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United States Secretary of Transportation

The United States secretary of transportation is the head of the United States Department of Transportation, a member of the president's Cabinet, fourteenth in the presidential Line of Succession. The post was created with the formation of the Department of Transportation on October 15, 1966, by President Lyndon B. Johnson's signing of the Department of Transportation Act; the department's mission is "to develop and coordinate policies that will provide an efficient and economical national transportation system, with due regard for need, the environment, the national defense." The secretary of transportation oversees eleven agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In April 2008, Mary Peters launched the official blog of the secretary of transportation called "The Fast Lane"; the first secretary of transportation was Alan Stephenson Boyd, nominated to the post by Democratic president Lyndon B. Johnson.

Ronald Reagan's second secretary of transportation, Elizabeth Dole, was the first female holder, Mary Peters was the second. Gerald Ford's nominee William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. was the first African American to serve as transportation secretary, Federico Peña, serving under Bill Clinton, was the first Hispanic to hold the position, subsequently becoming the secretary of energy. Japanese-American Norman Mineta, the secretary of commerce, is the longest-serving secretary, holding the post for over five and a half years, Andrew Card is the shortest-serving secretary, serving only eleven months. Neil Goldschmidt was the youngest secretary, taking office at age thirty nine, while Norman Mineta was the oldest, retiring at age seventy four. On January 23, 2009, the sixteenth secretary Ray LaHood took office, serving under the administration of Democrat Barack Obama; the salary of the secretary of transportation is $199,700. Anthony Foxx was the 17th US secretary of transportation from 2013–2017, when Barack Obama was the president.

Elaine Chao, who served as the secretary of labor under President George W. Bush, was nominated by Donald Trump on November 29, 2016. On January 31, 2017, the Senate confirmed her appointment by a vote of 93–6. Parties Democratic Republican The line of succession regarding who would act as Secretary of Transportation in the event of a vacancy or incapacitation is as follows: Deputy Secretary of Transportation Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy General Counsel Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs Assistant Secretary for Administration Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration Administrator of the Maritime Administration Administrator of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Regional Administrator, Southern Region, Federal Aviation Administration Director, Resource Center, Colorado, Federal Highway Administration Regional Administrator, Northwest Mountain Region, Federal Aviation Administration As of February 2020, there are twelve living, former secretaries of transportation, the oldest being Alan S. Boyd.

The most recent secretary of transportation to die was William T. Coleman, Jr. on March 31, 2017. The most serving secretary of transportation to die was Andrew L. Lewis, who died on February 10, 2016. General"Biographical Sketches of the Secretaries of Transportation". U. S. Department of Transportation. August 14, 2009. Archived from the original on March 16, 2011. Retrieved January 2, 2010. Specific Official website The Department of Transportation Act

Rohini (rocket family)

Rohini is a series of sounding rockets developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation for meteorological and atmospheric study. These sounding rockets are capable of carrying payloads of 2 to 200 kilograms between altitudes of 100 to 500 kilometres; the ISRO uses RH-200, RH-300, RH-300 Mk-II and RH-560 Mk-II rockets, which are launched from the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station in Thumba and the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. The rockets in the series are designated with the letters RH, followed by a number corresponding to the diameter of the rocket. RH-75The RH-75, the first sounding rocket developed by India, was launched from TERLS on November 20, 1967, it weighed 32 kilograms, had a diameter of 75 millimetres and flew 15 times between November 1967 and September 1968. RH-125This rocket was launched on October 1971 from Sriharikota, it was a two-stage rocket using a solid propellant, carrying a 7 kilograms payload to 19 kilometres in altitude. It flew twice between January 1970 and October 1971.

RH-200The RH-200 has a maximum launch altitude of 70 kilometres. RH-300The Rh-300 is a single stage sounding rocket, derived from French Belier rocket engine technology, it has a launch altitude of 100 km. A variant, the RH-300 Mk-II, has a maximum launch altitude of 116 kilometres. RH-560This two stage vehicle is derived from French Stromboli engine technology. Another variant, the RH-560 Mk-II, can reach a maximum launch altitude of 548 kilometres; the RH-200 is used for meteorological studies, the RH-300 Mk-II for upper-atmospheric studies and the RH-560 Mk-II for ionospheric studies. The RH-200 was used as the rocket for the first payload launch in India made by students of VIT University in Vellore

World Trade Center in popular culture

The original World Trade Center, which featured the landmark Twin Towers, was a building complex in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, New York City. 1 and 2 World Trade Center–the North and South Tower–stood at 1,368 feet and 1,362 feet with 110-stories becoming the tallest buildings in the world from 1971–1973. The North Tower, with its antenna included, was the tallest building in the world by pinnacle height until the towers were destroyed in the September 11 attacks in 2001. An iconic feature of the New York City skyline for nearly three decades, the World Trade Center has been featured in cartoons, comic books, computer games, video games, films, photographs and music videos. In Richard Martin Stern's novel The Tower, a breeches buoy line shot from a helicopter is used to link the World Trade Center North Tower and the fictional World Tower Building. Several people are rescued from an inferno in the World Tower Building by this method; the World Trade Center's Twin Towers appear on the cover of Wilt Chamberlain's 1991 reissue of his book A View From Above.

The World Trade Center can be seen in the cover of Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben's children's book Lisa in New York, published in 2002, a year after the building complex was destroyed. In Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse, the prequel novel of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters anime film, the giant mantis Kamacuras appeared in New York City on May 1999, proceeded to destroy the World Trade Center and devastate much of the city, leaving 2.5 million casualties. Most of the Marvel Comics' heroes reside in New York City, so views of the towers were not uncommon; the World Trade Center complex was featured in numerous other comics, as well. In 1985 The Uncanny X-Men #189 continued the alternate vision of the future first seen in the Days of Future Past storyline. Rachel Summers, while describing the dire future of the early 21st century, says "The Twin Towers of World Trade Center lie in ruins. Thousands are dead, many more injured"; the accompanying image is of a somewhat futuristic Twin Towers smouldering after having been hit by an unknown attack.

The 1986 graphic novel Rebel, by Pepe Moreno, depicted the two towers being destroyed in a post-apocalyptic 2002 setting. In the 1989 Damage Control, the Twin Towers were damaged. Damage Control, a construction company that specialized in repairing superhero-related damage, had the towers repaired by the end of the issue. In the 1992 Mort & Phil comic El 35 aniversario appears an image of a plane that crashes into the WTC. Adventures of Superman #596 was coincidentally released one day after the September 11, 2001 attacks, it depicted, in passing, the World Trade Centre as having been damaged but not destroyed, by an alien attack. The artist, "The book was completed months ago; the ironic thing is that the damage done by the terrorists is far greater than I could portray visually." The book's writer, Joe Casey, could not have intentionally referenced the attacks on the World Trade Center, but DC acknowledged that it mirrored the devastation so vividly that they made the books returnable without penalty to retailers.

Many retailers took DC up on this offer, causing the issue to become sought after on the secondary market due to its rarity and general curiosity towards the real-life synchronicity with the 9-11 attacks. Captain America vol. 4 #1 had Steve Rogers arguing with Nick Fury when the former decided to stay and find survivors before heading to Afghanistan. Marvel Comics' Marvel Graphic Novel #17 depicts the Living Monolith standing as tall as the World Trade Center and thrusting his giant fist through one of the towers; the 2004 comic Ex Machina detailed the life of Mitchell Hundred the world's first and only superhero, elected mayor of New York City in the wake of his saving hundreds of lives during the collapse of the North Tower, in preventing the collapse of the South Tower. The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #36 showed the aftermath of the Tower's collapse through the eyes of the heroes, more Spider-Man's. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center have been depicted in several online webcomics: Coming-of-age webcomic Maddie in America vol. 2 and 3 are set at the original World Trade Center during November 1985, with the main characters staying at the Vista Hotel and visiting the Austin J. Tobin Plaza and the Windows on the World restaurant.

After Volume 5 of the spin-off series Outsiders, the Twin Towers become a focal location of the series as the workplace of main character Siobhan Pattinson. She receives employment on the 103rd floor of the South Tower in the summer of 1987. In the 1985 cartoon M. A. S. K. An episode titled "Attack on Liberty" leads Matt Trakker to Miles Mayhem's current hideout – three quarters of the way up the side of the North Tower. Hovering the Thunderhawk outside the window, Matt leaps through the window and confronts Miles, who escapes and is pursued by Matt around the Statue of Liberty. Mayhem's plot circulated around creating a 9/11-style incident. In the 1986 animated series The Real Ghostbusters, in the episode "The Bogeyman is Back" the Twin Towers are the sight of a battle between the Ghostbusters and a blue ghost. During the battle, Egon Spengler is caught in the ghost's crosshairs and hangs from one of the towers, he falls, but is saved by Winston Zeddemore in a flying chopper and brought back to the roof as t

V. O. C. Nagar railway station

V. O. C. Nagar railway station is one of the railway station if the Chennai Central–Gummidipoondi section of the Chennai Suburban Railway, it was known as Tondiarpet Marshalling Yard railway station. It serves the neighbourhood of Tondiarpet, a suburb of Chennai, is located 6 km north of Chennai Central railway station, it has an elevation of 5 m above sea level. The railway station is used by railway employees since it is close to many railway establishments; this station is visited by rail fans for rail fanning since it has a big railway yard. Chennai Port Trust ground is close to this railway station. However, it lacks several basic amenities; the railway station was known as Tondiarpet marshalling yard railway station and renamed to V. O. C. Nagar; the lines at the station were electrified on 13 April 1979, with the electrification of the Chennai Central–Gummidipoondi section. Chennai Suburban Railway Railway stations in Chennai V. O. C. Nagar station at

CBS FM Buganda

CBS FM Buganda is a Luganda radio channel in Kampala, Uganda. Is an end of year fete organised by CBS FM, on New Year’s Eve. Enkuka yo Mwaka crowns winners of the six-month-long Omuzira wa Bazira quiz competition which tests knowledge of Buganda kingdom culture, it brings together some of Buganda’s finest musicians. It is entertainment, merry-making and full blast fun before the king ushers his subjects into the new year with a symbolic key. Rather than join urban Uganda’s elite in high end hotels, the Kabaka comes to watch the fireworks and performances with his people, a gesture, interpreted by many as a show of humility and connection with the masses, the reason mammoth crowds attend the Lubiri event. Entanda ya Buganda is a radio quiz programme which aims at promoting norms; the competition that tests participants on a wide range of issues from and within Buganda, including idioms and mastery of Luganda, sports, among others, attracts more than 500 participants. The winner of the competition is always crowned on 31 December during a function presided over by the Kabaka at his Mengo palace.

Winners walk home with land titles and cash prizes. Mukiibi explains, “We introduced entanda ya masomero in schools which the Nnabagereka’s office facilitates; as Buganda we treasure it, we want our people to be proud of and master Luganda and our culture in general. We believe in the power of these events to sustain our culture and kingdom.”. The winner of the competition is always crowned on 31 December during a function presided over by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II at his Mengo palace. All Previous winners have received land on which they have built schools and other development ventures. On 10 September 2009, CBS was taken off air for inciting violence among the public; this followed the numerous talk shows on the radio that hosted people who were critical of the government. Matters worsened; the technicians would switch on the studio equipment. The CBS staff stopped by at the station to catch up, laugh at their misfortune and share the little money they had. Most activities of the station were canceled including publications.

In 2010, the station was reopened, after one year of closure. "The 20-year journey of FM radio in Uganda" "FM Radio broadcasting in Uganda turns 20 this month" "Veteran radio broadcasters get service awards"

2000 in German television

This is a list of German television related events from 2000. 18 February - Stefan Raab is selected to represent Germany at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest with his song "Wadde hadde dudde da?". He is selected to be the forty-fifth German Eurovision entry during Countdown Grand Prix held at the Stadthalle in Bremen. 28 February - The German version of Big Brother debuts on RTL 2. 9 June - The first season of Big Brother Germany is won by John Mitz. 30 December - Alida-Nadine Kuras wins the second season of Big Brother Germany. 28 February - Big Brother Germany 8 January - // Rainbow Fish 12 March - The Sopranos 6 April - / Littlest Pet Shop 25 April - The Brothers Flub 29 April - // Anthony Ant 29 July - / Mona the Vampire 4 September - Futurama 8 September - / Watership Down 8 October - / Eckhart 17 November - Johnny Bravo 14 January - / Rotten Ralph 14 January - / Pocket Dragon Adventures 25 January - Yoho Ahoy 12 July - The Brothers Flub 13 July - / Salty's Lighthouse 14 July - / Mega Babies 1 November - Preston Pig // The Baskervilles The Magic Key / Fly Tales Sheeep Meeow!

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