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Callingwood South, Edmonton

Callingwood South known as Callingwood Town Centre, is a neighbourhood in west Edmonton, Canada. It is bounded by the Ormsby Place neighbourhood across 178 Street to the west, the Callingwood North neighbourhood across 69 Avenue to the north, the Oleskiw neighbourhood across 170 Street to the east, the Gariepy neighbourhood across Callingwood Road to the south; the community is represented by the Callingwood-Lymburn Community League, established in 1979, which maintains a community hall and outdoor rink located at 187 Street and 72 Avenue. In the City of Edmonton's 2012 municipal census, Callingwood South had a population of 5,588 living in 3,047 dwellings, a 3.1% change from its 2009 population of 5,418. With a land area of 0.77 km2, it had a population density of 7,257.1 people/km2 in 2012. Two schools are located in Callingwood South; the Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Elementary School is operated by Edmonton Catholic Schools, while the Talmud Torah Elementary Junior High School is a Jewish school operated by the Talmud Torah Society in partnership with Edmonton Public Schools.

Talmud Torah provides "an integrated program of Judaic and Secular studies in a Hebrew Bilingual setting focused on excellence in learning and achievement." The majority of housing units in Callingwood South are multi-family dwellings. In 2005, 1,207 or 55% of the dwelling units in Callingwood South were low-rise apartments, 484 or 22% were high-rise apartments, 384 or 17% were row houses, 114 or 5% were duplexes. There were 9 single-family dwellings and 1 manufactured home. Of the 2,199 total dwelling units, 1,610 or 73% were occupied by renters in 2005. In 2005, 27.4% of the residents in Callingwood South had moved within the previous twelve months. Another 11.0% of residents had moved within the previous one to three years. One in five residents had lived at the same address for at least five years. Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

Ayanda Dlodlo

Ayanda Dlodlo is a South African politician, cabinet minister and member of the African National Congress. Her current ministerial portfolio in Cyril Ramaphosa's cabinet is Minister of State & Security since 30 May 2019. Before, she was the Minister of Public Service and Administration from 28 February 2018 until 29 May 2019. Dlodlo was born in South Africa, her father was studying for a Bachelor of Science and with an education degree he became a school principal, while her mother was a student nurse. The family moved to Swaziland to escape apartheid but the marriage did not last for long, her parents divorced and her mother returned to Johannesburg. At seventeen, she joined the ANC's military organisation Umkhonto weSizwe and departed for Angola for military training in 1980. In exile, Dlodlo underwent basic military training in Angola and military intelligence training in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, she was sent to the United Kingdom where she studied Marine and Shipping Management.

Studies included Management Development, Business Management and Executive Development Programmes. She would return to South Africa in 1994, finding her sister dead by the security forces and her mother suffering from the effects of torture and detention. On her return to South Africa, her first job was at Portnet, she has worked at the SA National Ports Authority, SA Freight Rail Company and has worked on special assignments for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority as well as the Associated British Ports. She was a director of many companies including The Wired Cloud and Women in Energy, she was the Head of the Department of Security in the Gauteng Province. Dlodlo headed Strategic Operations at the Directorate of Special Operations, the now-defunct elite crime unit, she was charged in 2006 with theft of R80,700 from the Scorpions’ secret informer fund, but charges were dropped. In 2007, Dlodlo was the general secretary of the uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association and supported ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma's candidacy for party president at the Polokwane conference.

In the 2009 South African election, she became a member of parliament for the ANC. In May 2010, Dlodlo was one of three members of an ANC national disciplinary committee that found Julius Malema guilty of contravening aspects of ANC rules, she was, in 2010, Zuma's parliamentary counselor. Dlodlo was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration on 1 November 2010 serving in the First Cabinet of Jacob Zuma, she was barred in 2012 from doing business with all three tiers of government for five years for her roles as a fellow director of VIP Consulting Engineers. The company had been paid for work not completed in 2009 prior to her becoming a member of parliament, she was re-appointed by Zuma to the same ministerial position on 26 May 2014 in the same position and held it until 30 March 2017. She was appointed the Minister of Communications from 30 March 2017 until 17 October 2017. In a reshuffle, she was appointed Minister of Home Affairs from 17 October 2017 and held it until 26 February 2018.

In Cyril Ramaphosa's first cabinet, she was appointed as Minister of Public Service and Administration on 27 February 2018, replacing Malusi Gigaba, a post she held until 29 May 2019. Her current appointment in Cyril Ramaphosa's second cabinet is as Minister of State Security, from 30 May 2019, she is a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress and serves as the chairperson of the Legislature and Governance subcommittee. Dlodlo is the South African Representative on the Open Government Partnership. Dlodlo is married and has a son Thabang Mnisi

Comic Cune

Comic Cune is a Japanese seinen manga magazine which serializes 4-koma manga published by Media Factory. The magazine began to be published as a supplement 4-koma magazine in Comic Alive on October 2014 but in June 2015, the publisher announced that Comic Cune would be its own magazine instead of just a supplement for Comic Alive, with the magazine debuting in August 27, 2015 with the titles it had before. Alice or Alice Akarui Kioku Soushitsu Gal to Otaku wa Wakariaenai Harukiya-san wa Ijippri Hinako Note Karin-chan wa Misetagari Lulumate Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood Neeko wa Tsurai yo Nyanko Days Nyoroko no Nama Hōsō! Pan de Peace! Popopo no Oneesan Sakura Maimai Seishun Sweet Track Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki! Shimeji Simulation Shiritsu Seijō Gakuen Kirarin Ryō Siscon Onee-chan to Ki ni Shinai Imouto Spirits & Cat Ears Watashi no Go-shūjin-sama wa Ningen Janai Ki ga Suru Pan de Peace! - Spring 2016 Nyanko Days - Winter 2017 Hinako Note - Spring 2017 Alice or Alice - Spring 2018 Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood - Fall 2018 Official website

Maria Britneva

Maria Britneva Lady Maria St. Just was a Russian-British actress, a friend of Tennessee Williams and his literary executor. Maria Britneva was born in Petrograd in the Soviet Union; when she was 13 months old, her mother emigrated to England with her and her brother Vladimir, she was raised in Hammersmith. She represented her paternal grandfather as having been court physician at Tsarskoye Selo and her father as having been murdered in the Soviet purges shortly after she came to England, but there is no record of the former and her father a physician, served in the Red Army, although he was shot by the Stalinists in 1930, was rehabilitated in 1969, while her mother was British by birth, she studied ballet with Tamara Karsavina as a child and was known as "the little grasshopper" for her ability to jump high, but could not pursue a professional career either because she was too small or because of foot trouble and, she said, overly large breasts. She instead studied acting at Michel Saint-Denis's school, John Gielgud employed her in his London theatre company, but he and others considered her a poor actress.

After meeting Tennessee Williams, she moved to New York, where she lived in a small flat in the 1950s and he arranged parts for her in performances of some of his plays. Britneva met Tennessee Williams in 1948 at a party at Gielgud's house, they became lifelong close friends—Williams wrote epitaphs for both her diabetic cousin, with whom she had been raised, her bulldog, who always snarled at him—and she fell in love with him. The biographers of Gore Vidal and James Laughlin, both of whom were close to both her and Williams, describe her as "cast herself in the role of devoted sister-caretaker" and as "Tennessee's confidant and protective demon", she traveled with Williams and his partner Frank Merlo. She was sometimes cruel to the other women in his life, caused him to dismiss his agent Audrey Wood, she was the inspiration for the character of Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, was the model for the Countess in This Is. In an article published in The New Yorker soon after her death, John Lahr wrote that he believed she reminded him of his mother.

She was protective of him, going so far as to attempt to push his brother Dakin off a catwalk at the Lyceum Theatre after the Broadway opening of Out Cry in 1973. Williams angered her by mentioning her only in his 1975 memoirs, where he dismissed her as "an occasional actress" and "afflicted with folie de grandeur". At her insistence, he wrote an apology saying that editors had cut down his description of "this richly sustaining attachment". However, at the end of his life, his friendship for her was cooling. Williams named Maria St Just co-trustee of the trust for his lobotomized sister, which made her his literary executor since the copyrights to his works were vested in the trust, she fiercely defended his legacy to an extent that many found excessive, such as involving herself in casting and advising actors, denying scholars access to Williams's papers, demanding the right to vet the manuscript of the authorized biography, rescinding permission that Williams had granted to Lyle Leverich for such a biography.

She refused permission for a biography by Margot Peters. Lahr describes her as considering herself "Williams' widow without a ring". In 1990, she published a collection of her correspondence with Williams, adapted for the stage by Kit Hesketh-Harvey. In the book, she changes Brooks Atkinson's review in The New York Times of her 1955 performance Off-Broadway as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire from a pan to a rave. In addition to Williams, she was romantically linked with James Laughlin, she was rumoured to have slept with Marlon Brando, other affairs included John Huston. In 1956 she married the second Lord St Just. One of them had another good friend, as godfather. Lord St Just died in 1986, she died in London of heart failure as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, is buried at Wilbury House, the Grenfell estate, with her dogs rather than with her in-laws, with whom she had a bad relationship. Maria Britneva on IMDb


Asbestine is a mineral compound composed of nearly pure fibrous magnesium silicate, with physical characteristics between those of asbestos and talc. It is used in paper construction. In antiquity, it was sometimes called linum vivum, used to take advantage of its fire-resistant properties; these uses included making it into napkins and towels, when dirty, were thrown into the fire to clean. It has been used in a cast stone form on house exteriors, such as the Rand House in Minneapolis in 1874. Contemporary applications include use as an extender in paint-based products, although statutory restrictions on how much can be used have long been in place. Trace amounts can be found in talc, which contains asbestos fibers of various types. Studies into health risks associated with talc determined that with so many commercial varieties of talc being types of asbestine minerals, the resultant lung disease—talcosis, which can follow their prolonged inhalation, is a variety of asbestosis; this article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chambers, Ephraim, ed..

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