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Coat of arms of Beverwijk

The coat of arms of Beverwijk is a coat of arms that’s been renewed several times. The coat of arms of Beverwijk is the only coat of arms of a municipality in the Netherlands that’s been surrounded by a cloak; this is in the Netherlands unusual, as such a cloak is reserved for nobility, the pope and national coats of arms. There are several symbols combined in the coat of arms, amongst them are the three fleurs de lis, who can be found in the oldest known coat of arms of Beverwijk; this oldest coat of arms is a seal. This seal dates from 1322 and it shows not three but four fleur de lye standing on top of a shield. In 1548 and 1561 Beverwijk used three fleur de lye, but underneath these three there are waves and above the fleur de lye two figures of uncertain origin and topping those a label. In the same period the city used a second seal depicting only the three fleur de lis. In 1601 a seal was used showing four lions with underneath waves on top of a label and three fleur de lis in the chief.

These three fleur de lis are positioned in the formation of 2 + 1. This seal has supporters in the form of two naked boys holding up a mantle. A seal dating from 1615 has the same scenery except the boys have been swapped for a winged head above the shield; the lions in the coat of arms derive form the coat of arms of John of Beaumont, lord of Blois en Wijk. Beverwijk was the capital of the Bailiff Wijk; the fleur de lis are from the old Beverwijk of the 14th century. There are three known blazons from either the municipality of Beverwijk; the first by the High Councill of Nobility recorded blazon was: An escutcheon gules, charged with three golden lilies, standing 2 and 1. A label of silver with 3 pendants over the entire escutcheon; the coat of arms is covered by a tent azure decorated of gold en held on both sides by an angel. This blazon is about the coat of arms of 26 June 1816; the second coat of arms is of 10 November 1899, a small number of changed have been made, amongst them are the supporters.

This blazon is as follows: In gold under a separate standing label azure four lions, the first and fourth of sable and nailed of gules, the second and third lion of gules and nailed of azure. The escutcheon is placed on a support of natural wood colour and held by two naked boys, they hold up on both sides a white lined and bordered with gold fringe mantle with baldachin azure; the blazon was changed on 24 Octobre 1936. The new blazon was needed because the municipality of Beverwijk was merged with the municipality of Wijk aan Zee en Duin

Stephen Peyser

Stephen Peyser is an American professional lacrosse player with the Long Island Lizards of Major League Lacrosse. Peyser played with the Orlando Titans and New York Titans of the National Lacrosse League, he plays the midfield position. Peyser won two national championships while playing with the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays; as a freshman, he played in all sixteen games and helped the Blue Jays win the 2005 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship. In 2006, Peyser missed a significant part of the season due to a broken jaw suffered prior to the season. In his junior season he was awarded USILA third team All-American honors, again helped his team win the national championship. Peyser was named to the 2007 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship All-tournament team for his efforts in the tournament; as a senior and the Blue Jays were again in the national championship game. As collegiate lacrosse has developed more specialists, Peyser's abilities as both a face-off man and offensive and defensive midfielder contributed to the Blue Jays success during his collegiate career.

Peyser began his professional career with the New Jersey Pride in 2008. The Pride drafted Peyser 5th overall in the first round of the 2008 MLL Collegiate Draft. Peyser joined the New Jersey Pride which featured his two older brothers and Gregory. During Week 6 of the 2008 MLL season, the Peyser brothers became the first trio of brothers to play on the same Major League Lacrosse team together. Peyser has had an immediate impact on the league, was named Rookie of the Week for Week 11 of the 2008 season, he joined his brother Greg as a member of the indoor lacrosse 2009 New York Titans. During the season, he was named to the All-Star Game as an injury replacement

List of diplomatic missions in North Korea

This is a list of diplomatic missions in North Korea. The following countries have embassies in Pyongyang: Most embassies are located in a special area of the city, known as the Munsu-dong Diplomatic Compound; the Russian and Chinese embassies are located outside the diplomatic compound, as they are much larger than the other embassies. The former East German embassy is the center of activity in the diplomatic quarter, as it houses the British and Swedish embassies. Sweden acts as the protecting power for Australia and the United States, provides consular services for the Nordic countries, handles visa applications for Italy and Spain; the British embassy provides consular assistance to any Commonwealth citizen whose country is not represented in North Korea, except for those whose governments have opted out of this arrangement. Several countries maintained embassies in Pyongyang but have since closed them down: Albania, Hungary, Libya, Sri Lanka, South Yemen, Yugoslavia. Pyongyang France Switzerland Kaesong South Korea The following countries have consulates-general in Chongjin: China Russia The following countries have non-resident embassies: Benin Nicaragua Senegal Iraq Philippines Foreign relations of North Korea List of diplomatic missions of North Korea Visa requirements for North Korean citizens Embassies in North Korea

Jude (film)

Jude is a 1996 British period drama film directed by Michael Winterbottom, written by Hossein Amini, based on Thomas Hardy's novel Jude the Obscure. The original music score was composed by Adrian Johnston; the film was shot in late 1995 in Edinburgh and locations in County Durham including Durham Cathedral, Durham City, Ushaw College, Blanchland village and Beamish museum. In a 2011 interview for theartsdesk, lead actor Christopher Eccleston commented on the film: "Of all the films I've done, Jude is the one that I'd stand by, the one I'd like people to come back to; the rest is much of a muchness." In the Victorian period, Jude Fawley is a bright young lower-class man who dreams of a university education. Circumstances conspire against him, he is forced into a job as a stonemason and an unhappy marriage to a country girl, Arabella, he remains true to his dream and, months after his wife's sudden departure, he heads for the city. He thinks education is available for any man, willing to work hard.

However, he is rejected by the university based on his lower-class status. During this period, he encounters his cousin, Sue Bridehead, beautiful and intelligent, shares his disdain for convention. Whilst Jude is enraptured by Sue, vice versa, she marries Jude's former school teacher, after Jude tells her he is married to Arabella; the marriage of Sue and Phillotson is not a success, as she refuses to give herself sexually or romantically to her husband. She leaves Phillotson to join Jude in what turns out to be a rough life, moving from place to place as Jude picks up occasional work as a stonemason. Jude learns; the boy comes to live with his father Jude, Sue. Sue gives birth to two children. Agnostic and independent, she refuses to legalize their arrangement by marriage. Sue and Jude are forbidden a permanent rental lodging because their living arrangement without marriage is considered scandalous. Sue tells Juey that the family cannot stay long at their present lodging because there are too many of them.

The next day Sue and Jude return to their lodging to find that Juey has killed his half-siblings and committed suicide, hanging himself. His suicide note says the reason: "Becos we were to menny." Each of the couple falls into a deep depression after the deaths of their children. Turning to the religion she rejected, Sue comes to believe that God has judged and punished the couple for not having married, she decides to return to Phillotson, although she finds him sexually repugnant, as he is her true husband in the eyes of God. A year after the death of their children and Sue happen to meet when separately visiting the tombstones of their children, they both look worse for wear. Jude demands that Sue tell him whether she still loves him, to which she replies, "You've always known". After a passionate kiss, she walks away from Jude to return to Phillotson; as Sue walks away, Jude shouts to her, "We are man and wife, if two people were on this earth!" Christopher Eccleston as Jude Fawley Kate Winslet as Sue Bridehead Liam Cunningham as Phillotson Rachel Griffiths as Arabella June Whitfield as Aunt Drusilla Berwick Kaler as Farmer Troutham David Tennant as drunk undergraduate Kerry Shale as Showman Paul Copley as Mr. Willis Paul Bown as Uncle Jim Chantelle Swanson Neary as baby The production filmed in a variety of countries including France, New Zealand and the UK.

Kent and East Sussex Railway was used as a film location for the scenes where Jude and Sue are on a train, intercut with scenery from the North of England. It holds an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 36 reviews. Jude on IMDb Jude at AllMovie Jude at Rotten Tomatoes

Junagadh Junction railway station

Junagadh Junction railway station is a railway station serving Junagadh town, in Junagadh district of Gujarat State of India. It is under Bhavnagar railway division of Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways, it has five platforms. As of 2016, a single diesel broad gauge railway line exists at this station. Porbandar Airport is at distance of 88 kilometres; the following trains halt at Junagadh Junction railway station: 22991/92 Veraval - Bandra Terminus Superfast Express 19569/70 Veraval - Rajkot Express 16333/34 Veraval - Thiruvananthapuram Express 11087/88 Veraval - Pune Express 19319/20 Veraval - Indore Mahamana Express 22957/58 Veraval - Ahmedabad Somnath Superfast Express 11465/66 Somnath - Jabalpur Express 11463/64 Somnath - Jabalpur Express 19119/20 Ahmedabad - Somnath Intercity Express 19251/52 Somnath - Okha Express