Vasyl Ellan-Blakytny

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Vasyl Ellan-Blakytny
Василь Эллан Блакитный.jpg
Born January 12, 1894
Kozel, Russian Empire
Died December 4, 1925 (age 31)
Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Occupation poet, politician
Language Ukrainian
Nationality Ukrainian
Period 1920-1933
Genre poetry, publicistic writing


Vasyl Ellan-Blakytny (Ukrainian: Василь Еллан-Блакитний), born Vasyl Ellansky (Ukrainian: Василь Елланський) was a Ukrainian poet, journalist and politician.

Ellansky was a founder of the Borotbists party, since 1920 he had been a member of Central committee of the Ukrainian Communist Party; in 1923 he found a literary organization of Ukrainian revolutionary writers "Hart" (Ukrainian: Гарт which means hardening). As his literary debut he had published symbolist poetry; Blakytny as one of the first in Ukrainian literature had been writing proletarian poetry; among his works were also satirical feuilletons and political publicistic.

He died of a heart disease aged 31; in 1930s his works were considered as a manifestation of Ukrainian nationalism and became prohibited; the monument of him in Kharkiv was demolished.


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