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The Twelve Local Heroes sculptures

The Twelve Local Heroes is a series of bronze busts located in the central city of Christchurch, New Zealand on Worcester Boulevard outside the Arts Centre to commemorate twelve local Christchurch people who were prominent in their respective fields in the latter part of the 20th century.


The establishment of the commemorative sculptures was driven by the Twelve Local Heroes charitable trust. The project had been four years in the making before the bronze busts were unveiled on 18 March 2009.[1][2] The artwork was produced by the sculptor Mark Whyte.[3]

Local Heroes[edit]

The Twelve Local Heroes can be grouped by having died prior to the project commencing, by agreeing to be included but having since died, and by being alive.

Deceased prior to project start[edit]

Members of this group had no influence on their inclusion as one of the Twelve Local Heroes, as they had died before the decision was made to create a memorial.

Name Life years Description
William Sutton.jpg
Bill Sutton 1 March 1917 – 23 January 2000 artist
Elsie Locke.jpg
Elsie Locke 17 August 1912 – 8 April 2001 writer, feminist and social activist

Deceased since project start[edit]

Members of this group were asked and agreed to be included as one of the Twelve Local Heroes, but have since died.

Name Life years Description
Charles Luney.jpg
Charles Luney 28 June 1905 – 18 November 2006 building industry leader
Angus Tait.jpg
Sir Angus Tait 22 July 1919 – 7 August 2007 electronics pioneer and businessman
Robertson (Bob) Stewart.jpg
Sir Robertson Stewart[4] 21 September 1913 – 13 August 2007 industrialist and exporter
Donald Beaven.jpg
Professor Sir Donald Ward Beaven 31 August 1924 – 4 November 2009 medical researcher in the area of diabetes treatment and prevention
Margaret Mahy.jpg
Margaret Mahy 21 March 1936 – 23 July 2012 author of children's and young adult books
Diana Isaac.jpg
Diana, Lady Isaac 1921 – 23 November 2012 conservation, arts and architecture benefactor


Members of this group were asked and agreed to be included as one of the Twelve Local Heroes, and are still alive today.

Name Born Description
Frank Dickson.jpg
Frank Dickson b. ca 1932[5] former Canterbury Savings Bank chief executive
Richard Hadlee.jpg
Sir Richard John Hadlee 3 July 1951 former cricketer
Tipene O'Regan.jpg
Sir Tipene O'Regan 1 January 1939 Māori leader
Miles Warren.jpg
Sir Miles Warren 1929 architect

The sculptures have been temporarily removed from their current position on Worcester Blvd to facilitate the post earthquake restoration of the Engineering block of the Arts Centre of Christchurch. Following the restoration, it is envisaged that they will return.


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