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Dollar Mountain

Dollar Mountain is a ski hill in south central Idaho, part of the Sun Valley ski resort. The treeless Dollar caters to beginner and lower intermediate skiers. Dollar Mountain is served by four chairlifts, named Dollar, Half Dollar, Quarter Dollar, Elkhorn. Dollar and Quarter Dollar are detachable quads, Half Dollar is a double, the Elkhorn lift is a triple, separated from the other three; the base of the Elkhorn lift is at Elkhorn Village to the south, but it is possible to ski between the Dollar and Elkhorn sides. A magic carpet is available for first-time skiers; the Half Dollar chairlift serves a terrain park for skiers. Dollar Mountain consists of trails that are shorter than those on Baldy; the base elevation of Dollar Mountain is 6,010 ft above sea level. A new day lodge at the base of Dollar was built and completed in the fall of 2004 and is comparable in spaciousness and style to the day lodges at Bald Mountain, it was named for wife of resort owner Earl Holding. New permanent snowmaking was installed in the fall of 2006 on some of the ski runs on Dollar, ensuring better snow coverage during periods of low snowfall.

The old Dollar and Quarter Dollar fixed-grip double lifts were replaced with Doppelmayr CTEC Uni-G model high-speed detachable quads for the 2007-08 ski season. Sun - Dollar Mountain conditions Sun Valley Guide - Winter 2004 - Proctor, Ruud & Dollar Mountains The Sun Valley Story Idaho - Dollar Mountain Ski - chairlifts - Dollar Mountain - video - Dollar Mountain - snowmaking - 2009-12-09

Cigarette machine

A cigarette machine is a vending machine that takes cash in payment for packs of cigarettes. In order to aid the restriction of sale of tobacco to minors, cigarette machines are regulated in many countries. Since July 2008, companies may face prosecution if found selling tobacco to anyone under the legal age, 20 years old. To avoid this, Japan has introduced a government registered electronic smart card, called Taspo, that allows the user to purchase from the machines. To get a Taspo card, the purchaser must present their passport or ID to any government-authorized business offering the service; as an automated way of determining age, the Fujitaka company is developing a technology that allows the vending machine to determine, using a digital camera and based on the facial wrinkles and sags of the potential buyer, whether the buyer is old enough to purchase cigarettes. The system compares facial characteristics including bone structure and crow's feet against a record of more than 100,000 people.

However, if the user fails they can still use the machine with a Taspo card. Action on Smoking and Health Clark Whittington, creator of the Art-o-mat, a project to convert disused cigarette machines into art vending machines Distroboto, a Canadian project to convert disused cigarette machines into zine vending machines Taspo, a Japanese system for age verification at cigarette machines Cigarette vending machines Bundesverband Deutscher Tabakwaren-Großhändler und Automatenaufsteller Kunstprojekt: Alle Zigarettenautomaten in Biberach/Riß

MV Porto

The MV Porto was a Portuguese-owned cruise ship. She had operated by Portuscale Cruises until sold for scrap in 2017; the ship was built as the Istra. She was purchased by Arcadia Shipping Company, Lisbon in 2000 and was reconstructed from the hull up, being renamed Arion, she was put in service with Classic International CruisesOn 17 September 2012 reports announced that she was detained in Montenegro for failure to pay fuel costs. Fellow ships Athena and Princess Danae were detained for similar issues. Following the liquidation of Classic International Cruises, Arion was purchased by a Portuguese entrepreneur and remained flagged under the Portuguese flag; the ship was renamed Porto in 2013, operated by the Portuguese cruise company Portuscale Cruises. In 2017, the ship was sold for € 1.05 million for scrapping and broken up on 5 November 2018 at Aliaga. Details MS Arion cruise| Original photos of Istra


Forcarei is a municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra. The municipality of Forcarei occupies the northern part of the province of Pontevedra. Bordered on the east by the municipality of Lalín, which separates the mountains of O Testeiro and the Sierra de O Candán. On the north and northeast section it joins with the neighboring lands of Silleda, the northwest to the town of La Estrada. To the southwest it borders Cerdedo and falls on the natural border of the Sierra de O Cando in the territories of Cotobade and A Lama, in the south the Orense territories of Beariz and O Irixo; the population of Forcarei is 3,916 inhabitants. The density is 23.3 inhabitants/km2. The municipality is composed of 13 parishes: Aciveiro Castrelo Dúas Igrexas Forcarei A Madanela de Montes Meavía Millarada Pardesoa Pereira Quintillán San Miguel de Presqueiras Santa Mariña de Presqueiras Ventoxo The municipality has, in addition to government services situated by the City Council, services such as municipal police, Single Window, registrar or notaries, with a House of Culture where the Municipal School of Music is located and where training courses such as computing, access to internet, Astronomical Image Analysis, management of telescopes, etc. are given and an Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs to defend their own interests and organize cultural and educational activities

List of Cultural Properties of Japan - structures (Ehime)

This list is of the Cultural Properties of Japan designated in the category of structures for the Prefecture of Ehime. As of 1 July 2015, forty-eight Important Cultural Properties with one hundred and nineteen component structures have been designated, being of national significance; as of 27 March 2015, thirty properties have been designated at a prefectural level. As of 1 May 2014, two hundred and forty-one properties have been designated at a municipal level; as of 1 July 2015, one hundred and ten properties have been registered at a national level. Cultural Properties of Japan National Treasures of Japan List of Historic Sites of Japan List of Cultural Properties of Japan - paintings List of Cultural Properties of Japan - historical materials List of Cultural Properties of Japan - archaeological materials Cultural Properties in Ehime Prefecture