Thomas Fielden (politician)

Thomas Fielden was a British Conservative Party politician. He was born at Lancashire, in 1854, eldest son of Joshua Fielden, his father, his grandfather John Fielden of Todmorden, brother Edward Brocklehurst Fielden were Members of Parliament. Fielden was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1878 he married Martha, daughter of Thomas Knowles of Darn Hall, Member of Parliament for Wigan Coincidentally, his brother, married another daughter of Knowles, Mary Ellen on in 1884, he was a director of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company, a J. P. for the county of the West Riding of Yorkshire, where his home was at Grimston Park, near Tadcaster. He was elected at the 1886 general election as Member of Parliament for the Middleton division of Lancashire, a constituency that included his ancestral home at Todmorden, having unsuccessfully contested the seat in 1885, he was narrowly defeated in 1892, but was re-elected to the House of Commons in 1895. He died in office in 1897, aged 43, having died while grouse shooting in North Amulree, Scotland.

Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Thomas Fielden

Loiq Sher-Ali

Loiq Sher-Ali was a Tajik poet and one of the most celebrated Persian literary figures of Tajikistan and central Asia. Loiq Sher-Ali had expertise in classical Persian poetry; the influence of Firdowsi and Molana Jalaleddin-e Balkhi is evident in Shir-Ali's works. He translated several literary master pieces into Persian, he was the head of Tajik-Persian Language International Foundation in Middle Asia and he was called as Shah-Poet of Tajikistan. A chosen collection of his works is published in Iran, 1994. Another collection, "Rakh's Spirit" is published in 1999, by Mirzo Shakurzoda. An excerpt from one of Sher-Ali's most famous poems, about three years before his death: Persian literature Persian culture Greater Iran Mohammad Jan Shakouri Shir-Ali, combining old and new styles in Persian poetry