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Coordinates: 34°42′19″N 135°29′23″E / 34.70528°N 135.48972°E / 34.70528; 135.48972

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka
View looking up
The escalator crossing the wide atrium-like space
Night view from Umeda Sky Building
Dusk view from Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル, Umeda Sukai Biru) is the nineteenth-tallest[1] building in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, and one of the city's most recognizable landmarks. It consists of two 40-story towers that connect at their two uppermost stories, with bridges and an escalator crossing the wide atrium-like space in the center,[2] it is located in Umeda district of Kita-ku, Osaka.


The building was originally conceived in 1988 as the "City of Air" project, which planned to create four interconnected towers in northern Osaka.[citation needed] Eventually, the Japan economic bubble of the 1980s burst and brought the number of towers down to two.

The 173 m (568 ft)[3] building was designed by Hiroshi Hara[citation needed]. It was constructed by Takenaka Corporation[citation needed] and was completed in 1993.[4]

The building features a rooftop observatory, The Floating Garden Observatory, as well as an underground market that attempts to recreate the atmosphere of Osaka in the early 20th century.[5][unreliable source] At the base of the towers is an urban garden with walking trails and water features.[citation needed]


The building was mainly owned by Toshiba Corporation through Toshiba Building Co., Ltd. In July 2008, Toshiba sold a majority stake (65%) in Toshiba Building to Nomura Real Estate co. but maintains a 35% ownership.[6]


Mazda has an office in the Umeda Sky Building Tower East.[7] The Consulate-General of Germany in Osaka is located on the thirty-fifth floor of the Umeda Sky Building Tower East.[8] AstraZeneca have their Japanese and Asia-Pacific headquarters in the East Tower.[citation needed] PlatinumGames is also located in the building.[9]

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