Serial cable

A serial cable is a cable used to transfer information between two devices using a serial communication protocol. The form of connectors depends on the particular serial port used. A cable wired for connecting two DTEs directly is known as a null modem cable; the maximum working length of a cable varies depending on the characteristics of the transmitters and receivers, the baud rate on the cable, the capacitance and electrical impedance of the cable. The RS-232 standard states that a compliant port must provide defined signal characteristics for a capacitive load of 2500 pF; this does not correspond to a fixed length of cable since varying cables have different characteristics. Empirically tested combinations of bit rate, serial ports, cable type, lengths may provide reliable communications, but RS-232-compatible ports are intended to be connected by, at the most, a few tens of metres of cable. Other serial communications standards are better adapted to drive hundreds or thousands of metres of cable.

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Charlie Janssen

Charlie Janssen is a politician from the U. S. state of Nebraska. A member of the Republican Party, Jansen served in the Nebraska Legislature from 2009 to 2014. Janssen was born in Nebraska, he graduated with a BS from Wayne State College in 1997. Janssen served in the United States Navy from 1989 to 1993, he lives in Fremont, has two children, Charlie Jr. and Betsy Anne. Janssen served on the Fremont City Council before being elected to the Nebraska legislature. In 2008, he was elected to represent the 15th Nebraska legislative district replacing his uncle, Ray Janssen of Nickerson. In the Legislature, he sat on the Government and Veterans Affairs, Intergovernmental Cooperation, Transportation and Telecommunications committees, he proposed an amendment to LB403 which would have overturned the Dream Act of 2006 in Nebraska, however he withdrew his amendment. Janssen ran as the Republican nominee for Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts in the 2014 election to succeed Mike Foley and was sworn in on January 8, 2015.

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