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Whittlesea, Victoria

Whittlesea is a town in Victoria, Australia, 40 kilometres north-east from Melbourne's central business district. Its local government area is the City of Whittlesea. At the 2016 census, Whittlesea had a population of 5,611; the Post Office opened on 1 September 1853 as Plenty and was renamed Whittlesea in 1864. The town may have been named in England. A school opened in a single stone building in 1878 and is to this day the home to Whittlesea Primary School; the railway to Whittlesea was opened on 23 December 1889 as an extension to what is now the Mernda line, closed in December 1959. When the original railway was in operation Whittlesea had a large logging trade, taking the timber from Kinglake, Whittlesea region toward greater Melbourne for milling. There were two saw mills in operation. At its timber producing peak Whittlesea had several pubs to help house the temporary timber workers. On 7 February 2009 and subsequent days thereafter, Whittlesea acted as a focal point of for firefighting and relief efforts during the Black Saturday bushfires.

In a firefighting context Whittlesea Fire Station and its members play an important role in managing firefighting operations around the Mount Disappointment and Kinglake areas. The township acted as a focal point for relief efforts, attracting support from the larger Victorian and Australian communities. Although located only a few kilometres from the outer fringes of metropolitan Melbourne, Whittlesea lies outside the Urban Growth Boundaries of the Melbourne 2030 metropolitan development plan, it is therefore expected to maintain its status as a separate town until 2030 and beyond. City of Whittlesea planning policy for Whittlesea township envisages minimal growth over the next decade so that the township will retain its rural character; the town has a local volunteer fire brigade as well as a limited hours Police station. On 22 January 2009 Health Minister Daniel Andrews opened an ambulance station in Whittlesea; this station operates between the hours of 10 pm daily. This was a 2006 state election promise made by the Bracks Labor Government.

Local attractions include the Funfields Theme Park, Torourrong Reservoir, Yan Yean Reservoir, Bear's Castle and the old Courthouse. The Town Crier magazine is distributed within the township of Whittlesea, it was established in 1986Whittlesea Agricultural Show began in 1859 and is managed by the Whittlesea Agricultural Society. Whittlesea Library, managed by Yarra Plenty Regional Library is part of the Whittlesea Community Activity Centre. Whittlesea LionsWhittlesea Masonic Lodge was established in November 1919 and has 100 years of continuous service. Whittlesea RotaryWhittlesea U3A Whittlesea Kindergarten Whittlesea Secondary College Whittlesea Primary School St. Mary's Catholic Parish Primary School Whittlesea Community Garden In 1866, it was gazetted that a ground will be used for the game of cricket. Whittlesea Cricket Club was formed, is the longest serving community sports club in the township. In the 2016/17 season, the Club celebrated its 150th Anniversary, it plays in the Diamond Valley Cricket Association, with representation from seniors and veterans.

Whittlesea Football Club, an Australian Rules football team, competes in the Northern Football League. Golfers play at the course of the Whittlesea Country Club on Humevale Road in neighbouring Humevale. Whittlesea Tennis Club on Laurel Street competes in Diamond Valley Leagues. A tennis club was set up early on by local Residents. A pivotal person helping to establish and develop this was a Mr Jack Wailes who helped establish the Whittlesea Golf Course as a run entity. Laural street was the original site of the famous Rural Whittlesea Agricultural show. There are the following sporting/ social clubs: Australian Rules Football Club, Bowls Club, Masons, Golf Club, Pony Club, Motorbike Club c/o K&J Thomas. A team represents Whittlesea in Darts, it participates in the Northern Darts Association at the Royal Mail Hotel. The team is participating in C Grade of the N. D. A. Whittlesea Fire Brigade is the local branch of the Country Fire Authority or CFA, serves the township as well as surrounding communities.

It was established on the 17 December 1926. On 16 October 2008 the brigade celebrated 60 years since the formation of the Whittlesea Urban Fire Brigade. Earlier in that year the brigade celebrated winning the C aggregate and the Victorian State Urban Championships held on the long weekend in March. Jones, Michael Nature's Plenty: a history of the City of Whittlesea, Sydney, N. S. W. Allen & Unwin, 1992 ISBN 1863730761 City of Whittlesea Web Site Town Crier Whittlesea Visitor Guide - City of Whittlesea Development Bulletin, 2006 History of Whittlesea Whittlesea Fire Brigade Whittlesea Community Garden Whittlesesa Agricultural Show

Restricted free agent

A restricted free agent is a type of free agent in the National Football League, National Hockey League, or National Basketball Association. Such players have special restrictions on the terms under which they can retain or change employment status with their athletic club teams. In the National Football League, a restricted free agent is one with three or fewer accrued seasons of service, who has received a "qualifying" offer from his current club, he can negotiate with any club through a certain date. If the restricted free agent accepts an offer sheet from a new club, his old club has "right of first refusal," a five-day period in which it may match the offer and retain him, or choose not to match the offer, in which case it may receive one or more draft picks for the upcoming draft from the player's new club. If an offer sheet is not executed, the player's rights revert to his old club the day after negotiations must end. In 2007, a second-round tender offer was added, after the 2011 lockout, the top tender was removed.

The three tender amounts for 2018 are as follows: Each player that signs a tender receives a non-guaranteed one-year salary that corresponds to the tender level. Teams which choose not to match an offer on a player with a low tender receive a draft pick corresponding to the round in which the player was drafted. For example, a player, drafted in the sixth round of the NFL Draft would force the team signing him to give his former team a sixth-round pick in the upcoming draft as compensation for his service. No compensation is required for an undrafted player on the lowest tender amount, so teams with valued undrafted RFAs are taking a risk by offering such tenders. In addition to the following outcomes, if a player does not receive an offer sheet from his original team, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. If a player signs the offer sheet from his original team, he remains with that team. Team declining to match offer sheet. Carolina Panthers cornerback Ricky Manning was a restricted free agent in the 2006 offseason.

Based on the tender placed on Manning by the Panthers, the team would receive a third-round pick in the NFL Draft if Manning signed with another team. On April 21, the Chicago Bears signed Manning to an offer sheet – a five-year contract worth up to $23 million. Although the Panthers had a full week to decide if they wanted to match the offer sheet, they announced on April 24 that they would not match. At this time, Manning became a member of the Bears and the Panthers received a third-round draft choice in the 2006 draft from Chicago. Team matching offer sheet. Arizona Cardinals offensive guard Reggie Wells was a restricted free agent in the 2006 offseason. On March 17, the Buffalo Bills signed him to an offer sheet – a five-year deal worth $18 million. Four days on March 21, the Cardinals matched the Bills' offer sheet for Wells, he reverted to the Cardinals. Team consummating a trade; the Miami Dolphins offered wide receiver Wes Welker a second-round tender in 2007. Although it was rumored that the New England Patriots would offer Welker a seven-year, $35 million deal, the Patriots traded their second- and seventh-round draft picks to the Dolphins for Welker, signing Welker to a five-year, $18 million contract.

A player, no longer considered to be entry-level, but does not qualify as an unrestricted free agent, becomes a restricted free agent when his contract expires. A player may only declare himself to be an unrestricted free agent if he is over the age of 27 or has played in the league for a minimum of 7 years; the current team must extend a "qualifying offer" to a restricted free agent to retain negotiating rights to that player. Qualifying offers are for one year contracts; the minimum salary for the qualifying offer depends on the player's prior year salary. Players who earned less than $660,000 in the previous season must be offered 110 percent of last season's salary. Players making up to $1 million must be offered 105 percent. Players making over $1 million must be offered 100 percent. If the qualifying offer is not made, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent. If the player rejects a qualifying offer, he remains a restricted free agent. If the player does not sign before December 1, he is ineligible to play in the NHL for the remainder of the season.

If a player accepts a qualifying offer, he signs a one-year contract with his current team under the terms of the offer. If the player rejects the qualifying offer, or has not yet accepted it, he is able to negotiate offer sheets with other teams. Qualifying offers are required for a team to retain a player's rights, but in most cases the player and team will agree to a contract differing from the qualifying offer. Should the player sign an offer sheet with another team, his current team is notified and can no longer negotiate a new contract or trade the player rights to another team; the current team has 7 days to make a decision whether to match the offer sheet, or decline and receive draft pick compensation from the team making the offer sheet. Accept The player remains with his current team on a contract identical to that of the offer sheet, with the exception that the current team does not have to match any clauses restricting their ability to trade or reassign the player like a "no trade clause".

The team is not allowed to trade the player for one year. Decline The player becomes a member of the team with whom he signe

Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality television series developed by Fremantle Media. The basic structure of the programme is that a number of farmers are presented with women from the city, from whom they choose one to be their spouse; the first edition premièred in the United Kingdom on ITV in 2001. However, the original format of the programme is to date back to the TV programme Bauer sucht Bäuerin, broadcast in 1983 on SF DRS in Switzerland. After its UK debut in 2001, the show had more than 10 localised versions around the world, with mixed ratings reports, it was the No. 1 television show for stations that aired it in Belgium and Norway, was the highest rated entertainment show in the Netherlands. Premiered in spring 2008, the U. S. version of Farmer Wants a Wife consists of 8 episodes, during which 10 women are trying to be chosen by just one bachelor farmer. In this the U. S. version differed from the other international versions and it was more fictionalised. In September 2009, Farmer Wants a Wife returned to British television for a series on Channel 5, presented by singer and television personality Louise Redknapp.

FremantleMedia's Site Farmer Wants a Wife on IMDb Farmer Wants a Wife at - Links about FWW

Colossal Typewriter

Colossal Typewriter by John McCarthy and Roland Silver was one of the earliest computer text editors. The program ran on the PDP-1 at Bolt and Newman by December 1960. About this time, both authors were associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but it is unclear whether the editor ran on the TX-0 on loan to MIT from Lincoln Laboratory or on the PDP-1 donated to MIT in 1961 by Digital Equipment Corporation. A "Colossal Typewriter Program" is in the BBN Program Library, under the same name, in the DECUS Program Library as BBN- 6. Expensive Typewriter TECO RUNOFF TJ-2

The Green Book (album)

The Green Book is the third studio album by Twiztid. Released on July 1, 2003, Jamie Spaniolo has referred to the album as a "Juggalo favorite"; the album was rereleased by Majik Ninja Entertainment on August 19, 2016. It was released on CD, Vinyl with a version only found on the Twiztid-Store; the album is regarded by many. In 2003 Twiztid created Majik Recordz. After the label went under Twiztid returned to Psychopathic Records seamlessly like they never left. Upon returning they recorded "The Green Book"; the album was an instant hit with Juggalos, charting at 52 on the Billboard 200. The album features artists: Shaggy 2 Dope, E-40, Tech N9ne, Violent J, Layzie Bone, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa and Bushwick Bill; the album was produced by: The Soundsquad, Fritz "The Cat" Van Kosky, Monoxide Child, Mike E. Clark, Legz Diamond, Marco Brushstein, Lil Pig. There was a track entitled "Nosferatu" for the green Book, but Twiztid felt that it didn't fit the rest of the album. Twiztid Shaggy 2 Dope – vocals E-40 – vocals Esham – vocals Tech N9ne – vocals Violent J – vocals Layzie Bone – vocals Blaze Ya Dead Homie – vocals Anybody Killa – vocals Bushwick Bill – vocals The Soundsquad – Fritz "The Cat" Van Kosky – Monoxide Child – Mike E. Clark – Legz Diamond – Marco Brushstein – Lil Pig –


Semisulcospiridae, common name semisulcospirids, is a family of freshwater snails, aquatic gilled gastropod mollusks with an operculum, in the superfamily Cerithioidea. Semisulcospiridae diversified in the Cretaceous; the family Semisulcospiridae occurs in western North America, the Far East of Russia, Japan and Vietnam. The family Semisulcospiridae was introduced as just a name by Morrison, without a diagnosis of the taxon, it is a valid taxon however. According to the taxonomy of Bouchet & Rocroi, Semisulcospiridae was a subfamily within the family Pleuroceridae; the subfamily Semisulcospirinae within the Pleuroceridae was elevated to family level as Semisulcospiridae by Strong & Köhler. There is high level of mitochondrial heterogeneity in apparent species of Semisulcospiridae, that has not been sufficiently explained yet as of 2015. Genera within the family Semisulcospiridae include: Semisulcospira O. Boettger, 1886 - the type genus HuaHua jacqueti Juga H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854 KoreanomelaniaKoreanomelania nodifila KoreoleptoxisKoreoleptoxis globus "Parajuga""Parajuga" amurensis "Parajuga"'calculus'