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Trypanosoma is a genus of kinetoplastids, a monophyletic group of unicellular parasitic flagellate protozoa. Trypanosoma is part of the phylum Sarcomastigophora; the name is derived from the Greek trypano- and soma because of their corkscrew-like motion. Most trypanosomes are heteroxenous and most are transmitted via a vector; the majority of species are transmitted by blood-feeding invertebrates, but there are different mechanisms among the varying species. Some, such as Trypanosoma equiperdum, are spread by direct contact. In an invertebrate host they are found in the intestine, but occupy the bloodstream or an intracellular environment in the mammalian host. Trypanosomes infect a variety of hosts and cause various diseases, including the fatal human diseases sleeping sickness, caused by Trypanosoma brucei, Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi; the mitochondrial genome of the Trypanosoma, as well as of other kinetoplastids, known as the kinetoplast, is made up of a complex series of catenated circles and minicircles and requires a cohort of proteins for organisation during cell division.

In 1841, Gabriel Valentin found flagellates that today are included in Trypanoplasma in the blood of trout. The genus was named by Gruby after parasites in the blood of frogs. In 1903, David Bruce identified the protozoan parasite and the tsetse fly vector of African trypanosomiasis; the monophyly of the genus Trypanosoma is not supported by a number of different methods. Rather, the American and African trypanosomes constitute distinct clades, implying that the major human disease agents T. cruzi and T. brucei are not related to each other. Phylogenetic analyses suggest an ancient split into a branch containing all Salivarian trypanosomes and a branch containing all non-Salivarian lineages; the latter branch splits into a clade containing bird and Stercorarian trypanosomes infecting mammals and a clade with a branch of fish trypanosomes and a branch of reptilian or amphibian lineages. Salivarians are trypanosomes of the subgenera of Duttonella, Trypanozoon and Nannomonas; these trypanosomes are passed to the recipient in the saliva of the tsetse fly.

Antigenic variation is a characteristic shared by the Salivaria, well-studied in T. brucei. The Trypanozoon subgenus contains T. rhodesiense and T. equiperdum. The sub genus. Nannomonas contains T. congolense. Stercorians are trypanosomes passed to the recipient in the feces of insects from the subfamily Triatominae; this group includes Trypanosoma cruzi, T. lewisi, T. melophagium, T. nabiasi, T. rangeli, T. theileri, T. theodori. The sub genus; the sub genus Schizotrypanum contains a number of bat trypanosomes. The bat species include Trypanosoma cruzi marinkellei, Trypanosoma dionisii, Trypanosoma erneyi, Trypanosoma livingstonei and Trypanosoma wauwau. Other related species include Trypanosoma Trypanosoma rangeli; the relationships between the species have not been worked out to date. It has been suggested, it has been proposed that T. evansi should be classified as a subspecies of T. brucei. It has been shown that T. equiperdum has emerged at least once in Eastern Africa and T. evansi at two independent occasions in Western Africa.

Species of Trypanosoma include the following: T. ambystomae. in amphibians T. antiquus, extinct T. avium, which infects birds and blackflies T. bennetti, which infects birds and biting midges T. boissoni, in elasmobranch T. brucei, which causes sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in cattle T. cruzi, which causes Chagas disease in humans Trypanosoma culicavium, which infects birds and mosquitoes T. congolense, which causes nagana in ruminant livestock, horses and a wide range of wildlife T. equinum, in South American horses, transmitted via Tabanidae, T. equiperdum, which causes dourine or covering sickness in horses and other Equidae, it can be spread through coitus. T. evansi, which causes one form of the disease surra in certain animals T. everetti, in birds T. hosei, in amphibians T. irwini, in koalas T. lewisi, in rats T. melophagium, in sheep, transmitted via Melophagus ovinus T. parroti, in amphibians T. percae, in the species Perca fluviatilis T. rangeli, believed to be nonpathogenic to humans T. rotatorium, in amphibians T. rugosae, in amphibians T. sergenti, in amphibians T. simiae, which causes nagana in pigs.

Its main reservoirs are warthogs and bush pigs T. sinipercae, in fishes T. suis, which causes a different form of surra T. theileri, a large trypanosome infecting ruminants T. triglae, in marine teleosts T. tungarae, in frogsT. Vivax, which causes the disease nagana in West Africa, although it has spread to South America Two different types of trypanosomes exist, their life cycles are different, the salivarian species and the stercorarian species. Stercorarian trypanosomes infect insects, most the triatomid kissing bug, by developing in the posterior gut followed by release into the feces and subsequent depositing on the skin of the host; the organism penetrates and can disseminate throughout the body. Insects become infected. Salivarian trypanosomes develop in the anterior gut of insects, most the Tsetse fly, infective organisms are inoculated into the host by the i

Sally Obermeder

Sally Obermeder is an Australian media personality and television presenter. Obermeder is the co-host of Channel 7's afternoon show The Daily Edition, she runs fashion and lifestyle blog, Australia's leading lifestyle destination for women. Since launching in 2013, Sally has been the co-host of The Daily Edition, Channel 7's afternoon show; the show is a combination of breaking live interviews and entertainment updates. The live panel show airs weekdays at 2pm. Obermeder makes regular appearances on Sunrise and The Morning Show for the Seven Network. In November 2012 Obermeder launched a lifestyle blog – The website focuses on living a luxe for less lifestyle, it covers a range of topics including fashion, health and family. In 2015, expanded into an online store selling fashion and homewares, along with products and accessories for Super Green Smoothies. Obermeder's first book Never Stop Believing was released in April 2013, through Unwin. Obermeder shares her story in a memoir about her struggle to succeed in the world of commercial television and her battle with cancer.

During her cancer recovery, Sally discovered green smoothies as a way to get her health back on track. Drinking one smoothie a day, Sally lost more than 15 kilograms, it was this success that prompted her and her sister, Maha Koraiem, to write their first book together, Super Green Smoothies. Obermeder released her e-book Super Green Smoothies in September 2014 with her sister Maha Koraiem; the book is filled with green smoothie recipes created for weight health. In April 2013, a paperback version of it was published by Unwin; the book is now in its 12th reprint and has sold over 120,000 copies, making it the bestselling smoothie book in Australia. Super Green Smoothies was the third highest-selling non-fiction book of 2015. In March 2016, they released The Good Life, a cookbook full of easy to make meals they love to cook. In September 2017, they released their third cookbook, Super Green and Lean with over 140 recipes for smoothies, salads and snacks. After success with their smoothie book in 2015, Obermeder and her sister launched their first Super Green Smoothie 30 Day Smoothie Challenge.

The challenge requires participants to drink one super green smoothie everyday for 30 days, using the recipes provided. The challenge drew hundreds of participants and received positive feedback, with many participants claiming they experienced increased energy and weight loss. Obermeder and Koraiem launched their second program, called the'Summer Body Challenge', in December 2015, which includes a 4-week meal and exercise plan in addition to 30 Super Green Smoothie recipes. With advice from fitness instructors and nutritional experts, the challenge is designed help participants lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In 2017, Sally joined the Macquarie Radio Network as the host of her own talkback show, Better Living with Sally Obermeder, on Talking Lifestyle; the show provides the latest news and views on topics including fashion, beauty and family. The show is live Saturdays from 1-2pm and can be streamed on and is broadcast on 954AM in Sydney, 882AM in Brisbane, 1278AM in Melbourne.

Obermeder's career with Seven Network began when she joined the Sydney Weekender team in 2005. Out on the road for the weekly travel and lifestyle show, Obermeder covered a mix of stories. In the same year Obermeder presented the New Zealand special of Mike Whitney's Walkabout, a national travel series which aired in 2005 and 2006. From 2008-2013 Obermeder was the National Entertainment and Lifestyle Reporter for the network's former evening current affairs show Today Tonight. With over 200 celebrity interviews, her most notable include Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Jonah Hill, Eva Mendes, Justin Timberlake, Salma Hayek, Will Ferrell, Elle Macpherson and Jon Bon Jovi. Previous to her commencement at Seven Network Obermeder sourced, scripted and presented her own segments on Channel 31's Not The Movie Show, a film and entertainment program. Regarded as an accomplished compere, Obermeder is sought after as Master of Ceremonies for awards nights, fashion launches and corporate functions.

She has worked with Westfield, Myer's"Fashions on the Field', The Melbourne Cup and The Australian Tourism Association. She has MC'd for Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian's Westfield appearances in Australia. Obermeder is an ambassador for The Sony Foundation, and works with the Nelune Foundation and The Breast Cancer Network of Australia. In addition, Obermeder has launched her own charitable initiative,'Wish bySwiish' where with her team at SWIISH they try to bring a little joy and happiness into the lives of breast and ovarian cancer sufferers, by turning their wishes into reality. In October 2015 Obermeder was announced as the ambassador for Avon Cosmetics, she has featured in campaigns for Westfield and The ATC Spring Racing Carnival. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Obermeder worked in finance and investment banking, before leaving to pursue a career in television in 2003. Obermeder is a qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor. Sally married Marcus Obermeder in 2001 and the couple live in Bondi, NSW.

After several years of trying to conceive the couple tried In vitro fertilisation and conceived in January 2011. Their daughter was born in October 2011, the day after Sally Obermdeder was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. In July 2016 Obermeder revealed. In December 2016, she welcomed the new child via a surrogate in the United States of A

Craig Kaplan

Craig S. Kaplan is a Philadelphia-area promotions and marketing agent, in the industry since the late 1980s, he specializes in creating unique, creative content, utilizing both digital and traditional media, for his clients. Kaplan was an account manager at Comcast Cable Vision from September 1988 - December 1992. Kaplan was an advertising sales manager at Comcast Cable Vision from January 1993 - December 1994. Kaplan was President at All Star Promotion from January 1995 – December 2009. Kaplan was President of MilkBoy Communications from December 2009 – December 2011 Kaplan has been President of Hashtag Multimedia, where he works, since January 2012. Kaplan has secured endorsements for NHL Hall of Famer Paul Coffey, Olympic Gold Medalist Meldrick Taylor, NFL Hall of Famer Jack Ham, future NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins and was Jon Runyan’s manager for his entire nine-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles, securing Runyan major endorsements with McDonald’s and Ford Motors as well as negotiating all of his many radio and TV shows that he was involved in.

Kaplan secured an endorsement deal with Visa and Chrysler for Irving Fryar, a deal with McDonald's and Ford for Runyan, a deal with Doneckers in Ephrata, PA for David Akers. Kaplan has secured an endorsement deal with Woodbury Nissan for Omar Gaither, additional deals include Comcast MetroPhone for Keith Byars, established Herschel Walker as the spokesperson for Threadz Clothing, secured a deal with Starter Inc. and Jeep for Seth Joyner. He orchestrated an endorsement with Cadillac for Hank Fraley, an endorsement deal with Davis Acura and Liscio’s Bakery for Hunter Pence, secured an endorsement deal with Gerhards and Liscio’s Bakery for Ryan Madson. Kaplan negotiated a role in Any Given Sunday for Irving Fryar. Kaplan conducted the negotiation on Fryar’s book deal and came up with the title for Fryar’s book, Sunday is My Day. Kaplan negotiated a contract and Associate Producer credit for Comcast SportsNet Inaugural sports talk show, "Angelo and Irving."One of Kaplan’s largest athlete clients has been Jon Runyan.

Kaplan was Runyan’s manager during his career in Philadelphia, starting in 2000. Kaplan has worked on Runyan’s charity golf event, Jon Runyan’s Score for the Cure, which has raised half a million dollars in the five years since the first event. Along with securing Runyan as a contributor to Daily News Live, in 2004 Kaplan sold Runyan’s Rockin’ With Runyan radio show to Y100 and secured a deal to sell Rockin’ With Runyan T-shirts in Modell’s sporting goods stores. Kaplan helped create Runyan’s Reserve Beer with Iron Hill Brewery in Media, PA, where Runyan would go after each Rockin’ show. After securing Hunter Pence as the celebrity spokesperson for Liscio’s Bakery in 2012, Kaplan produced a commercial for the bakery starring their new spokesman; the commercial, "Liscio’s: ‘Let’s Go Eat!’," features Pence demonstrating the different uses he finds for Liscio’s Bakery rolls. The commercial received immediate response on Twitter. Metro Philly had this to say of the commercial: "The Liscio’s Bakery ad featuring Hunter Pence, with his catchphrase, ‘Let’s Go Eat!’ is priceless a TV commercial, hilarious."

PhillyBurbs, a Philadelphia based blog, wrote, "Something tells me the guys in the clubhouse are going to have some fun with this. Might I suggest a kayak and a crate of delicious Liscio’s torpedo rolls waiting at Pence’s locker in time for his arrival Monday morning?" In what may be the most prominent review of the commercial, Philadelphia Magazine’s Dan McQuade states, "This might be the greatest commercial in TV history... How does he keep such a physique by lifting Liscio’s roll?!" Kaplan strengthened the Pence-Liscio’s relationship by creating a bi-weekly web series airing on YouTube, "Liscio’s Bakery: Weekly Bites", which features a different shop that serves Liscio’s Bakery bread. A recent collaboration with James Beard Award-winning chef Marc Vetri was a promotional video'Sounds Good, Tastes Good' shot at New York City’s only four-star Italian restaurant, Del Posto." Performing alongside Vetri were Grammy Nominated musician Phil Roy, Joe Bastianich, Tom Colicchio and John Pizzarelli.

Kaplan and his firm designed, now maintain the Vetri Family website. Kaplan has secured celebrity spokespersons and/or corporate sponsors for charity events diverse as The Tiger Woods Foundation celebrity Pro-Am, The Great Chef Event, Bowl with the Birds, the LPGA ShopRite Classic, Jon Runyan’s Score for the Cure, the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation’s events One Night in Harlem, Havana Nights and A Night in Paris. Kaplan secured corporate sponsors from 2009-2012 for MANNA’s event, "Shut Up and Dance." Kaplan produced a promotional video for MANNA’s 20th anniversary "Shut Up and Dance," as well as a promotional video about the benefits of MANNA. Kaplan produced the 2012 Philabundance Public Service Announcement TV-spot, "Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation." Kaplan secured Hunter Pence as the Philabundance spokesperson and Liscio’s Bakery as their corporate sponsor. Kaplan began working with the Variety in 1998 when he secured their first celebrity spokesperson, Irving Fryar, he has since contracted celebrity bartenders and various celebrity spokespersons for the Variety.

In November 2009, Kaplan helped create the Celebrity Bowling Classic.

Imagination Creator

Creator is a family of single-board computers developed by Imagination Technologies to promote educational research and software development based on the MIPS architecture. The first board in the platform, the Creator Ci20, was released in August 2014. A second development kit called Creator Ci40 was introduced through a Kickstarter campaign in November 2015; the Creator Ci20 board is based on an Ingenic JZ4780 mobile-class application processor, which contains a dual-core 1.2 GHz MIPS32 CPU with 32k I&D L1 cache and 512k L2 cache and an IEEE754 Floating Point Unit, coupled with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU. This processor supports a 32-bit SIMD extension. In addition, the board provides: 8 GB of flash and 1 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory Video playback up to 1080p AC97 audio, via 4-pin input/output jack and HDMI connector Camera interface – ITU645 controller Connectivity – 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI output up to 2K resolution 2 x USB – host and OTG 14-pin EJTAG connector 2 x UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, ADC, expansion headers The Creator Ci40 board is based on a cXT200 chip optimized for IoT applications which contains a dual-core, dual-threaded 550 MHz MIPS interAptiv CPU with 32k I&D L1 cache and 512k L2 cache and an IEEE754 Floating Point Unit coupled with an Ensigma C4500 Wi-Fi radio processor.

In addition, the board provides: 512 MB of NAND flash memory and 256 MB DDR3 SDRAM 1 x micro SD card 802.11b/g/n/ac 2x2 Wi-Fi, 802.15.4 6LoWPAN dedicated chip, Bluetooth 4.1 Dedicated TPM chip 1 x RJ45 Ethernet port 1 x 3.5mm input/output jack, 1 x S/PDIF input/output connector 32 x GPIO, 2 x mikroBUS i/f, 4 x PWM, 1 x SPI, 2 x UART, 2 x I2C, 5 x ADC, expansion headers, 14-pin EJTAG connector, 9 x indicator LEDs, 1 x micro USB 2.0 OTG All Creator boards support the Creator IoT Framework, an open source software package based on the LWM2M protocol developed by the Open Mobile Alliance

Live at the Royal Albert Hall (featuring The Parallax Orchestra)

Live at the Royal Albert Hall is the fourth live album by the American rock band Alter Bridge. Recorded on October 2 and 3, 2017, at Royal Albert Hall in London, England the band played two sold-out shows with the 52-piece Parallax Orchestra, conducted by Simon Dobson. For the occasion, the band performed songs that are played, such as The End Is Here and Words Darker Than Their Wings, the latter receiving its live debut; the original idea of a doing a full concert with an orchestra was the brainchild of Tim Tournier, Alter Bridge's Manager. Tournier offered the idea after the band's promotional O2 Arena gig. Myles Kennedy explained, "I think out of all the years of doing this, this experience is the top two or three highlights without a doubt.". Three songs, Addicted To Pain, Words Darker Than Their Wings and The End Is Here, were released prior to the album. All tracks are written by Alter Bridge. Personnel adopted from the album liner notesAlter BridgeMyles Kennedy – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar Mark Tremonti – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals Brian Marshallbass Scott Phillips – drumsThe Parallax Orchestra ProductionDan Sturgess – Director & Editor Sturge Media – Film producer Tim Tournier – Executive producer Ben Gazey – Associate producer Brian Sperber – Music producer Tim Roe – Recording engineer Brad Blackwood – mastering

Will D. Cobb

Will D. Cobb was an American lyricist and composer, he and a partner, Ren Shields, produced several popular musicals and musical comedies in the early 20th century. Cobb had a long-run collaboration with Gus Edwards. Cobb was born July 5, 1876, in Philadelphia, grew up there, but lived several years in New York City. Cobb graduated 1893 from Girard College in Philadelphia. Before becoming a songwriter, he worked as a salesman in a department store. Cobb died January 20, 1930, in Manhattan, New York City, was buried in Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Cobb was a prolific composer in the early 1900s, his career spanned from 1901 through the late 1920s. Early in his career, he collaborated with Ren Shields, best known for his hit, In the Good Old Summer Time. Over the course of his career, he worked with Buddy DeSylva, George Gershwin, Harry Ruby, Earl Carroll, among others, he joined ASCAP in 1927, his chief musical collaborator was Gus Edwards. He is responsible for writing the line still sung by schoolchildren in the United States, "School days, school days.

Readin' and'ritin' and'rithmetic. In 1897, Cobb wrote the lyrics and Paul Barnes composed the music to the Spanish–American War-era song "Goodbye, Dolly Gray." In the early 1900s, the song was adopted with re-written lyrics, as the theme song for the Australian Football League club, Collingwood. Works written by or about Will D. Cobb at Wikisource Media related to Will D. Cobb at Wikimedia Commons