Vezina Trophy

The Vezina Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League's goaltender, "adjudged to be the best at this position". At the end of each season, the thirty-one NHL general managers vote to determine the winner, it is named in honour of Georges Vézina, goaltender of the Montreal Canadiens from 1910 until 1925, who died in 1926 of tuberculosis. The trophy was first awarded after the 1926–27 NHL season and was awarded to the top goaltender. From 1946–47 to 1981–82, the trophy went to the goaltender of the team allowing the fewest goals during the regular season; the most recent winner is the Tampa Bay Lightning's Andrei Vasilevskiy in the 2018–19 season. The Vezina Trophy was named in honor of Georges Vezina, an exceptional goaltender with the Montreal Canadiens. Vezina collapsed during a game in 1925 and was diagnosed as having tuberculosis, of which he died in 1926. Upon Vezina's death, the trophy was donated to the League by the Canadiens' owners, Leo Dandurand, Louis Letourneau and Joe Cattarinich to honour Vezina permanently.

It was first awarded at the end of the 1926–27 NHL season to George Hainsworth who had come to Montreal to succeed Vezina. The trophy was accepted by the league at its May 1927 meeting in Montreal; the criteria for winning was variously reported. The Montreal Gazette and The Globe and Mail reported that it was'to be awarded each year to the goaltender in the National Hockey League having the best average,' while the Toronto Star reported that the trophy went to the'most valuable' goaltender in the league; when Hainsworth won his third Vezina at the end of the 1928–29 NHL season, the trophy was reported to be for the'most outstanding' goaltender in the league. However reports state that the trophy was based on the lowest goals against average; the Vezina Trophy was quite prestigious, as it was one of the three major personal awards given out by the National Hockey League at the time, along with the Hart Trophy and the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy. The hockey media follow a tight "Vezina Trophy race," such as in 1940–41, when Frank Brimsek, Turk Broda, Johnny Mowers were separated by only three goals entering the final weekend of the season.

In February 1946, the NHL stated that the trophy was to go to the team that allowed the fewest goals during the regular season. The goaltender playing the most games for that team would be awarded the trophy. Manager Tommy Gorman of the Montreal Canadiens stated that if the trophy was awarded to his team, management would decide which of the Habs' two goaltenders would receive the trophy. However, at a banquet that October, NHL President Clarence Campbell indicated that while the league was considering changing the voting methods of the Calder and Lady Byng Trophies, the criteria for the Vezina were not changing. Since it was common for goaltenders to start every game before 1950, the Vezina went to the goaltender with the lowest personal goals against average in the league. George Hainsworth was awarded the inaugural trophy, while Clint Benedict had the lowest GAA in 1926–27. Hainsworth's Canadiens allowed fewer goals as a team than Benedict's Senators. Wilf Cude had the lowest GAA in 1933–34 in 30 games split between the Detroit Red Wings and Canadiens, but the Vezina was awarded to Charlie Gardiner, who started all 48 games for the Chicago Black Hawks, the team that allowed the fewest goals.

The National Hockey League lengthened the schedule to 70 games starting in 1949–50. Before it was common for a goaltender to play every minute of his team's season, only two Vezina winners — Frank Brimsek in both 1938–39 and 1941–42 and Bill Durnan in 1944–45 — failed to start every game for their respective clubs; as teams started to use more than one goaltender in a season it became common for the goaltender with the lowest GAA not to be a member of the team that allowed the fewest goals. The Vezina continued to be awarded to the goaltender who started the most games for the team that allowed the fewest goals, but the Vezina winners of 1954–55, 1960–61, 1962–63 and 1963–64 did not have the lowest GAAs; the National Hockey League began allowing teammates to split the Vezina Trophy following the 1964–65 NHL season. The Toronto Maple Leafs allowed 173 goals against beating out Detroit's 175 goals against, Chicago's 176 goals against. Toronto Terry Sawchuk played 36 games for the Leafs with a GAA of 2.56, while his teammate Johnny Bower played 34 games with a league-leading GAA of 2.38, but Sawchuk was to be the sole winner under the old criteria.

During the season, the two agreed to split the $1000 prize money that came with the trophy if either of them won. At the end of the season, Sawchuk publicly stated that he would refuse the trophy if Bower would not have his name inscribed; the NHL subsequently changed the rule to allow any goaltender on the team who allowed the fewest goals against to qualify for the Vezina if he played at least 25 games, applied this rule retroactively to Sawchuk and Bower. Under this criterion, Turk Broda would have shared the Vezina that Al Rollins won in 1950–51; this criterion was in place until 1980–81. The Vezina criteria had the trophy going to the goaltender of the team, best at preventing goals, not the best individual goaltender of the year; the best goaltender, as voted by the media, was the NHL First Team All-Star. These differed, such as in 1979–80 when Don Edwards and Bob Sauve shared the Vezina while Tony Esposito was named to the First Team. During the 1973–74 NHL season, the Chicago Black Ha

Rob Halford

Robert John Arthur Halford is an English singer and songwriter. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Judas Priest, he is famous for his powerful wide-ranging voice and his trademark leather-and-studs image, both of which became iconic in heavy metal. In addition to his work with Judas Priest, he has been involved with several side projects, including Fight and Halford. AllMusic says of Halford: "There have been few vocalists in the history of heavy metal whose singing style has been as influential and recognizable... able to effortlessly alternate between a throaty growl and an ear-splitting falsetto". Halford was voted number 33 in the greatest voices in rock by Planet Rock listeners in 2009, he has been nicknamed "Metal God" by fans. Halford was born in Sutton Coldfield, but raised on the Beechdale housing estate in Walsall, a town to the northwest of Birmingham in England's West Midlands, his early influences included soul screamers, such as Janis Joplin and Robert Plant.

Halford was introduced to Judas Priest bassist and co-founder Ian Hill by his sister Sue, dating Hill at the time. Halford, a manager of a porn cinema, joined the band as singer, bringing with him drummer John Hinch from his previous band Hiroshima. In 1974, he made his debut on the band's first album Rocka Rolla, he continued to front Judas Priest throughout the 1980s. In 1990, Halford emerged with all-new tattoos, including a bent Judas Priest cross on his right arm and ring around his other, as well as a few on his shoulders, he began shaving his head. On the last date of the tour for Painkiller in August 1991 at a show in Toronto, Halford rode onstage on a large Harley-Davidson motorcycle, dressed in motorcycle leathers, as part of the show; the motorcycle malfunctioned and he collided with a half-raised drum riser and fell off of it, breaking his nose in the process. He was left unconscious for a short time. After regaining consciousness, Halford finished the show, he announced his departure from Judas Priest, sued their label, for restrictive practices.

Halford left the band in May 1992. Shortly after Halford's departure, he formed the band Fight with Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis, bassist Jack "Jay Jay" Brown and guitarists Brian Tilse and Russ Parrish; the first album War of Words was released in 1993, followed by the Mutations EP in 1994. A tour took place in support of the album in 1994; the second album A Small Deadly Space was released in 1995, with a tour taking place in support of that album as well. While War of Words was a straightforward and solid metal record, A Small Deadly Space had a grungier sound, making it less appealing to fans who had developed a taste for War of Words; as the band were preparing to being work on the third album, they split-up, thus ending their business with their label Epic Records. A brief reunion with half of the original members took place on 20 December 1997 for a one-off performance before disbanding once again. In a 2015 interview, Halford contemplated Fight's reformation. In 1997, Halford collaborated with guitarist John Lowery to form an industrial-influenced project called 2wo.

They released their only album Voyeurs in 1998, released on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records label. In 1999, Halford formed a solo band; the album Resurrection was released in 2000 to critical acclaim. The band embarked on a tour with Iron Queensrÿche to support the album. A live album titled Live Insurrrection was released in 2001, it was followed up by the second album Crucible in 2002. In 2010, Halford released a live DVD titled Live in Anaheim and the third studio album Halford IV: Made of Metal. Halford's reunion with Judas Priest came about from years of speculation about when he was no longer in the line-up, at least since the release of the Resurrection album, which some critics claimed sounded more like Judas Priest than the band's previous album Jugulator. Halford ruled it out, but reconsidered, stating in 2002 that "Gut instinct tells me that at some point it will happen". In July 2003, Halford returned to Judas Priest and embarked on a tour in 2004 in celebration of his return; the band released Angel of Retribution in 2005.

A world tour marked the band's 30th anniversary. In 2008, Nostradamus was released. In 2011, Judas Priest embarked upon what was billed as their final world tour as a group, titled the "Epitaph" tour. Subsequent to the tour's announcement, Halford stated that he would continue to move forward with his solo band. Despite the "final tour" announcement in 2011, Halford and Judas Priest recorded another album, Redeemer of Souls, released in 2014, the album supported by a concert tour. In 2017, Judas Priest began to work on another studio album with Halford; the album Firepower was released 9 March 2018. Halford performed as the vocalist for Black Sabbath for three shows, he replaced Ronnie James Dio for two nights in November 1992, when Dio elected not to open a show for Ozzy Osbourne. Halford filled in for Osbourne in Black Sabbath on 26 August 2004 at an Ozzfest show in Camden, New Jersey, since Osbourne could not perform due to bronchitis. Halford joined Metallica on stage three times where they performed the song "Rapid Fire".

Halford joined Pantera on stage twice. The first performance was in 1992 where he sang on the songs "Metal

Historical United States Census totals for Coös County, New Hampshire

This article shows U. S. Census totals for Coos County, New Hampshire, broken down by municipality, from 1900 to 2000. Most areas of New England are divided into incorporated municipalities, with no unincorporated areas. In the three northern New England states, some unincorporated territory does exist in areas that are sparsely populated. Coos County contains the bulk of New Hampshire's unincorporated territory, although Grafton and Carroll counties include smaller amounts; the unincorporated territory in Coos County consists of 23 distinct entities, covering about 560 square miles. Six are townships; the other seventeen are an assortment of grants and purchases. Most of the unincorporated territory in Coos County is in the mountainous north central and southeastern parts of the county. All territory in the western and south central parts of the county is incorporated. Due to the large extent of unorganized territory in Coos County, a separate section with detailed historical census totals for such areas follows the main tables below.

Note that Wentworth's Location was incorporated as a town for many years, although it never dropped the word “location” from its name. In recent censuses, the population of the unorganized territory has been between 100 and 200 residents. There are two types of incorporated municipalities in New Hampshire and cities; the tables below differentiate between cities. For any census, adding up the totals for each municipality and unincorporated entity should yield the county total. For more information on the New England municipal system, see New England town. 1966 – Wentworth's Location disincorporated and reverted to unorganized territory County Total: 29,468 Berlin 8,886 Lancaster 3,190 Whitefield 2,157 Northumberland 1,977 Gorham 1,797 Colebrook 1,876 Stewartstown 1,150 Milan 1,135 Jefferson 1,080 Stratford 968 Carroll 710 Columbia 690 Stark 733 Pittsburg 687 Dalton 592 Dummer 349 Clarksville 307 Errol 305 Shelburne 283 Randolph 137 Wentworth's Location 61Unorganized territory: 398 County Total: 30,753 Berlin 11,780 Lancaster 3,054 Northumberland 2,184 Gorham 2,155 Colebrook 1,905 Whitefield 1,635 Stewartstown 1,128 Jefferson 1,061 Milan 924 Stratford 844 Pittsburg 624 Columbia 619 Carroll 569 Dalton 475 Stark 448 Shelburne 305 Dummer 292 Clarksville 271 Errol 211 Randolph 137 Wentworth's Location 51Unorganized territory: 81 County Total: 36,093 Berlin 16,104 Lancaster 2,819 Gorham 2,734 Northumberland 2,567 Whitefield 1,935 Colebrook 1,811 Stewartstown 1,109 Jefferson 960 Pittsburg 887 Stratford 794 Milan 730 Columbia 601 Dalton 460 Clarksville 410 Carroll 388 Stark 339 Dummer 266 Errol 241 Shelburne 178 Randolph 67 Wentworth's Location 50Unorganized territory: 643 County Total: 38,959 Berlin 20,018 Lancaster 2,887 Gorham 2,763 Northumberland 2,360 Colebrook 1,937 Whitefield 1,693 Stewartstown 1,148 Stratford 918 Jefferson 771 Milan 719 Pittsburg 671 Dalton 580 Columbia 524 Carroll 402 Stark 329 Dummer 298 Errol 293 Clarksville 215 Shelburne 196 Randolph 82 Wentworth's Location 38Unorganized territory: 117 County Total: 39,274 Berlin 19,084 Lancaster 3,095 Northumberland 2,740 Gorham 2,597 Colebrook 2,096 Whitefield 1,834 Stewartstown 1,203 Stratford 1,049 Pittsburg 820 Milan 782 Jefferson 763 Dalton 642 Carroll 496 Columbia 483 Stark 352 Dummer 274 Errol 235 Clarksville 225 Shelburne 190 Randolph 114 Wentworth's Location 57Unorganized territory: 143 County Total: 35,932 Berlin 16,615 Lancaster 3,113 Northumberland 2,779 Gorham 2,639 Colebrook 2,116 Whitefield 1,677 Stratford 973 Stewartstown 970 Milan 743 Jefferson 728 Pittsburg 697 Dalton 557 Columbia 495 Carroll 359 Stark 373 Dummer 229 Errol 224 Shelburne 184 Clarksville 171 Randolph 158 Wentworth's Location 48Unorganized territory: 84 County Total: 37,140 Berlin 17,821 Lancaster 3,138 Gorham 3,039 Northumberland 2,586 Colebrook 2,389 Whitefield 1,581 Stratford 1,029 Stewartstown 918 Milan 661 Pittsburg 639 Jefferson 600 Dalton 567 Columbia 457 Stark 327 Carroll 295 Shelburne 226 Errol 220 Dummer 202 Clarksville 179 Randolph 140 Wentworth's Location 58Unorganized territory: 68 County Total: 34,291 Berlin 15,256 Lancaster 3,166 Gorham 2,998 Northumberland 2,493 Colebrook 2,094 Whitefield 1,538 Stewartstown 1,008 Stratford 980 Pittsburg 726 Jefferson 714 Milan 713 Columbia 467 Dalton 425 Stark 343 Carroll 310 Dummer 225 Errol 199 Shelburne 199 Randolph 169 Clarksville 166Unorganized territory: 102 County Total: 35,147 Berlin 13,084 Lancaster 3,401 Gorham 3,322 Northumberland 2,520 Colebrook 2,459 Whitefield 1,681 Milan 1,013 Stratford 989 Stewartstown 943 Jefferson 803 Pittsburg 780 Columbia 673 Dalton 672 Carroll 647 Stark 470 Dummer 390 Shelburne 318 Errol 313 Randolph 274 Clarksville 262Unorganized territory: 133 County Total: 34,828 Berlin 11,824 Lancaster 3,522 Gorham 3,173 Northumberland 2,492 Colebrook 2,444 Whitefield 1,909 Milan 1,295 Stewartstown 1,048 Jefferson 965 Stratford 927 Pittsburg 901 Dalton 827 Columbia 661 Carroll 528 Stark 518 Shelburne 437 Randolph 371 Dummer 327 Errol 292 Clarksville 232Unorganized territory: 135 County Total: 33,111 Berlin 10,331 Lancaster 3,280 Gorham 2,895 Northumberland 2,438 Colebrook 2,321 Whitefield 2,038 Milan 1,331 Stewartstown 1,012 Jefferson 1,006