Amigos x siempre

Amigos x siempre is a Mexican children's telenovela produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa that premiered on January 10, 2000 and ended on June 16, 2000. Adriana Fonseca and Ernesto Laguardia starred as protagonists and Martín Ricca starred as child protagonists, while Odiseo Bichir, Rebeca Mankita and the leading actor Germán Robles starred as antagonists; the leading actress Carmen Montejo starred as stellar performance. The story is set at a prestigious, but repressive school called Instituto Vidal, its strict owner and headmistress, Julia Vidal, was once kind but has now turned into a bitter woman following the death of her husband and her daughter, Lauriel. Her granddaughter, Ana, a sweet and intelligent 10-year-old has been affected by the death: She has been rendered speechless by the trauma, though she expresses herself through music and possesses an extraordinary ability to move objects with her mind. Ana's unscrupulous father, Francisco Capistrán, has taken advantage of the situation to try to steal Julia's school.

The timely arrival of Ana's uncle, Salvador and her adopted son changes everything. Ana's sad and lonely life takes an unexpected turn for the better and she regains her joy in a series of adventures bursting with humor, excitement and thrilling surprises. A group of children from a variety of backgrounds form a special friendship, using music as their bond. Ana, an abused child deep in sadness is taught. Pedro, a fish out-of-water, loves to sing; the group includes, Santiago, a little rich kid and raised by a maid, Lourdes, a shy girl, who devotes most of her time attending her Down Syndrome brother, Patricia a lonely girl who dreams of becoming rich, at any cost, Gilberto stutters causing shame to his self absorbed parents, tries hard to win the affection of her father, whom believes that girls are worthless, so she tries to become a boy, "El 7 Leguas" a poor boy, not allowed to attend a prestigious school, he is loyal and inventive, born with Down Syndrome, tries hard to act normal and show everyone mentally disabled children have feelings, care for others, contribute to society and Rafa, a chubby little boy, in love with Patricia has the brains, is the songwriter in the group.

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5 Colours in Her Hair

"5 Colours in Her Hair" is the debut single by English pop rock band McFly. It was the band's first UK number one, it stayed at the top for two weeks. The song was written by Tom Fletcher; the track is well known for its "Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo!" lyrics, played at the beginning and at the ending of the song. The CD features a duet with Busted singing a cover of The Kinks song "Lola". Overall, it spent twelve weeks in the UK Singles Chart, it reached number seven in Ireland. The song was inspired by Susan Lee, a character played by actress Emily Corrie in the TV series As If, who wore coloured dreadlocks; the music itself beat music. The song was nominated for The Record of the Year in 2004, but finished in second place just one point behind the winner, "Thunderbirds / 3AM" by Busted. McFly shot the video for their debut single "5 Colours in Her Hair" just after Christmas 2003. Simon Amstell recorded an interview and footage behind the scenes for Channel 4 music show, Popworld; the video begins by introducing the band members in a comical style, by getting Danny and Dougie's names wrong.

It features the band messing around at various different scenes, but telling the overall main story about a girl with 5 colours in her hair, miserable and living in a black and white world. She follows them into the TV where she joins the band in a club setting where the band are playing to a crowd, they shoot various well known scenes as a tribute to their main influences including The Beatles and the Beach Boys. The video was shot in front of a green screen, it starred Molly Portsmouth as the'Girl with 5 Colours in Her Hair'. A rerecorded Pop Punk version of the song appeared on the Just My Luck album, McFly's debut album in the US, it features minor lyrical alterations. The song was included on the "Please, Please" single release in the UK, as well as on the All the Greatest Hits deluxe fan edition, it would go on to be the default way. In 2014, a cover of the track featured on the release of The Vamps' second single "Wild Heart". Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics