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Aldersgate College

Aldersgate College is a private college located in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. Aldersgate College was founded in 1965 by Methodist leaders Pilar D. Galima and Froilan B. Calata; the college, which opened as a church school under the jurisdiction of the Northern Philippines Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, was incorporated in 1970. The school was named after a street in London where John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had a pivotal spiritual experience; the college offers programs in basic education, along with programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Aldersgate College consists of seven colleges: The Graduate School The College of Business and Technology The College of Arts and Education The College of Engineering and Technology The School of Medical Sciences The School of Criminology The School of Mobile Legends The Aldersgate School of Divinity and Episcopal Area Training Center The United Methodist Church

Austin Ledbetter

Austin Ledbetter is an American professional soccer player who plays for Phoenix Rising FC in the USL Championship. A resident of St. Charles, Ledbetter attended Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis, where he was a second team All-State selection as well as a first team All-Metro and All-Conference pick his junior season, he played for St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club, where his club team advanced to the finals of the U. S. Soccer Development Academy Nationals in 2012. Ledbetter attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he played for the SIU Edwardsville Cougars, he was member of the 2013 Missouri Valley Conference All-Freshman Team,\. He was team captain in his junior and senior seasons. In both 2015 and 2016, Ledbetter was a National Soccer Coaches Association of America All-West Region first team selection, he played three seasons in the Premier Development League, with FC Tucson from 2014–15 and for the Des Moines Menace in 2016. On January 17, 2017, Ledbetter was selected by FC Dallas in the third round of the 2017 Major League Soccer SuperDraft as the 53rd overall pick.

Unsigned by FC Dallas, Ledbetter signed with Saint Louis FC on February 20, 2017. Austin Ledbetter at Soccerway

Copper-clad steel

Copper-clad steel known as copper-covered steel or the trademarked name Copperweld is a bi-metallic product used in the wire industry that combines the high mechanical resistance of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. It is used for grounding purposes, line tracing to locate underground utilities, drop wire of telephone cables, inner conductor of coaxial cables, including thin hookup cables like RG-174 and CATV cable, it is used in some antennas for RF conducting wires. The first recorded attempt to make copper clad steel wire took place in the early 1860s. Although for over 100 years people had been suggesting various ways of uniting copper and steel, it was not until the period mentioned that Farmer and Milliken tried wrapping a strip of copper about a steel wire. American engineers in 1883 and again in the 1890s made attempts to produce a copper-steel wire, in one instance at least, by electroplating copper on steel; the Duplex Metals Co. traces its beginning to John Ferreol Monnot between 1900 and 1905.

He had been interested in the work of Mr. Martin in Paris. "After several years devoted to experimenting, organized the Duplex Metals Company. Prior to his discovery of the process under which this company operates in producing its copper clad almost every other possible way of welding copper and steel together had been tried by Mr. Monnot, but found useless for the purpose." Copper-clad steel wire find applications in grounding, connection of ground rods to metallic structures, ground grid meshes, power installations, lightning arrestors. This wire is sometimes used for power transmission. Copper coated welding wire has become common. Copper-clad steel is used for making durable radio antennas, where its HF conductivity is nearly identical to a same-diameter solid copper conductor, it is most used in antennas with long spans of unsupported wire, which need extra strength to withstand high tension which would cause solid copper or aluminum wire to break or stretch excessively. The main properties of these conductors include: Good corrosion resistance of copper High tensile strength of steel Resistance against material fatigue Since the outer conductor layer is low-impedance copper, only the center is higher impedance steel, the skin effect gives RF transmission lines with heavy copper-cladding a low impedance at high frequencies, equivalent to that of a solid copper wire.

Tensile strength of copper-clad steel conductors is greater than that of ordinary copper conductors permitting greater span lengths than with copper. Another advantage is that smaller diameter copper-clad steel conductors may be used in coaxial cables, permitting higher impedance and smaller cable diameter than with copper conductors of similar strength. Due to the inseparable union of the two metals, it deters theft since copper recovery is impractical and thus has little scrap value. Installations with copper-clad steel conductors are accepted as fulfilling the legal specifications for a good electrical ground. For this reason its use is preferred by industrial utilities when cost is a concern. Copper conductor Copper-clad aluminium wire "An article about CCS wire". Archived from the original on 2012-03-31. Retrieved 2011-08-22

Leisure Time

Awqat Faragh IPA: is a 2006 Egyptian film about a group of Middle Class youths and their experiences growing up and dealing with drugs and sex. The film was the first appearance for Karim Kassem and Amr Abed. A group of Middle Class youths some of whom are liberal and some conservative all live lives filled with troubles, they make decisions. The film starts and ends in an amusement park and in between the group tries to achieve their dreams but learn the harsh reality of life and many other things. Randa El-Behairy as Menna Ahmed Hatem as Hazem Karim Kassem as Amr Amr Abed as Ahmed Ahmed Hadad as Tarek Safaa Tag El-Din as Mai Hanan Youssef as Ahmed's Mother Mohammed Abu Dawud as Menna's Father Tarek El-Telmissany as Hazem's Father Khalil Morsy Ahmed's Father Muhammad Mamdouh as Hazem's brother Awqat Faragh on IMDb

Leipzig Opera

The Leipzig Opera is an opera house and opera company located at the Augustusplatz in Leipzig, Germany. Performances of opera in Leipzig trace back to Singspiel performances beginning in the year 1693; the director of many of those early operas at the original Opernhaus auf dem Brühl was Telemann. The Leipzig Opera does not have its own opera orchestra – the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra performs as its orchestra; this relationship began in 1766 with performances of the Singspiel Die verwandelten Weiber, oder Der Teufel ist los by Johann Adam Hiller. The previous theater was inaugurated on 28 January 1868 with Jubilee Overture by Carl Maria von Weber and the overture for Iphigénie en Aulide by Gluck and Goethe's play Iphigenia in Tauris. From 1886 to 1888, Gustav Mahler was the second conductor. During an air raid in the night of 3 December 1943, part of the bombing of Leipzig in World War II, the theater was destroyed, as were all Leipzig's theatres. Construction of the modern opera house began in 1956.

The theater was inaugurated on 8 October 1960 with a performance of Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Since 2009, Ulf Schirmer is the Generalmusikdirektor. Among the people with the title Generalmusikdirektor were Several operas received their premiere in Leipzig, including: 1826: Oberon by Weber 1828: Der Vampyr by Marschner 1837: Zar und Zimmermann by Lortzing 1850: Genoveva by Schumann 1902: Orestes by Felix Weingartner 1927: Jonny spielt auf |by Krenek 1930: Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny by Weill 1931: Die Blume von Hawaii by Abraham 1933: Der Silbersee by Weill 1937: Viola by Ludwig Schmidseder 1943: Catulli Carmina by Orff 1966: Guyana Johnny by Alan Bush 1971: Der zerbrochne Krug by Fritz Geißler 1988: Der Idiot by Karl Ottomar Treibmann 1991: Matka by Annette Schlünz 1993: Nachtwache by Jörg Herchet 1993: Dienstag from Licht by Stockhausen 1996: Freitag from Licht by Stockhausen 1997: Abraum by Jörg Herchet 2001: Persephone oder der Ausgleich der Welten by Günter Neubert 2006: Der schwarze Mönch by Philippe Hersant 2009: Rituale – eine Tanzoper für Georg Friedrich Händel by Heike Hennig 2009: Das Wesentliche ist unsichtbar, produktion of the opera's children's choir 2010: Monsieu Mathieu, was wird? produktion of the opera's children's choir with schools, music by Bruno Coulais and Christophe Barratier 2011: Was, wäre, wenn? produktion of the opera's children's choir 2011: Waldrandgeflüster, produktion of the opera's youthe and children's choir 2015: The Canterville Ghost by Gordon Getty Literature by and about Leipzig Opera in the German National Library catalogue Official website Interview with Damien Diaz, Principal Dancer under Uwe Scholz