Via Monte Napoleone

Via Monte Napoleone spelled Via Montenapoleone, is an upscale shopping street in Milan and Europe's most expensive street. It is famous for its ready-to-wear fashion and jewelry shops, for being the most important street of the Milan fashion district known as the Quadrilatero della moda, where many well-known fashion designers have high-end boutiques; the most exclusive Italian shoemakers maintain boutiques on this street. In 2009, architect Fabio Novembre designed a months-long art installation, titled Per fare un albero, ‘To make a tree’ in conjunction with the city of Milan's Department of Design and Fashion and Fiat — featuring 20 full-size fiberglass planter replicas of the company's 500C cabriolet along Via Monte Napoleone. In 2002, the Street Association started a media project including the Radio and the Portal, in order to relaunch the Made in Italy brand. Sponsored by the Department of Fashion and Major Events of the Municipality of Milan, Italy Fashion System, Assomoda, today it is the first instrument of revival and information on Made in Italy worldwide.

The street traces. In 1783, a financial institution known as the Monte Camerale di Santa Teresa opened there in Palazzo Marliani, with the function of managing the public debt. In 1786 the street itself was named after the monte; the bank was closed in 1796 but re-opened in 1804, when Milan was capital of the Napoleonic Italian Republic, as the Monte Napoleone: from this the street derived its current name. During the first part of the 19th century the street was entirely rebuilt in the Neoclassical manner with palaces inhabited by the highest of the aristocracy. Notable buildings from this period are the Palazzo Melzi di Cusano, the Palazzo Gavazzi, the Casa Carcassola Grandi, the Palazzetto Taverna; the much earlier Palazzo Marliani however, regarded as one of the finest houses to survive from the era of the Sforza, was preserved until its destruction during the Allied bombing campaign of 1943. After World War II, Via Monte Napoleone became one of the leading streets in international fashion, somewhat equivalent to Paris' Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Rome's Via Condotti, London's Bond Street and Oxford Street, Los Angeles' Rodeo Drive, Florence's Via de' Tornabuoni, Berlin's Kurfürstendamm and New York's Fifth Avenue.

Caffè Cova, founded in 1817 and one of the city's oldest cafés and confectioners, relocated to Via Monte Napoleone in 1950 from its original premises next to the Teatro alla Scala. List of upscale shopping districts Media related to Via Monte Napoleone at Wikimedia Commons

Joan Fuster Bonnin

Joan Fuster Bonnin was a Spanish painter. Joan Fuster Bonnin was born in Palma, Majorca in 1870, he trained at the School of Fine Arts and at Ricardo Anckermann's studio-school. He was one of the most active and prominent painters from the first half of the twentieth century, he had an ambition to evolve his style of painting and, although it was uncommon at the time, he was devoted to the craft of painting. He was influenced by the artistic renewal that unfolded on the island of Majorca and became interested in the innovative style of Antoni Gelabert Massot. In Bonnin's work the direct influence of the Anckermann School and of the artists Eliseu Meifrèn, Anglada Camarasa, William Degouve de Nuncques and Santiago Rusiñol can be seen. Bonnin developed his aesthetic in line with these influences, becoming a pioneer of the renewal of painting Majorcan style in the first third of the twentieth century. Joan Fuster's work was related to Rusiñol, Degouve and Juan Mir. Between 1908 and 1909, he befriended the French painter Henri Brugnot.

He received money from Eliseu Meifrèn, which allowed him to stay in Majorca between 1907 and 1910. In 1914, he followed the work of Anglada Camarasa, exchanged experiences in the 1930s with Guillem Bergnes, he built a personal style, chiefly concerned with open landscapes and light. He was passionate about colors of Majorca. Bonnin expressed his passion in an article in the August 15, 1928 issue of the newspaper El Día: It is of interest to all Majorcan people, without distinction, to defend our landscape, our essence. We can not miss any opportunity that presents itself to extol and proclaim it as much as possible. We have to take advantage of all the opportunities we encounter because of the fame of the Majorcan landscape, days of prosperity and welfare should emanate for all Majorcans, his realistic impressionism style has similarities to another Majorcan painter, Miquel Forteza, apparent in the quality of his brushstrokes. Bonnin exhibited his work in Spain, South America and throughout Europe.

Thirty solo exhibitions have been documented. These took place in Palma, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, his work appeared in exhibitions in Madrid, London and Munich. National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid Exposition d'Art in Barcelona National Exhibition of Painting and Architecture in Madrid Exhibition of Fine Arts in Marseille Munich International Exhibition Witcomb Exhibition of Buenos Aires Silver Medal at the Exhibition Balear de Soller Gold Medal at the International Exhibition Marseille Honorable Mentions in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid Circulo Bellas Artes de Palma Quint Gallery Centennial Exhibition Chapter House in La Cartuja Sa Llonja "The Passeig del Born" - Oil on canvas "Retrat de l'Wife" - Oil on canvas "Vista de la Badia de Palma a la sortida des sol" - Oil on canvas "Nocturn amb figures" - Oil on canvas "L'amo Moragues Son" - Oil on canvas "Son Tarongers Rock" - Oil on canvas "Molinar Nocturn" - Oil on canvas "Sa Foradada" - Oil on canvas Joan Fuster - Edicions Llonja Dictionary "Rafols" - Fuster Bonnin, Joan The contemporary painting in Mallorca Vol II - Joan Fuster Fruitful and persistent work of the painter Juan Fuster - Pere Ferrer Gibert Pictures of Joan Fuster - Manuel Cirer Moragues The Joan Fuster exhibition - Ernest Dethorey About the Mallorcan landscape - Joan Fuster (Journal Article "El Día" 15/08/1928 Salvat Dictionary - Fuster Bonnin, Joan Thirty-five years of painting in Baleares - Joan Cabot Llompart Joan Fuster - Bru Morell Paisajistas Españoles del Siglo XIX Paraíso Balear

Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Yoshimitsu Shimoyama is a male Japanese voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture. He revealed himself as Satomi Arai's husband, having married since 2008 and had a son in 2010, though Yoshimitsu revealed his marital status in 2016. Legend of the Galactic Heroes as the narrator Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan as Iboshi Star Twinkle PreCure as Notrei and Notrigger Vinland Saga as Halfdan Shin Chūka Ichiban! as Chou Yu In/Spectre as Kappa, Ushi no AyakashiUnknown date MegaMan NT Warrior as Gutsman.exe and Gravityman.exe Naruto as Inabi Uchiha Tokyo Majin as Tsutsumidoori Utawarerumono as Mukkuru Kuroshitsuji as Harold West Fairy Tail as Alzack Connell, Earthland Sugarboy, Sugarboy, Bora, Kurohebi, Motherglare Black Rock Shooter: The Game as Kali Bakuman 2 as Naoto Ogawa Hamtaro as Dukusuke the owl Gintama as shop owner, Muu-san, others.'"Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger as Beesian Beeling Juken Sentai Gekiranger as Five Venom Fist Confrontation Beast Centipede-Fist Kademu Kamen Rider Kiva as Tortoise Fangire Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as Ayakashi Hachouchin Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core as Pteranodon Yummy Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as Sugormin Shin Godzilla Power Rangers Turbo as Blue Senturion Power Rangers in Space as Blue Senturion, Gold Ranger Roboshark as Bill Glates Tekken as Marshall Law Uncle Grandpa as Belly Bag Yoshimitsu Shimoyama at Anime News Network's encyclopedia Official Profile - 81 Produce