Wet Andes

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Wet Andes
Paso Puyehue.JPG
Highest point
Peak Domuyo
Elevation 4,709 m (15,449 ft)
Length 2,500 km (1,600 mi)
Country Chile, Argentina
Parent range Andes

The Wet Andes (Spanish: Andes húmedos) is a climatic and glaciological subregion of the Andes. Together with the Dry Andes it is one of the two subregions of the Argentine and Chilean Andes. The Wet Andes runs from a latitude of 35°S to Cape Horn at 56°S. According to Luis Lliboutry the Wet Andes can be classified after the absence of penitentes. In Argentina well developed penitentes are found as south as on Lanín Volcano (40°S).[1] The glaciers of the Wet Andes have a far more stable line of equilibrium than those of the Dry Andes due to summer precipitations, low thermal oscillations and an overall high moisture.


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