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The Chinese Woman

"The Chinese Woman" is the 90th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the fourth episode for the sixth season, it aired on October 13, 1994. In this episode Jerry dates a Caucasian woman who introduces herself as Donna Chang, Frank Costanza retains a caped lawyer for divorce proceedings, Kramer switches to boxer shorts in hopes of impregnating a woman, Elaine finds herself continuing to cause boyfriend trouble for her friend Noreen. Jerry and Elaine see Frank Costanza, with a man in a cape. Jerry talks to Donna Chang, on George's phone line after the wires get crossed, he gets a date with her. On the date, Jerry sees, he suspects her of purposely perpetuating the misconception that she is Chinese because she always introduces herself with her full name and demonstrates Chinese stereotypes, such as teaching acupuncture and eating at Chinese restaurants. When Kramer complains that his briefs shrunk in the wash, Elaine tells him he shouldn't wear briefs because they cause infertility. Kramer goes to a fertility clinic and confirms that his sperm count is low and can only be improved if he switches to boxer shorts.

Boxers make him feel uncomfortable, so he decides to go commando. Elaine's friend Noreen has found a new boyfriend after her breakup in the previous episode: Paul, a "long talker". Exasperated at being stuck in endless conversations with Paul when she only wants to talk to Noreen, she begins hanging up every time he answers the phone. Paul suspects the anonymous caller is a man having an affair with Noreen. Elaine confesses to Noreen, influenced by Elaine's opinion that Paul is a boring conversationalist and breaks up with him. Jerry rebukes Elaine, arguing that she should have realized by now that she has a tremendous influence on Noreen, who both joined the army and went AWOL according to Elaine's advice. George learns through Donna Chang that the man in the cape is Frank's lawyer and his parents are getting a divorce. Donna talks over the phone to George's mother, convincing her not to divorce by citing Confucius; when George introduces Donna to his parents, Estelle realizes she is not Chinese and doesn't acknowledge her advice, deciding to proceed with the divorce.

Elaine calls Noreen to convince her to get back together with Paul. Kramer answers, he says he has persuaded her to rejoin the army. While George gripes about having to spend all day going back and forth between his now separated parents, Kramer triumphantly yells to Jerry that Noreen is late for her period. Noreen tries to jump off; the caped lawyer leads her safely off the bridge. Some of Seinfeld's ad-libs were cut for time, he responded to Kramer's declaration "I feel like a naked, innocent boy roaming the countryside" with "Someone better warn the sheep quick", when George puts his head in the oven, he improvised "George, it's an electric." Cut scenes include George angrily confronting the man in the cape. The man in the cape is played by an uncredited Larry David. "The Chinese Woman" on IMDb "The Chinese Woman" at

Sheraton Kampala Hotel

The Sheraton Kampala Hotel is a hotel in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and its largest city. It is one of the three Five star hotels in Kampala, as rated by the Uganda Tourism Board in June 2015; the hotel sits on the southwestern slopes of Nakasero Hill, an upscale neighborhood in Kampala Central Division. The coordinates of the hotel are:0°19'00.0"N, 32°35'01.0"E. The hotel opened on October 1967 as the Apolo Hotel; the hotel's opening was attended by Prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote. When Obote was overthrown in a military coup by Idi Amin in 1971, the hotel was renamed the Kampala International Hotel. Following the overthrow of Amin by Tanzanian forces, who made the hotel their headquarters, the Uganda National Liberation Army in 1979, the return to power of Obote in 1980, the hotel reverted to the Apolo Hotel name. There were other regime changes in the country in 1985 and 1986; the National Resistance Movement, which ascended into power in 1986, liberalized the economy and Middle Eastern investors won the rights to lease the hotel from the government of Uganda and manage it for the next 25 years, the hotel was renamed Sheraton Kampala Hotel in 1991.

The hotel underwent extensive renovations. Kampala Capital City Authority Kampala District List of tallest buildings in Kampala Official website Official chain website Changing of The Guards for Sheraton Kampala I'll ensure we remain relevant, competitive - new Sheraton General Manager

Dwayne Cleofis Wayne

Dwayne Cleophus Wayne is a fictional character who appears in the American sitcom A Different World, portrayed by actor Kadeem Hardison. He is known for his trademark flip up eyeglasses/shades and making unsuccessful advances on numerous women throughout his freshman year. Maggie Lauren, portrayed by actress Marisa Tomei who left the show after one season, was to have an interracial relationship with Dwayne. Dwayne Wayne has an on off relationship with Whitley Gilbert-Wayne, they get married and visit Los Angeles, which coincided with the 1992 riots following the verdict in the Rodney King trial. Wayne was known for his characteristic flip-up glasses and for his sense of flirting with girls on the college campus, he was a student and teacher all through the series of A Different World. He was a major in mathematics. In the first season, he was in love with sophomore Denise Huxtable, portrayed by Lisa Bonet. By the second season, he wanted to enter a serious relationship with Suzanne, the daughter of "Dr. War", better known as Col. Taylor.

Suzanne ended the relationship. Dwayne started to fall for Whitley, but stopped pursuing her after the third season when she seemed uninterested. By the fourth season, Dwayne had fallen in love with Kinu Owens, portrayed by Alisa Gyse Dickens; the relationship ended. He proposed to Whitley. In the beginning of the fifth season, Dwayne became a calculus teacher, but the students put a mutiny out on him because of his strict rules. Whitley was beginning to put too much pressure on Dwayne. Dwayne decided to have a coffee date with Lisa Westin, his honesty made. Whitley broke the engagement. By the end of this season, Whitley had fallen in love with Byron Douglass, portrayed by Joe Morton. Dwayne became jealous of their whirlwind romance, spent the night with Whitley; when Byron proposed to Whitley, who still was in love with Dwayne secretly. At the wedding and Whitley could not hold the pressure anymore and pushed Byron out of the picture and got married. In the sixth season and Whitley told of their horrifying honeymoon, experiencing the 1992 Los Angeles riots in Los Angeles.

At the end of the series, Dwayne got a new job in Tokyo, decided to move with a now-pregnant Whitley. The character was praised as a positive portrayal of an African-American male college student and as a mathematician

Hugh Royer Jr.

William Hugh Royer Jr. was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Royer was born in Georgia. During his youth, his family moved to Columbus, where he learned the game of golf from Fred Haskins and Charlie Harper at the Columbus Country Club, he attended the University of Georgia in Athens where his love for the sport of golf was further nurtured by the legendary coach Howell Hollis. While a student at Georgia, Royer was a standout basketball captain of the golf team, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 1959. In 1958, he won the Southern Amateur tournaments, he won the St. Charles Open in his first pro event. Royer won one PGA Tour event, the biggest win of his career, at the 1970 Western Open considered to be one of the most prestigious non-major tournaments in men's professional golf, his best finish in a major was T-22 at the 1968 U. S. Open, he spent 14 years playing on the PGA Tour. Like most professional golfers of his generation, Royer earned his living as a club pro as few could afford the Tour full-time.

He was head pro at Callaway Gardens from 1960 to 1966. He was head pro at Bull Creek Golf Club in Columbus. Royer served as president of the Georgia PGA and was honored as Georgia Golf Professional of the Year in 1983, he was inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame in January 1989. Royer coached golf at Columbus State University. During his tenure as Associate Coach, the Cougars of Columbus State won five NCAA Division II titles. Royer lived in Georgia, his son, Hugh Royer III, is a professional golfer with multiple wins on the Nike Tour. 1958 Georgia State Amateur, Southern Amateur 1970 Western Open 1959 St. Charles Open 1963 Georgia PGA Championship 1964 Georgia PGA Championship 1968 Georgia Open 1983 Atlanta Open 1989 Georgia Senior Open

Survival Game

Survival Game is an upcoming, under-production, Android exclusive Battle Royale video game title being independently developed and distributed by Xiaomi under beta-testing. It is said to feature distinctive gameplay content; the gameplay is derived from traditional Battle Royale gameplay tactics, which is, players will have to compete with each other and be the last one standing. The distinctions include: Players fly from spaceship onto a map area in their respective spacecraft instead of being dropped from an airplane, they can decide where to land on the battlefield. All resources are retrieved from the map to fight other competitors; the last one standing will be the winner. The game features Sci-Fi characters, weapons and battlefields. Players can cultivate their own characters with in-game chips; the game was announced on 24 October 2018 in a thread on the official website of Xiaomi asking their fans to aid them in the production by applying for beta-testing campaign called Closed Beta Test.

31 October 2018 was mentioned as the last date to apply for the same but they had to close the campaign earlier because they got enough applicants for now and asked players to stay tuned for the next one in case they missed signing up for it. Soundtrack was strikingly similar to that of PUBG MOBILE; the characters had a sci-fi cartoony look like Overwatch. The futuristic look of airplane used to jump-off to the battlefield resembled Halo; the map was distinct from Erangel of PUBG Mobile in design of the structures. Vehicles include huge flying saucers. Most weapons were named after their real-life equivalents but had no distinction, such as recoil, like blasters from Star Wars: Battlefront; the success of mobile variants of Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite in 2018 led to the creation of many other games of the same genre, with little to no distinction, which inspired Xiaomi to go in the same field. Official website Survival Game's channel on YouTube