balcoin" is the 9th episode of the first season of the CW television series The Secret Circle, the series' 9th episode overall. It was aired on November 10, 2011; the episode was written by Andrew Miller andAndrea Newman and it was directed by Brad Turner. Cassie tries to figure out. No one seems to be able to explain what the symbols on the documents are and her grandmother Jane is unable to help since her memory is messed up after the spell Charles did on her; the only person who can help Cassie is Calvin himself but she cannot find him in his store. While studying the documents with Jake, they find out that her Blackwell bloodline comes from the Balcoin bloodline. Cassie cannot understand what that means but it upsets Jake who leaves to inform Isaac about it. Isaac says. Charles is trying to check on Jane to see if the spell he did to her works, but he realizes that something is going wrong when Jane confuses Cassie for Amelia, he informs Dawn about it and Dawn does not miss the chance to accuse him for what is happening.

She insists that Charles should give her the crystal but Charles once again refuses to do it. They decide to put their plans on hold for a while because the rest of the Elders will sure have their eyes on them after everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Faye suspects that Jake is hiding things from them and she teams up with Adam to find out what Jake is up to, they are watching him during the Gala fundraiser and when Jake walks out to talk to Isaac, Adam sees him but he cannot hear what they are talking about. Isaac came to the fundraiser to let Jake know that the council decided not to kill Cassie for now but they should take her with them when they leave during the night. Isaac asks Jake to bring her to the boat and Jake agrees. Jake, instead of taking Cassie to the boat, takes her to his house and explains to her who her ancestors were, showing her what there is in his family's Book of Shadows, he tells her that she has dark magic inside her and asks her to go away with him because it is the only way to keep her friends and her family safe.

While talking, Cassie receives a text message from Adam telling her. Finding an excuse, she manages to get away from Jake but not from Isaac who drugs her and takes her to the boat. Adam, who has informed the Circle about Jake, tries to find Cassie with Faye; when he and Faye find Jake, Jake leads them to the boat and the three of them manage to take Cassie back. The episode ends with Isaac saying to Jake that he has no idea what he just did because as he said: "Cassie Blake is not the only child of Blackwell in the Circle". Jake leaves with the witch hunters and while the boat is fending off, he stares at the members of the Circle while they are staring back at him. In its original American broadcast, "Balcoin" was watched by 2.17 million. "Balcoin" received positive reviews. Katherine Miller from The A. V. Club gave a B- rate to the episode saying that the episode started with such a promise and it ended well enough. "So here, in this fall finale, looking at a show that's far, far better than it was in the pilot, a word of advice: Secret Circle, stick to your horror, your awkward reaction shots, your ensemble scenes.

You are so much better there."Matt Richenthal from TV Fanatic rated the episode with 4/5 saying that he was hoping for more."To conclude its opening nine-episode run, The Secret Circle didn't leave viewers anxious with how a storyline would be resolved, it dropped a major plot point on us in order to set the stage for 2012."Sarah Maines from The TV Chick said that the mid-season finale episode was solid and plain old awesome. In the "Balcoin" episode we can hear the songs: "Forget It" by Blood Orange "Origins" by Tennis "Guilty As Charged" by Chairlift "Hard Times" by Widowspeak "Wait" by M83 "Mars" by Natalie Walker After the episode "Balcoin", the series took a long break for the holidays and the episode was defined as the mid-season finale; the next episode, "Darkness", was aired on January 5, 2012 two months later. Executive producer of the show, Andrew Miller, actor Gale Harold, gave an interview to the press right after the episode was aired to talk about it, what viewers can expect when the show comes back in January and other things related to the show.

With the cliffhanger that there is a second Blackwell child in the Circle, the first thought of who that second child was, directed to Faye. The main reason was Jane's mention in the episode that Dawn had feelings about Blackwell sixteen years ago and there was something going on between them. Having Faye as the first choice there were hopes that this was not going that way because it was to obvious. "...hopefully the show won’t drag that out, because the implication is pretty obvious." The mystery of who the second child was is revealed on the show, at the end of the episode "Crystal". Afterbuzz's disccussion about "Balcoin" on YouTube ThinkHeroTV's Review about "Balcoin" on YouTube "Balcoin" on IMDb "Balcoin" at