Puzzle (CNBLUE song)

"Puzzle" is a song by South Korean pop rock band CNBLUE. It was released on May 11, 2016, as their 10th single under Warner Music Japan and 13th single overall in Japan; the song was written by lead vocalist Jung Yong-hwa. Revolving around the theme of a wedding, "Puzzle" deals with the idea of "eternal love"; the single was released in four editions: Regular Edition, Limited Editions A and B, a fan club-only Boice Limited Edition. "Puzzle" debuted on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart at number four and has sold over 30,000 copies since its release. The band embarked on the CNBLUE Spring Live 2016 "We're Like a Puzzle" arena tour, where they held four concerts in Aichi and Osaka. Due to the band's fifth anniversary since its major-label debut in Japan, Jung took interest in composing a song about marriage. With the idea of making a "flashy" lead single, he decided to write a "catchy" track. In crafting the song, Jung sought to create "pop melodies and lyrics with a story, but linked to the visual, such as a CD jacket and music video"."Puzzle" was announced as CNBLUE's 10th single on March 6, 2016, with a release date of May 11.

It serves as commemoration for the band's major-label debut five years prior. "Puzzle" was written by vocalist Jung Yong-hwa, Japanese-language translations were provided by Hasegawa. The song was composed by Jung, Han Seung-hoon, Ko Jin-yeong. Described as a "bright" alternative rock and synthpop track, it is the band's first wedding-themed song, he described the arrangement of the song as being "60% upper band sound and 40% dance music". The single was accompanied by two coupling tracks. "Take Me Higher" was written by Jung and Takashi Ogawa. The song was composed by Jung, Ko. Lyrically, the songs conveys the band's sentiment of exceeding its potential. "Be My Lover" was written by Lee Jong-hyun, who composed the track alongside Kim Jae-yang and Park Hyun-woo. Additional guitars were provided by Lee Tae-wook and Park, additional bass provided by Ko. In order to express its "poetic sentiment", the song is sung in English to capture the "emotions and delicate nuances" of the lyrics. All three songs were recorded in Seoul at the FNC Entertainment Studio.

The music video for "Puzzle" was scheduled to be broadcast on TBS Television's variety show Ōsama no Brunch on April 16, but was postponed following the Kumamoto earthquake earlier that day. Instead, a 90-second preview was released on Yahoo! Japan's video on demand service GyaO that day; the full music video was uploaded onto YouTube two days later. The title track was released as a digital download on May 4; this was followed by the release of a video digest for the single on the subsequent day."Puzzle" was released on May 11 in four editions: Regular Edition. The band embarked on the CNBLUE Spring Live 2016 "We're Like a Puzzle" arena tour concerts, which began on May 22 in Aichi at the Nippon Gaishi Hall, continued through May 26–27 in Tokyo at Nippon Budokan, on May 31 in Osaka at the Osaka-jō Hall. Performing 22 songs at each concert, the tour accumulated 40,000 attendees in total. "Puzzle" sold 21,304 copies in its first day of release and ranked number three on the daily Oricon Singles Chart.

On the issue dated May 23, 2016, the single debuted at number four on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart, selling 28,691 copies in its first week. On the same issue date, the song debuted at number 15 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, it has sold 30,701 copies in the country since its release. Credits adapted from the single's liner notes. "Puzzle" on YouTube

Gy├Ârgy Matolcsy

György Matolcsy is a Hungarian politician and economist, current governor of the Hungarian National Bank. He served as Minister of Economy during the first cabinet of Viktor Orbán and Minister of National Economy in the Second Orbán Cabinet. In 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Corvinus University of Budapest, at that time known as the Karl Marx University of Economics and Industry, in 1981 received a PhD in economics from the same institution, the only university in Hungary before the fall of Communism where one could graduate from economics, he worked as an expert in economic institutions. In 1990 he became for a brief period of parliamentary secretary in the Prime Minister József Antall period. In 1991-1994 he was a representative of the Hungarian Government, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, including a deputy director in the period 1991-1994, in 1994 director of the bank. After returning to the country was among others Fidesz's economic expert, member of the National Assembly, in 2000-2002, minister of economy.

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The book, entitled Economic Balance and Growth, was published on 5 March 2015 and was translated and published in English in December 2015. It is the first of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank's book series. Numerous economists and banking experts have been critical of Matolcsy's unorthodox actions regarding the Hungarian National Bank's monetary policy, including former World Bank director Lajos Bokros and Raiffeisen Bank former CEO Péter Felcsuti. In an English language interview with Hungarian news website The Budapest Beacon, Bokros criticized Matolcsy for being a political appointee who knows nothing about monetary economics. Felcsuti said of Matolcsy, "To suggest, he has a view, very critical of the neoliberal economic school. It’s Keynesian, he doesn't believe in the market and he believes much more in the government that guides or directs the market. I’ll say that much about him; these are things that can be said within the frame of academic debate."According to the verdict of the Supreme Court of Hungary it can be said that György Matolcsy stole public money.

MTI ki Magyar Távirati Iroda Zrt. Budapest 2008, 729. Old. ISSN 1787-288X Matolcsy's infopage at the Hungarian Parliament's portal Biography at the Fidesz party's portal Biography from the Origo news portal from 1999