Tyrone Power

Tyrone Edmund Power III was an American film and radio actor. From the 1930s to the 1950s, Power appeared in dozens of films in swashbuckler roles or romantic leads, his better-known films include The Mark of Zorro, Marie Antoinette and Sand, The Black Swan, Prince of Foxes, Witness for the Prosecution, The Black Rose, Captain from Castile. Power's own favorite film among those that he starred in was Nightmare Alley. Though a matinee idol in the 1930s and early 1940s and known for his striking looks, Power starred in films in a number of genres, from drama to light comedy. In the 1950s he began placing limits on the number of films he would make in order to devote more time for theater productions, he received his biggest accolades as a stage actor in John Brown's Mister Roberts. Power died from a heart attack at the age of 44. Power was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1914, son of Helen Emma "Patia" and the Irish-ancestry English-born US stage and screen actor Tyrone Power Sr. known by his first name "Fred".

Power was descended from a long Irish theatrical line going back to his great-grandfather, the Irish actor and comedian Tyrone Power. Tyrone Power's sister, Ann Power, was born after the family moved to California, his mother was Roman Catholic, her ancestry included the French-Canadian Reaume family and Germans from Alsace-Lorraine. Through his paternal great-grandmother, Anne Gilbert, Power was related to the actor Laurence Olivier. Power went to Cincinnati-area Catholic schools and graduated from Purcell High School in 1931. Upon his graduation, he opted to join his father to learn what he could about acting from one of the stage's most respected actors. Power joined his father for the summer of 1931, after being separated from him for some years due to his parents' divorce, his father suffered a heart attack in December 1931, dying in his son's arms, while preparing to perform in The Miracle Man. Tyrone Power Jr. as he was known, decided to continue his pursuit of an acting career. He went door to door, trying to find work as an actor, while many contacts knew his father well, they offered praise for his father but no work for his son.

He appeared in a bit part in 1932 in Tom Brown of Culver. Power's experience in that movie did not open any other doors, and, except for what amounted to little more than a job as an extra in Flirtation Walk, he found himself frozen out of the movies but making some appearances in community theater. Discouraged, he took the advice of a friend, Arthur Caesar, to go to New York to gain experience as a stage actor. Among the Broadway plays in which he was cast are Flowers of the Forest, Saint Joan, Romeo and Juliet. Power went to Hollywood in 1936; the director Henry King was impressed with his looks and poise, he insisted that Power be tested for the lead role in Lloyd's of London, a role thought to belong to Don Ameche. Despite his own reservations, Darryl F. Zanuck decided to give Power the role, once King and Fox editor Barbara McLean convinced him that Power had a greater screen presence than Ameche. Power was billed fourth in the movie but he had by far the most screen time of any actor, he walked into the premiere of the movie an unknown and he walked out a star, which he remained the rest of his career.

Power racked up hit after hit from 1936 until 1943, when his career was interrupted by military service. In these years he starred in romantic comedies such as Thin Ice and Day-Time Wife, in dramas such as Suez and Sand, Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake, The Rains Came and In Old Chicago. A. F. and This Above All. Jesse James was a big hit at the box office, but it did receive some criticism for fictionalizing and glamorizing the famous outlaw; the movie was shot in and around Pineville and was Power's first location shoot and his first Technicolor movie. He was loaned out once, to MGM for Marie Antoinette. Darryl F. Zanuck was angry that MGM used Fox's biggest star in what was, despite billing, a supporting role, he vowed to never again loan him out, though Power's services were requested for the role of Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. Power was named the second biggest box office draw in 1939, surpassed only by Mickey Rooney, his box office numbers are some of the best of all time.

In 1940 the direction of Power's career took a dramatic turn when his movie The Mark of Zorro was released. Power played the role of fop by day, bandit hero by night; the role had been made famous by Douglas Fairbanks in the 1920 movie of the same title. The film was a hit, 20th Century Fox cast Power in other swashbucklers in the years that followed. Power was a talented swordsman in real life, the dueling scene in The Mark of Zorro is regarded; the great Hollywood swordsman, Basil Rathbone, who starred with him in

E. Coli Metabolome Database

The E. coli Metabolome Database is a comprehensive, high-quality accessible, online database of small molecule metabolites found in or produced by Escherichia coli. Escherichia coli is the best studied bacterium on earth and has served as the "model microbe" in microbiology research for more than 60 years; the ECMDB is an E. coli "omics" encyclopedia containing detailed data on E. coli's genome and its metabolome. ECMDB is part of a suite of organism-specific metabolomics databases that includes DrugBank, HMDB, YMDB and SMPDB; as a metabolomics resource, the ECMDB is designed to facilitate research in the area gut/microbiome metabolomics and environmental metabolomics. The ECMDB contains two kinds of data: 1) chemical data and 2) molecular biology and/or biochemical data; the chemical data includes more than 2700 metabolite structures with detailed metabolite descriptions along with nearly 5000 NMR, GC-MS and LC-MS spectra corresponding to these metabolites. The biochemical data includes nearly 1600 protein sequences and more than 3100 biochemical reactions that are linked to these metabolite entries.

Each metabolite entry in the ECMDB contains more than 80 data fields with 65% of the information being devoted to chemical data and the other 35% of the information devoted to enzymatic or biochemical data. Many data fields are hyperlinked to other databases; the ECMDB has a variety of structure and pathway viewing applets. The ECMDB database offers a number of text, spectral, chemical structure and relational query searches; these are described in more detail below. The ECMDB's content searched using a variety of database-specific tools; the text search box allows users to conduct a general text search of the database's textual data, including names, synonyms and identifiers. The ECMDB employs a software tool called "Elastic Search" that allows misspellings and fuzzy text matching. Using the text search, users may select either metabolites or proteins in the "search for" field using the pull-down box located on the right side of the text search box. In this way it is possible to restrict the search to only return results for those items associated with E. coli metabolites or with E. coli proteins.

The ECMB has 7 selectable tabs located at the top of every page including: 1) Home. The ECMDB's browser can be used to re-sort its contents. Six different browse options are available: 1) Metabolite Browse. By selecting a specific Browse option the ECMDB's content can be displayed in a synoptic tabular format with the ECMDB identifiers and other data displayed in re-sortable tables. Clicking on an ECMDB MetaboCard or ProteinCard button will bring up the full data content for the corresponding metabolite or the corresponding protein; the ECMDB offers a number of Search options listed Under the Search link. These include: 1) Chem Query. Chem Query option allows users to sketch or to type a chemical compound and to search the ECMDB for metabolites similar or identical to the query compound; the Sequence Search can be used to perform BLAST sequence searches against all the protein sequences contained in ECMDB. Single and multiple sequence BLAST queries are supported through this search tool, it is possible to perform detailed spectral searches of ECMDB's reference compound NMR and MS spectral data through the ECMDB's MS, MS/MS, GC/MS and NMR Spectra Search links.

These tools are intended to support the identification and characterization of bacterial metabolites using NMR spectroscopy, GC-MS spectrometry and LC-MS spectrometry. The ECMDB contains a large number of statistical tables, with detailed information about not only its content but about E. coli, in general. In particular, under the "About" tab, a section called "E. coli numbers and stats" contains hundreds of interesting factoids about E. coli and E. coli physiology. Many components of the ECMDB are downloadable, including most of textual data, chemical structures and sequence data; these may be retrieved by clicking on the Download button, scrolling through the different files and selecting the appropriate hyperlinks. All data in ECMDB is derived from a non-proprietary source, it is accessible and available to anyone. In addition, nearly every data item is traceable and explicitly referenced to the original source. ECMDB data is available through downloads. EcoCyc KEGG Metabolic network Metabolome Metabolomics List of biological databases

List of Stargate Universe characters

This is a list of characters in Stargate Universe, an American-Canadian military science fiction serial drama which made its premiere on October 2, 2009 on the Syfy channel. Nicholas Rush is an expert in Ancient technology, his research was hindered. Since her death, he has become more dedicated to science, he spearheads the Icarus Project, his main priority being to explore the mystery behind the ninth chevron of the Stargate. Rush was stationed at the Icarus Base in 2009. During an attack on the base and Eli Wallace figure out how to dial the ninth chevron, are responsible for sending the remaining Icarus personnel to an Ancient ship known as the Destiny, a spaceship situated in a far-away galaxy, with no way of returning to Earth. Rush is obsessed with completing Destiny's mission and won't let anyone stop him. Everett Young is a USAF Colonel. Young is 40 years old and has been married to Emily Young since 2005, his crew was forced through the Stargate becoming stranded on the Destiny. As the most senior military personnel, he becomes Captain aboard the Destiny.

It is revealed in episodes that while in command of Icarus Base, he had a brief affair with a subordinate junior officer Lt. Johansen, resulting in her pregnancy, it is this affair coupled with his refusal to put his wife before his military career that leads to the end of his marriage. As commented by Dr. Rush, Colonel Young has been through hell in his time on-board Destiny which caused him to go insane. Matthew Scott is a USAF First Lieutenant. After Icarus Base falls under attack, Colonel Everett Young has Lt. Scott lead the expedition to the nine-chevron address after Nicholas Rush dials it instead of Earth. After arriving on-board Destiny, injured during the evacuation, temporarily puts Scott in command; when Young recovers, Scott leads the away teams. Lt. Scott develops a relationship with Chloe Armstrong and used to have one with Lt. Vanessa James before coming on-board Destiny, he is great friends with Sergeant Ronald Eli Wallace. Prior to joining the Air Force, Scott fathered a child which he had no knowledge of until years later.

Chloe Armstrong is the 23-year-old daughter of a US Senator, whose character is tested "after her father's tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship". Her father had political oversight over the Icarus project trying to dial the Stargate's ninth chevron, she holds a degree in political science from Harvard and she is the aide of her father, Alan Armstrong, until he sacrifices himself in the pilot. She is pursuing a relationship with Matthew Scott, while developing a strong friendship with Eli Wallace, romantically attracted to her, she is either oblivious of Eli Wallace's feelings. She considers Eli her one true friend and says that she realizes that before she met Eli, she never had a true friend. In Incursion, after being injured and trapped in the bow of the ship with Eli, she indicates she is aware of his feelings though she doesn't outright say it and Eli kisses her on the cheek. In the first-season episode "Space", Chloe is taken captive by an unknown alien race who desires to capture the Destiny.

She is placed in stasis until Rush, taken captive as well after Young abandoned him on a desert planet, rescues her and they both manage to escape the alien ship. In "Incursion", Chloe is shot in the leg while escaping the Alliance forces with Eli, but is miraculously healed, though she cannot explain the phenomena. In "Pathogen", she discovers she has been blacking out and reappearing at other locations in a daze, with no memory of how she got there. Under her trance state, Chloe is able to come up with solutions to equations related to Destiny that Rush has problems solving. Rush and Young deduce she may have been infected with a pathogen by the aliens who captured her to serve towards an unknown goal. Rush comes up with the idea to use the Ancient repository chair to remove the pathogen from her brain. However, Rush confirms her suspicions that she couldn't be cured, is now secretly using her to help unlock the Destiny's capabilities. Chloe's condition is discovered and she is locked up, she started changing into an alien and the blackouts restarted.

It got so bad the crew was planning to put her off the ship at the next possible opportunity after Chloe summoned the aliens, although she claimed to be in control of herself and had a good reason for it. The crew ended up making a deal with the aliens to remove the pathogen, but Chloe retains the ability to do immensely complicated equations and believes that the aliens will be more determined than to capture Destiny with whatever they got from her. Eli Wallace dropped out before graduating. Before joining Stargate Command, Wallace was unemployed and spent most of his time playing video games, most notably Prometheus. At the same time, he lived with his mother, Maryann Wallace, a registered nurse, infected by HIV, which she contracted due to a needlestick injury from an infected hypodermic needle while treating a HIV infected drug addict violently resisting treatment, she does not have adequate medical coverage until the Air Force begins to pay for her treatment in return for Eli's joining the Icarus project.

In the pilot, Eli solves a problem in the Prometheus video game, a mathematical proof procured from the Ancient Database. For thi