Vasyl Yermylov

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Vasyl Yermylov
Yermilov Vasyl.png
Василь Дмитрович Єрмилов

22 March 1894
Died6 January 1968
Known forpainting, graphics

Vasyl Yermylov (Yermilov) (Ukrainian: Василь Дмитрович Єрмилов) (1894–1968) was a Ukrainian painter, avant-garde artist and designer.[1][2] His genres included cubism, constructivism, and neo-primitivism.


  • Vasyl Yermylov was born 22 March 1894 in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • In 1910 he studied at the School for Applied Art in Kharkiv, and had lessons in the studio of Eduard Steinberg, having an interest in fresco painting and mosaic work.
  • From 1911 to 1912 he was a member of the Golubaya Liliya (Blue Lily) in Kharkiv.
  • In 1912 he attended the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In the same year he met Vladimir Mayakovsky and David Burliuk.
  • In 1913 he had training in the studios of Ilya Mashkov and Pyotr Konchalovsky in Moscow.
  • In 1913–1914 he was a member of the group Budiak (Weed), Kharkiv.
  • In 1914 Yermylov returned to the School for Applied Art (Kharkiv) where he graduated with a Diploma in Decorative Painting.
  • In 1918 he founded the group League of Seven, together with the artist Maria Sinyakova. In the same year he had an exhibition with the group League of Seven (Kharkiv).
  • In 1919 he founded the Industrial Teacher Workshop (Kharkiv).
  • In 1920 Yermylov became head of the Ukrainian Telegraph Agency for Propaganda Purpose (UKROSTA) project.
Cover of the magazine "Avantgarde", 1929
  • In 1920 he became decorator for the agitprop movement Red Ukraine and the Club of the Red Army (Kharkiv).
  • In 1922 he was a co-founder of the Technical Art Institute in Kharkiv.
  • In 1925 Vasyl Yermylov became the member of the Association of the Revolutionary Art of the Ukraine (ARMU), together with David Burliuk, Vadim Meller, Alexander Bogomazov, Victor Palmov and others.
  • In 1928 Yermylov participated in the International Press Exhibition Pressa, Cologne, together with Lissitzky, Meller and Aleksandr Tyshler.
  • In 1928–1929 he was the artistic director of the magazine Avantgarde, and also made designs for book covers, illustrations for Ukrainian magazines, and designs for interiors.
  • From 1944 to 1947 he was the teacher at the National Art Institute in Kharkiv.
  • From 1963 to 1967 Yermylov continued to teach at the National Art Institute (Kharkiv).
  • Vasyl Yermylov died 6 January 1968 in Kharkiv.[3]

Other sources have his date of death as 7 January 1968).

Selected works[edit]

Cover of "Litstroy", a literary art magazine by Yermylov, 1933
  • posters and decoration for May Day 1919–1920[1]
  • design for the Red Ukraine agit-train 1921[1]
  • worked on the design of the Ukrainian stand at the World Exhibition of Graphic Art (Cologne) 1928[1]
  • Interior design of Pioneers Palace, Kharkiv 1933-1934[1]
  • Interior design of Defence Building, Kiev 1935-1936[1]


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