Edmund Fanning

Edmund Fanning was an American explorer and sea captain, known as the "Pathfinder of the Pacific." Born in Groton in the British Crown Colony of Connecticut, he went to sea as a cabin boy at the age of 14, by the age of 24 was captain of a West Indian brig in which he visited the South Pacific for the first time. A successful trader, Fanning made a fortune in the China trade, killing seals in the South Pacific and exchanging their skins in China for silks and tea; as master of the Betsey in 1797-1798, he discovered three South Pacific Islands — Fanning and Palmyra — which are collectively known as the Fanning Islands. When he discovered Palmyra Atoll, Fanning was sleeping and the ship was in command of the first mate. Fanning awoke three times in the night, he took this as a premonition, ordering the first mate to heave to. In the morning, the ship reached the reef of Palmyra in less than a mile. Had the ship continued its course at night, the entire crew might have perished. Acting for American investors, Fanning was agent for more than 70 commercial expeditions and voyages.

His partnership Fanning & Coles built the ship Tonquin in 1807, sailed her around the world several times and sold her for $37,000 to John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company. The Tonquin was burned by Indians in the northwest. In 1829 he was instrumental in sending out the first American naval exploring expedition, was responsible for Congress's authorizing of the Wilkes Expedition. Fanning's memoirs, Voyages Around the World, were published in 1833, he died in New York City. Cape Fanning in Antarctica and Fanning Ridge on South Georgia Island are named after Edmund Fanning. Cheesman, Evelyn. Sealskins for Silk, Abelard-Schuman, 1956. Walter, Teller. Five Sea Captains, 1960. Fanning, E. Voyages around the world, Collins & Hannay, New York, 1833

Pecadora (TV series)

Pecadora is a telenovela produced in Miami, Florida by Venevision Productions, LLC. It began airing on November 9, 2009, via TC Televisión in Ecuador at 22:00, it was released in Venezuela on August 2010 at 3 pm by the original channel Venevision. Univision began airing the telenovela on May 2010 at the 12pm/11c timeslot, it has since aired in Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Bulgaria. Pecadora is written by the original writer, Verónica Suárez. In turn Como en el Cine is a spin-off of a movie entitled "Coyote Ugly" wherein dancers danced on a bar counter. Eduardo Capetillo, Litzy Dominguez, Marjorie de Sousa are the main stars alongside Daniel Elbittar, Maritza Bustamante, Ariel López Padilla, Silvana Arias, others; the plot sort of inches along with a multitude of repetitive discussions by various characters about what some plan to do and about what has happened, along with flash-backs. Much time is spent filming girls dancing on the bar with the audience reactions. To the eyes of the world, Luz María is a successful psychologist who makes enough money to take care of her family and to pay for a luxurious boarding school education for her younger sister, though the story did not develop the psychology practice to any significant extent.

The audience sees Luz fake being a psychologist only briefly. In reality, Luz María makes her living as a dancer in a nightclub, though most of the time it is other girls the audience sees dancing and not Luz María. Although she did study psychology at university, she was forced to leave school at the death of her father, she left it in charge of her brothers; the story line about Luz María is weakly developed while the role of the antagonist, Samantha, is much developed. Ashamed to admit her true occupation, Luz María has arranged things to deceive everyone, maintaining a low profile and keeping few close friends, but when she meets Bruno, her secret becomes a heavy load. Bruno, an honest industrialist who belongs to a prominent family, thinks that he has fallen in love not only with the perfect woman, but besides that, due to her academic preparation, she can help him deal with the trauma generated by the disappearance of his twin brother many years ago. What he never imagines is the surprise he will receive related to that ideal woman that he thinks he has found.

The writer or production did not choose to give many scenes of Luz doing psychotherapy. Samantha, Bruno's former fiancée, jealous and bitter because he broke off their relationship when he met Luz María, conspires with her malicious father and with Bruno's mother Angela -who wasted the fortune she inherited from her husband and who wants to see Bruno married to Samantha- to do everything possible to separate Luz María and Bruno. After submitting Luz María to countless humiliations, they manage to discover her true job, cruelly they reveal the secret to Bruno, making her sound deceitful... and sinful. From that moment, Luz María must fight the hardest battle of her life: to convince Bruno that she is not the calculating gold-digger he thinks she is, that her love is true. To complicate things more, Bruno's twin brother -whom everyone thinks is dead- appears in Luz María's life as a regular at the nightclub, he falls in love with her. Bernardo, who remembers neither his past nor his true last name, only knows and loves her as “Lucecita” the dancer.

The story of the twin brother becomes a story within the story. The twin brother is much more vivacious than Bruno, rather straight. Despite the above, what becomes the story is the story of Samantha, who gets in a struggle over a gun with another woman, shot and dies; the disposal of the body and legal fall out over the death of that woman takes over the story for a while. In the end, Samantha replaces Luz María as the star dancer and singer in the bar, Samantha becomes a sympathetic character at the end. While Luz María never is shown singing a song through without interruption or bar hub-bub obscuring her song, Samantha gets to sing a beautiful song at the end of the story, song sung without interruption; the story is told with a number of stock, well-used, telenovela conventions like unknown/mistaken parentage, two brothers after one woman, twins played by one actor, rich evil novia with whom the male protagonist fornicates, older ally of the evil rich novia, characters who lie most of the way through the story, fake wedding, the end of the telenovela with a wedding.

Litzy - Luz María Mendoza, Eduardo Capetillo - Bruno Alcocer/Bernie Alcocer, Marjorie de Sousa - Samantha Sabater, antagonist/protagonist, daughter of Muneca and Genaro Daniel Elbittar - Ricky Perez Maritza Bustamante - Barbie Paulo Quevedo - El Mechas Lina Santos - Muñeca / Fernanda Ariel López Padilla - Gregorio antagonist. Roberto Vander - Calletano Sergio Kleiner - Don Genaro Sabater antagonist. Héctor Soberón - Carlos Lianneth Borrego - Reyna, friend of Luz Maria Karina Mora - Genoveva Anderson Jaider Villa - Alan Tejeiro, Supporting character Brenda Require - Romina, sister of Bruno and Bernie Paloma Marquez - Dulce, friend of Luz Maria Julio Capote - Elalio Juan Troya - Inspector Tulio Hernandez Julieta Rosen Carlos Yustes - Pancho Rafael Mercadente - Andres Susana Pérez - Angela Alcocer, antagonist. Silvana Arias - Violeta, sister of Luz Maria Jessica Cerezo - Rosy Enrique Sapene - Fernando Paola Pedroza - Lola Victoria Del Rosa - Vanesa, friend of Samantha Mariane Lovera - Liliana Monique Abbadie- Juana Eduardo Antonio - Chocolate Kevin Aponte A