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Vision Wei Chen
Background information
Birth name Wèi Chén (pinyin)
Also known as Vision (English name)
Little Orange, Chen Chen
Born (1986-02-22) 22 February 1986 (age 32)
Lanzhou, Gansu, China
Genres Mandopop, K-pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor

EE-Media (management)

EE-Media (record)
CJ E&M (record)

Wei Chen (Chinese: ; pinyin: Wèi Chén) (born February 22, 1986)is a Chinese pop singer and actor, who rose to fame through Super Boy a televised singing competition. He is probably best known through his album Disparate and his role as Ye Shuo on Meteor Shower.

Early life[edit]

Wei was born on February 22, 1986. He grew up in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China. In high school, he started having vocal music and piano lessons and later attended the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. As a professional musician, he is also accomplished at piano, guitar, hulusi, guxun.

Wei Chen participated in the 2007 season of Super Boy (快乐男声), a famous national televised singing competition in China, and placed third. In the competition, Wei's contagious performances and sunny image had won him much attention.


In 2007, after Super Boy (快乐男声), Wei participated in Just the Two of Us (名声大震) with Rujjana Utaiwan from Thailand, and the duo finished in second place.

In 2008, he co-starred in the movie Shiqi (十七), starring Joan Chen and Sam Chow. In the film, he acts as Tian Yi(Chinese:天翊) who is a sunny boy and the friend of the leading man Shiqi.

In 2009, he filmed the television series Meteor Shower. In the TV series, Wei acts as Ye Shuo, a computer genius with dreams of becoming the next Bill Gates. Ye is somewhat brooding and introverted, and he is clear about whom to love and whom to hate. Ye hates and opposes his older brother, who owns a gaming company, because of his carelessness to their family, blaming him for the death of their father. In his university, Elliston Business School, a series of romances befall Ye and his three closest friends. Ye falls in love with a slightly older woman, Yunhai's sister, but she is not comfortable with the idea of being with a younger man. Eventually, Ye's persistence comes through and the two share a kiss, but the future of their relationship is left ambiguous. Also, Ye and his brother make peace in the end of the series, and both gain more understanding on the importance of family.

On July 21, 2010, he released his first album 千方百计 (Disparate). The same titled first single 千方百计 was received with great commercial success, reaching number 1 on numerous Chinese music charts. Songs from the album were used for the TV series Meteor Shower, including 向日葵的微笑 and the self composed single "Meteor Shower Has Come (流星雨又来临)". 流星雨又来临 received huge success. The album itself was one of the best selling albums in China in year 2010.

On August 25, 2011, Wei Chen's track "Run Away" featuring Lee Joon and Thunder of MBLAQ was digitally released through various music sites.[1] The track was a co-production between CJ E&M, EE-Media, and M Plus Entertainment.[2] That same day he performed "Daybreak" (Po Xiao/破晓) and "Run Away" on the Korean program M! Countdown.[3][4]

On July 7 Wei Chen presented an award with Kim So Eun at the 2011 Mnet 20's Choice Awards. On November 29 Wei Chen performed "Daybreak" and a special stage with miss A at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Singapore. He won the Best New Asian Solo Artist award.

On April 8 Wei Chen performed at the 12th Music Billboard Awards/Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang Awards and won the Dance award.[5] On April 24 Wei Chen won the Recommended Male Artist award at the 2011 Annual Music Radio China TOP Awards.[6][7]

On August 4, 2012 Wei Chen performed "Daybreak" and "Party Like a Rock Star" at the 9th Asia Song Festival.[8] Wei Chen visited Lee Joon and Thunder of MBLAQ, whom he had previously collaborated, on their August 22 date for The BLAQ% Tour.[9] On August 26 Wei performed at the Mnet Mo.A Concert in Guangzhou with Super Junior, B1A4, and miss A.[10]

Wei Chen sang the theme song "爱,有你才完整" for the drama "Half of a Fairy Tale" (童话二分之一). It was released on August 23, 2012 and the music video August 29.[11][12]

In June 2012, he guest starred in Hunan TV's "小儿难养" as himself. He sees a girl crying in a restaurant and comforts her by singing his song "Future (未来)" to her.

On September 25 EE Media announced that Chen would be releasing a new single entitled "V SPACE" as well as releasing an audio and image teaser.[13]



Year Title Role Network Notes
2009 Meteor Shower Ye Shuo Hunan TV aka Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower
2010 Meteor Shower 2 Ye Shuo Hunan TV aka Let's Watch The Meteor Shower Together Again
2012 小儿难养 Himself Hunan TV Sings his song "Future (未来)" to another character


Year Title Role Notes
2008 Seventeen Tian Yi aka Shi Qi
2009 Fire Boy Ou Xiaolang aka Le Huo Nan Hai
2014 Fleet of Time Qiao Rang
2016 Lost in White Li YongSheng


  • "Struggle", 2008-2009, aka Fen Dou



Album Information Track listing
  • Released: July 17, 2010
Track listing
  1. 千方百计 (Qiānfāngbǎijì)
  2. 我想爱 (Wǒ Xiǎng Ài)
  3. 向日葵的微笑 (Xiàngrìkuí De Wéixiào)
  4. 温存记忆 (Wēncún Jìyì)
  5. 过客 (Guòkè)
  6. 酸酸甜甜 (Suānsuān Tiántián)
  7. 女捕快 (Nǚ Bǔ Kuài)
  8. 流星雨又来临 (Liúxīngyǔ Yòu Láilín)
  9. I Don't Cry
  10. 疯人愿 (Fēngrén Yuàn)
  11. 二十三 (Èrshísān)
  12. 梦的怒放 (Mèng De Nùfàng)
  • Released: October 10, 2011
Track listing
  1. 破晓 (Pòxiǎo)
  2. Goodbye Goodbye
  3. 月光 (Yuèguāng)
  4. Run away (Chinese)ft. Lee Joon and Thunder of MBLAQ
  5. 屏住呼吸想你 (Píng Zhù Hūxī Xiǎng Nǐ)
  6. 未来 (Wèilái)
  7. 甜心口袋 (Tiánxīn kǒudài)
  8. Party Like a Rock Star
  9. 写给我的家 (Xiě Gěi Wǒ De Jiā)
  10. 伊人 (Yīrén)
  11. Run Away (Korean)

Extended Plays[edit]

Album Information Track listing
  • Released: December 7, 2007
Track listing
  1. 一个人睡 (Yīgè Rén Shuì)
  2. 乐天派 (Lètiānpài)
  3. 小小快乐 (Xiǎoxiǎo Kuàilè)
  4. Boysft. He Jie
V Space
  • Released: October 15, 2012
Track listing
  1. V Space
  2. 尘埃
  3. 我们在改变
  4. 只爱到一半
  5. My Eyes


Release Albums and EPs Title China Pop Song Charts
Peak Weekly Position Song
2007.05.29 "Super Boy Season 1: Wei Chen"
2007.07.26 "Shàonián Yóu" 少年游 1 Shàonián Yóu 少年游
2008.01.02 "Lètiānpài" 乐天派(1st EP) 1 Yīgè Rén Shuì 一个人睡
2008.10.29 "Jiāyóu! Nǐ yǒu ME!" 加油!你有ME! (with alan) 7 Jiayou! Ni You ME! 加油!你有ME!
2010.07.25 "Yǒu Nǐ De Xìngfú" 有你的幸福 (with Yu Shasha) Yǒu Nǐ De Xìngfú 有你的幸福
2010.07.25 "Disparate" / "Qiānfāngbǎijì" 千方百計 1 Qiānfāngbǎijì 千方百计
1 Wǒ Xiǎng Ài 我想爱
1 Liúxīngyǔ Yòu Láilín 流星雨又来临
2011.08.25 "Daybreak" / "Pòxiǎo" 破晓 1 Run Away (with Lee Joon and Thunder of MBLAQ)
2011.09.14 1 Pòxiǎo 破晓
2011.09.21 1 Goodbye Goodbye


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