926th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

The 926th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the Goose Air Defense Sector, Air Defense Command, stationed at Frobisher Bay Air Base, Northwest Territories, Canada, it was inactivated on 1 November 1961. The unit was a General Surveillance Radar squadron providing for the air defense of North America. Lineage Activated as 926th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, 13 June 1953 Inactivated 1 November 1961Assignments 4707th Air Defense Wing, 13 June 1953 64th Air Division, 1 October 1953 4733d Air Defense Group, 1 April 1957 4732d Air Defense Group, 1 May 1958 Goose Air Defense Sector, 1 April 1960 – 1 November 1961Stations Grenier AFB, New Hampshire, 13 June 1953 Frobisher Bay AB, Northern Territories, 1 October 1953 – 1 November 1961 This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website A Handbook of Aerospace Defense Organization 1946 - 1980, by Lloyd H. Cornett and Mildred W. Johnson, Office of History, Aerospace Defense Center, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado

Antoni Janusz

Antoni Janusz was a Polish sportsman and pilot. Janusz was an Officer in the Polish Air Force 1919–47 and in the British Air Force 1947–53 risen to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Antoni Janusz served in the Polish-Soviet War and World War II, he was distinguished with several awards: Polish and British. As a balloonist Antoni Janusz participated in six Gordon Bennett races and won one in the year 1938. Antoni Janusz was born in Leszno Wielkopolskie in 1902. In 1907 his family moved to Jarocin. Further education was Karol Marcinkowski’s Gymnasium in Poznań and School of Aeronautics, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant on 28 September 1919, being one of the youngest officers of Polish Army. He was ordered to the 14th Infantry Division as a Kite Balloonist and served in the Polish-Soviet War. At Russian Front he participated in Bobrujsk Lodgement Battle. During the Battle of Warsaw Antoni Janusz was a Company Commander. After the end of Polish-Soviet War Antoni Janusz remained an officer of the Polish Army.

He was assigned to the 1st Balloon Battalion in Toruń. Just at the beginning of World War II, he was transferred to the Polish Military Ministry as a duty officer at Warsaw Airport, he trained balloon pilots and participated in military balloon construction projects during his work in Legionowo, near Warsaw. He took up aircraft piloting training. In the period before World War II Antoni Janusz was engaged in ballooning sport development in Poland, he was its propagator. He participated in most events of Polish Ballooning. In the 1930s he was classified among the leaders of world ballooning. On 25 October 1925 Antoni Janusz won the First Domestic Balloon Cup. Together with lieutenant Jan Zakrzewski they reached the distance of 142 km in time of 2 hr 47 min in balloon Poznań. Starting from 1927, Antoni Janusz began participating in international balloon cups, his first important success was the second place in 1929 Poland Cup. He started in balloon „Gdynia" reaching the distance of 354 km in time of 22 hours.

In years 1932–1938 he participated in Gordon Bennett Balloon-Races. His greatest triumph was winning it in 1938 with a distance of 1692 km and time of 37 hr 47 min. On 17 September 1939 Antoni Janusz together with his unit retreated to Romania across to Greece Tobruk and Casablanca reaching France in spring 1940. There he joined the French Air Force serving as a liaison officer. After France’s capitulation, he moved to Scotland where he joined the No. 301 Polish Bomber Squadron as a pilot. In 1942 Antoni Janusz was injured. During his hospitalisation and convalescence the 301 Squadron was disbanded and its crews were attached to the No. 138 RAF Squadron as the RAF 301 Special Duties Flight Squadron. From this moment until 1953, Antoni Janusz became a RAF soldier, he served as a liaison officer. While working at the Air Ministry, Antoni Janusz met Jean Oilier, whom he married in 1949, he settled in London. His interests were quite broad: he was an amateur mathematician and astronomer; the Gordon Bennett Balloon-Races were reinstated in the year 1983 and Antoni Janusz had an honour to decorate the winners: Stefan Maknè and Ireneusz Cieślak from Poland.

Antoni Janusz died on 28 August 2000 in London. According to his last wish the urn with his ashes was buried in the family tomb in Christ the King churchyard in his native town Jarocin. Captain Antoni Janusz photography taken from National Digital Archive of Poland Captain Antoni Janusz and lieutenant Stanisław Brenk during Gordon Bennett Cup 1936; the crew of balloon SP-AMY during Gordon Bennett Cup in 1937 Antoni Janusz and Stefan Makné during the meeting in 1983 Antoni Janusz's grave, Jarocin