Ulyanovsk State Technical University

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Ulyanovsk State Technical University (USTU)
Ульяновский государственный технический университет
Other name
Motto If you need knowledge, then you need to study in Poly
Established 18 September 1957
Rector Alexander Gorbonenko
Students 16,000
Address Street Severny Venets, 32, Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia Russia
Coordinates: 54°21′04″N 48°23′23″E / 54.35111°N 48.38972°E / 54.35111; 48.38972
Campus Urban
Website http://ulstu.ru

Ulyanovsk State Technical University (Russian: Ульяновский государственный технический университет, abbreviated as UlSTU) is a major higher education and research institution in Ulyanovsk. Founded in 1957 as Ulyanovsk Polytech University, the university is located in the Volga River region.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU) is one of the leading science centers of the Volga region that trains specialists in various areas, including economy, humanities, technical sciences etc.

The University is well known in Russia for its research-and-development activities; graduates of UlSTU are employed by a large variety of companies. Today Ulyanovsk State Technical University features over 14000 students on different education programs at 10 faculties and 48 departments; more than 500 tutors, 42 Ph.D professors and 250 Ph.D associate professors; about 1000 PCs connected to the Internet and 54 media libraries; the library which is the largest in the city and contains about 1200000 books, magazines, e-books, video materials and other resources; scientific and research works and papers awarded in Paris, Brussels etc.; one of the biggest concert halls in the Middle Volga region.

The University maintains firm contacts with more than 60 state, public and educational organizations of many countries: universities, research centers, foundations. UlSTU closely cooperates with such educational and scientific centers as Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Durham University, Great Britain; University of Göttingen, Germany.

Sporting facilities, a calendar of social events and a reputation for teaching makes UlSTU a place to study. Students from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria successfully study at the University.


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