Seven Against Greece

Seven Against Greece is the twenty-fifth novel in the long-running Nick Carter-Killmaster series of spy novels. Carter is a US secret agent, code-named N-3, with the rank of Killmaster, he works for AXE – a secret arm of the US intelligence services. The book was first published in 1967 by Award Books part of the Beacon-Signal division of Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation, part of the Conde Nast Publications Inc; the novel was written by Nicholas Browne. Copyright was registered on 14 August 1967; the novel is set in August 1966. An AXE agent is murdered while investigating a Greek tourist agency, Golden Islands Promotions, responsible for sponsoring large numbers of US visa applications. AXE chief, David Hawk, sends Nick Carter to Greece to investigate further. Posing as archaeologist, Prof Andrew Harding, Carter establishes contact with Golden Islands Promotion. Posing as a merchant seaman, Thomas Evans, Carter contacts Leonidas, an old World War II Greek resistance fighter. Carter learns that Golden Islands Promotions has a training camp on the island of Baos in the Cyclades.

Carter is followed and attacked by members of the Sons of Prometheus – a secret terrorist organization – who think “Evans” is spying on them. Carter attends a function organized by Golden Islands Promotions where American guests are introduced to young men and women seeking sponsors for their visa applications to the US. Carter discovers; as part of their training, the candidates are compelled to take various technical courses. Carter suspects that they are unwittingly being taught the tradecraft of espionage and will be coerced into spying against the US by threats made against their families. Carter meets Princess Electra – girlfriend of Papadorus – the billionaire owner of Golden Islands Promotions, she suspects Carter is investigating the activities of Golden Islands and sends thugs to murder him at his hotel. Carter makes his way to the training camp on Baos assisted by Leonidas. With Leonidas, Carter confirms the camp has been established to train spies and discovers a large cache of weapons and military vehicles.

Carter and Leonidas destroy the arms depots and the island's dock. Carter and Leonidas are trapped in mountain caves. Leonidas is killed and Carter is captured, he is interrogated by Ian McAffery – a British mercenary – hired by Papadorus. McAffery is ordered to bring Carter by seaplane to Papadorus' yacht sailing in the Aegean. Carter kills McAffery whilst in flight using Pierre his poison gas pellet and assumes McAffery's identity. Carter attends a meeting with General Lin and Gorgas. Papadorus' shipping line is bankrupt and is bankrolled by the Chinese government as an efficient means of moving Chinese spies around the world. Gorgas and the Sons of Prometheus are bankrolled by the Chinese and are planning a coup d'etat to topple the Greek government. Despite losing much of their arms and supplies in the Baos raid Gorgas demands to launch his coup in the morning – starting with the destruction of the Parthenon. Gorgas leaves the meeting. Papadorus and General Lin intend to have him assassinated.

Carter is unmasked as an AXE agent. Held captive in a cellar, Carter overhears how Papadorus and Princess Electra will escape from Lin's hold over them, they will kidnap rich patrons attending a play given by the Golden Islands Promotions recruits imprison them on Papadorus' yacht and ransom them off to their families to obtain enough funds to live comfortably in South America. Carter is taken to a nearby Temple of Poseidon on the coast where he is tied to a pole in a rock pool to be drowned when the tide comes in; as he waits he is attacked by a giant octopus. Carter kills the octopus by biting its head, he escapes and makes his way to the Theater of Sophocles – an ancient amphitheatre carved into the hillside outside Athens where the play is to be performed. Posing as a member of the Greek chorus, Carter foils the kidnap attempt and chases Princess Electra into the nearby countryside, he kills her body falls off the cliff into the sea. Carter and Shorty go to the docks in Piraeus and find Papadorus' yacht ready to sail.

Shorty watches the ship while Carter goes to the Parthenon – expecting Gorgas to keep his promise to blow it up. Gorgas has rigged the Parthenon with plastic explosive and has tied Carter's girlfriend, Xenia, to one of the temple’s columns. Carter kills rescues Xenia. Papadorus and General Lin do not wait for Princess Electra to return with the hostages and set sail for Albania. Carter, Xenia and a US sailor give chase in an experimental US navy hydrofoil, they are fired upon and Shorty is killed. Carter destroys the yacht with depth charge. There are no survivors from the yacht. Carter goes on a sailing vacation with Xenia. Nick Carter – agent N-3, AXE.

Nakhchivan Automobile Plant

Nakhchivan Automobile Plant, better known as NAZ, is an automobile manufacturer in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan Automobile Factory was founded in 2006, it was put into operation on January 11, 2010. Baku 2015 European Games signed NAZ as Official Supporter. Since April, 2019 NAZ became part of Cahan Holding; the total area of the factory is 2.6 ha. Annual output of the factory is 5000 unit cars. In the first stage 108 unit of passenger cars of 4 different Lifan Group models were assembled and was sold as NAZ-LIFAN brand; these are NAZ-LIFAN 520, NAZ-LIFAN 520i and NAZ-LIFAN 320 models. Since 2012, the factory began production of the new SUV-type crossover NAZ-LIFAN X60. NAZ-LIFAN 620 models are equipped with automatic gearbox. At the end of 2012 for marketing purposes a small batch of commercial vehicles were assembled and put in our showrooms, they are LF5028 model cargo-van and LF1022 model light duty truck with 800 kg carrying capacity LF6401 model minibus. At the end of 2013 year factory will start the production of the new NAZ-LIFAN 720 model NAZ-LIFAN 630 and 330 models – the renewed versions of NAZ-LIFAN 620 and 320 models will be presented to the customers.

So far, more than 2,000 units of NAZ-LIFAN cars were produced in the factory. Lifan 320 Lifan 7130 Lifan 7160 Lifan 7161 A Lifan 7160 L1 Lifan 7162 Lifan 7162 C Lifan X60 Lifan 820 Premium Ganja Auto Plant Azsamand NAZ Official Website