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Western Connecticut State University

Western Connecticut State University is a public university located in Danbury, United States. WCSU consists of four schools and one division: the Ancell School of Business, the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Visual and Performing Arts, the School of Professional Studies, the Division of Graduate Studies. Founded in 1903, WCSU is part of the Connecticut State University system, the primary division of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system, which includes Eastern and Central Connecticut state universities. Between the four state universities, more than 34,000 students are enrolled, with more than 5,700 students enrolled at WCSU. WCSU is home to the Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies, the result of a partnership between WCSU and the Jane Goodall Institute; the university's Westside campus houses the Ives Concert Park, one of the premier performance venues in the area. Western Connecticut State University is part of the Little East Conference and New Jersey Athletic Conference.

Western was founded in 1903 as a teachers' college, training the primary and secondary school educators for Connecticut's Fairfield County and surrounding areas. The school's name has changed over the years. First named the Danbury Normal School, starting in 1937 it was called the Danbury State Teachers College, a name it retained until the late 1950s; the college was renamed Danbury State College in 1959 Western Connecticut State College in 1967, in 1983, Western Connecticut State University. In 2011, governance of the university was transferred to the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. In 1904, 41 students were enrolled in the first classes on campus, the number of enrollments climbing to 362 students by 1912. In 1968, WCSU's radio station, WXCI going by the call sign WCST and broadcasting with AM transmission, was established. In 1973 WCST was switched from AM to FM transmission, obtained an FCC license, was renamed WXCI, went on air under that call sign. In the early 1980s, WXCI became one of the first FM stations to focus on alternative rock.

Throughout the 80s the station was instrumental in promoting the work of a number of contemporary bands and musicians: While the station is best known for popularizing the English band Duran Duran in the United States, it helped to familiarize the American audience with other projects and musicians from Great Britain, such as Elvis Costello and Culture Club, it popularized among residents of the Northeastern U. S. the West Coast punk group Black Flag and the Georgia-based R. E. M. While providing greater listenership to New York City's Talking Heads. Thurston Moore, a founding member of Sonic Youth, attended WCSU for a quarter during the fall of 1976, though he left afterward. In 1995, the Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies was founded on campus; the Center is a non-profit 501 organization dedicated to environmental stewardship and conservation, wildlife education and research, being the result of a partnership between Western and the Jane Goodall Institute. Since the Center's founding, its namesake, primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, has visited Western on at least a dozen occasions to give lectures on the issue of ecology.

The Center has hosted a number of seminars and public talks by other environmentalist speakers at the university: Notably, Smithsonian ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin and veteran ecologist Thomas Lovejoy spoke at the university in 1998, in 2013 ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau presented a public seminar on campus. In 2005, Western was established by JGI as a "National Center for University Roots and Shoots". Roots & Shoots is a subsidiary organization of JGI, its WCSU chapter is one of only several based in the United States; the club's office, located in the Midtown campus's White Hall, remained the first of its kind between 2005 and 2012. C. Roots & Shoots serves as, according to the university and the JGC, "a regional and national office of excellence in training university students and administrators to develop programs for K-12 and college students in local and global conservation." The university of visited by former President Bill Clinton in 2005 and by the 14th Dalai Lama in 2012. Western has two campuses and westside, both located in Danbury.

The campuses are three miles apart and connected by a university shuttle service. The midtown campus is the original campus, located on White Street near downtown Danbury and the Main Street Historic District, it is home to the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional Studies, most of the university's administration. Dormitories on this campus include Fairfield Hall, Litchfield Hall, Newbury Hall; the Midtown student center is located on this campus. In 2018, the renovated Higgins Hall reopened. Higgins Hall features the MSAS Dean's offices, state-of-the-the art communication and computer technology; the westside campus is located

Julie Hausmann

Julie Katharina Hausmann was a Baltic German poet, known for the hymn "So nimm denn meine Hände", with a melody by Friedrich Silcher. Earlier translations had been made by Herman Brueckner as "O take my hand, dear Father" and Elmer Leon Jorgenson as "Take Thou My Hand, Lead Me"; the hymn has been translated by Martha D. Lange, whose version appears in Great Songs of the Church Revised. Hausmann was the daughter of a teacher, she worked for a while as a governess, but due to her ill health lived with and cared for her father, who had gone blind. After his death in 1864, she lived with her sisters in Germany, Southern France and St. Petersburg, Russia, she died during a summer vacation in Estonia. A legend holds that Hausmann wrote her most famous poem "So nimm denn meine Hände" after journeying to see her fiancé at a mission and, on arriving, finding that he had just died. Various explorations of her biography have yet to deny the rumor, she never married. Her poetry was published by others, including Gustav Knak without mentioning her name, at her request.

Maiblumen. Lieder einer Stillen im Lande. 2 volumes, 1862 Bilder aus dem Leben der Nacht im Lichte des Evangeliums. 1868 Hausbrot. Schlichte Morgen- und Abend-Andachten. 1899 Blumen aus Gottes Garten. Lieder und Gedichte. 1902 Friedrich Wilhelm Bautz. "Hausmann, Julie". In Bautz, Friedrich Wilhelm. Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon. 2. Hamm: Bautz. Cols. 606–607. ISBN 3-88309-032-8. Elisabeth Schneider-Böklen: Hausmann, Julie. In: Komponisten und Liederdichter des Evangelischen Gesangbuchs. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen 1999, p. 134. Literature by and about Julie Hausmann in the German National Library catalogue The Cyber Hymnal™ Michael Fischer: So nimm denn meine Hände. Januar 2005.

Hakan Arıkan

Hakan Arıkan is a Turkish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Kayserispor. Arıkan had begun his career at an amateur team based in western Turkish city of İzmit, he joined Kocaelispor in 2001. During his time with Kocaeli, he played both for senior and youth teams for three seasons until he began to play as the number one keeper. Arıkan joined Ankaraspor in 2006, he was called up to the Turkish National Team squad, for the first time, during a friendly game, after he had shown an impressive performance for Ankaraspor, by saving two penalties in a 1–1 draw against Galatasaray on the first match day in 2006/07 Season. Arıkan finished, he joined Beşiktaş in exchange with keeper Ramazan Kurşunlu plus 0.7 million Euros. He has played alternately with Rüştü Reçber in 2007/08 Season. After a couple of years of being Rüştü Reçber's under study he became a regular for his team in the 2010-11 season along with Cenk Gönen making important saves several times including a back to back save in the same second against Rapid Wien.

Arıkan was called up for the national team before the match against Georgia in February 2007. He made his debut on 5 June 2007 against Brazil, in a game dedicated to Tugay Kerimoğlu's last cap for national team, he could not find a place in Euro 2008 selection. Note: Stats were obtained from TFF official website. Last update: 7 June 2008 Hakan Arıkan ile yollar ayrıldı,, 30 November 2015 Osmanlıspor'da çifte transfer, 12 January 2016 Hakan Arıkan at the Turkish Football Federation Hakan Arıkan at Soccerway

Larry McNeill

Larry McNeill was an American National Basketball Association player. McNeill played at college basketball with the Warriors. McNeill was drafted in the second round of the 1973 NBA draft, by the Kansas City–Omaha Kings, would play with the franchise until 1976; that year, he was traded for a third-round draft pick. In 1977, he signed as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors; the following two years, he signed as a free agent with the Buffalo Braves and Detroit Pistons. McNeil suited up for several teams in the Philippine Basketball Association, once scoring a record 88 points, in one local game, in 1983, he spent several seasons in the Continental Basketball Association with the Wilkes-Barre Barons, Utica Olympics, Rochester Zeniths. McNeill continues to hold the NBA record for the most field goals in a playoff game without a miss, going 12 for 12 in a playoff game in 1975, with the Kings

The Bedwetter

The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage and Pee is a memoir by actress and comedian Sarah Silverman, published in 2010. The first section of the book is about her upbringing. Silverman writes about her growing up wetting her bed until age 16. At age 2, she would make her father laugh by saying "fuck", her family did not find her sense of humor offensive, supported her style of comedy. She says that Garry Shandling was her heaviest influence, how, like him, she has created a semi-fictional public persona of herself, she admits to avidly smoking marijuana. The book's afterword is by God, writing about Silverman in the year 2063, on the occasion of her death at 93, with the epitaph "She loved dogs, New York, children, sex, heartbreaking songs, marijuana and cuddling." The book was released on April 20, a "day of celebration for marijuana users" as well as the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Silverman produced a promotional letter for, wherein she compares herself to Ernest Hemingway and Fyodor Dostoevsky, classing herself as a serious writer.

Silverman video on Bedwetter, at HarperCollins video site

Elisandro Naressi Roos

Elisandro Naressi Roos known as Santiago is a Brazilian footballer. Santiago spent most of his career in Brazilian state leagues, a brief spell in Hong Kong Born in Santiago, Rio Grande do Sul, Santiago spent his recent career in state competitions of Rio Grande do Sul and nearby Santa Catarina state, he was the member of Guarani at 2005 Campeonato Gaúcho. That season he did not score any goal and the team finished as the sixth of Group B. In 2006, he was signed for 2006 Campeonato Gaúcho Segunda Divisão. In September 2006 he left for Inter de Lages, which the club finished as the fourth of Group B of Campeonato Catarinense Divisão de Accesso. In 2007, he played for Santo Ângelo at 2007 Campeonato Gaúcho Segunda Divisão. In August 2007 he left for Hong Kong First Division League club Workable, which itself borrowed the licenses from "regional" team Shek Kip Mei, the runner-up of 2006–07 Second Division. After goalless 11 appearances in senior competitions, he was released, he played for Pelotas at 2008 Campeonato Gaúcho Segunda Divisão and São Paulo at 2008 Copa FGF.

In February 2009 he returned to Pelotas and finished as the runner-up of 2009 Campeonato Gaúcho Segunda Divisão. He was released in September, he played for Grêmio Ibirubá which won 2009 Amateur League of Southern Brazil. In February 2010 he signed a 1-year contract with Cerâmica of 2010 Campeonato Gaúcho Segunda Divisão; the team finished as the bottom of Group 6 and was eliminated in the first round of 2010 Copa do Brasil. But the team finished as the runner-up of 2010 Copa FGF, he won 2010 Recopa Sul-Brasileira as unused member. In 2011, he was signed by Sapucaiense until the end of 2011 second division of the state. In June, he left for a team for the Amateur League of the state. CBF Contract Record Elisandro Naressi Roos at Soccerway