Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie is an ongoing multi-volume flora describing the vascular plants of New Caledonia in the South-West Pacific. Published by the National Museum of Natural History in Paris since 1967; each species treatment includes taxonomic information, morphological description, a line drawing and a distribution map. Published as Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et Dépendances, since 2014 it has been renamed shortly Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie and is co-published with Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in a colored format. Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie consists of 26 volumes, covering little over 50% of a total of 3,400 species native to the New Caledonian archipelago. Major botanical families awaiting treatment include Rubiaceae, Cyperaceae and Poaceae. Volume 1 – Sapotaceae by A. Aubréville Volume 2 – Proteaceae by R. Virot Volume 3 –Pteridophytes by G. Brownlie Volume 4 – Gymnosperms by D. J. de Laubenfels Volume 5 – Lauraceae by A. J. G. Kostermans Volume 6 – Epacridaceae by Robert Virot Volume 7 – Acanthaceae, Boraginaceae & Solanaceae by H.

Heine Volume 8 – Orchidaceae by N. Hallé Volume 9 – Flacourtiaceae by M. Lescot, Symplocaceae by H. P. Nooteboom, Corynocarpaceae & Olacaceae by J. F. Villiers Volume 10 – Apocynaceae by P. Boiteau Volume 11 – Elaeocarpaceae by C. Tirel, Amborellaceae, Atherospermataceae, Chloranthaceae by J. Jérémie Volume 12 – Fabaceae-Mimosoideae by I. Nielsen, Chrysobalanaceae by G. Prance, Plumbaginaceae by J. Edmondson Volume 13 – Convolvulaceae by H. Heine Volume 14 – Euphorbiaceae part I by G. McPherson & C. Tirel Volume 15 – Hernandiaceae by J. Jérémie, Meliaceae by D. J. Mabberley, Oncothecaceae by P. Morat & J.-M. Veillon, Santalaceae by N. Hallé Volume 16 – Dilleniaceae by J.-M. Veillon, Goodeniaceae by I. H. Müller, Iridaceae by P. Goldblatt, Campynemataceae by P. Goldblatt Volume 17 – Euphorbiaceae - Phyllanthoideae by G. McPherson & M. Schmid Volume 18 – Myrtaceae-Leptospermoideae by J. W. Dawson Volume 19 – Ebenaceae by F. White, Winteraceae by W. Vink Volume 20 – Celastraceae by I. H. Müller, Loranthaceae & Viscaceae by B.

A. Barlow, Alseuosmiaceae by C. Tirel & J. Jérémie, Paracryphiaceae by J. Jérémie, Tiliaceae by C. Tirel Volume 21 – Sphenostemonaceae by J. Jérémie, Anacardiaceae by M. Hoff, Cruciferae by B. Jonsell Volume 22 – Menispermaceae by L. Forman, Oleaceae & Passifloraceae by P. S. Green Volume 23 – Myrtaceae-Syzygium by J. W. Dawson Volume 24 – Pittosporaceae by C. Tirel & J.-M. Veillon Volume 25 – Hippocrateaceae by M. P. Simmons, Labiatae by D. J. Mabberley & R. P. J. de Kok, Vitaceae by D. J. Mabberley Volume 26 – Cunoniaceae by HC. F. Hopkins, Y. Pillon & R. D. Hoogland Catalogue of introduced and cultivated plants in New Caledonia by H. S. McKee

Noël B. Livingston

Sir Noël Brooks Livingston was a Jamaican politician and genealogist. Livingston was an early contributor to the Jamaican Historical Review, the journal of the Jamaican Historical Society, established in 1943, he was the president of the Legislative Council of Jamaica from 1945 to 1952. Sketch Pedigrees of Some of the Early Settlers in Jamaica &c. Educational Supply Company, Kingston, 1909. "Records of Jamaica", Vol. 1:135,%20No%C3%ABl%20B&f=false