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County (Principality) of

Grafschaft (Fürstentum) Wied-Neuwied
Coat of arms of Wied-Neuwied
Coat of arms
StatusState of the Holy Roman Empire
Historical eraEarly modern period
• Partitioned from Wied
• Raised to principality
• Mediatised to
• Nassau annexed
    by Prussia
Preceded by
Succeeded by
County of Wied

Wied-Neuwied was a German statelet in northeastern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, located northeast of the Rhine River flanking the northern side of the city of Neuwied. Wied-Neuwied emerged from the partitioning of Wied, its status was elevated from county to principality in 1784. It was mediatised to Nassau and Prussia in 1806.

The House of Wied-Neuwied with William of Albania briefly ruled the Principality of Albania in 1914. Among the notable members of the family was Prince Alexander Philip Maximilian, the second son of Prince John Frederick Alexander and a famous explorer, ethnologist and naturalist; the latest successor of this family is a possible claimant of the vacant Albanian throne.[citation needed]

Counts of Wied-Neuwied (1698–1784)[edit]

Princes of Wied-Neuwied (1784–1806)[edit]

Heads of the House of Wied-Neuwied (1806–present)[edit]

Neuwied Castle
  • John Augustus, 3rd Prince 1806-1836 (1779–1836)[1]
    • Hermann, 4th Prince 1836-1864 (1814–1864)
      • William, 5th Prince 1864-1907 (1845–1907)
        • William Frederick, 6th Prince 1907-1945 (1872–1945)
          • Hermann, Hereditary Prince of Wied (1899-1941)
            • Frederick William, 7th Prince 1945-2000 (1931–2000)
              • Prince Alexander (b.1960) - renounced rights
              • Carl, 8th Prince 2000-2015 (1961–2015)
                • Maximilian, 9th Prince 2015–present (b.1999)
                • Prince Friedrich (b.2001)
              • Prince Wolff-Heinrich (b.1979)
            • Prince Metfried (b.1935)
              • Prince Christian (b.1968)
                • Prince Constantin (b.2003)
                • Prince Leopold (b.2006)
                • Prince Alexander (b.2007)
                • Prince Friedrich (b.2010)
              • Prince Magnus (b.1972)
          • Prince Dietrich (1901-1976)
            • Prince Maximilian (1929-2008)
            • Prince Ulrich (1931-2010)
              • Prince Wilhelm (b.1970)
                • Prince Friedrich (b.2001)
                • Prince George (b.2004)
                • Prince Philipp (b.2010)
            • Prince Ludwig-Eugen (1938-2001)
              • Prince Edzard (b.1968)


Coordinates: 50°25′43″N 7°27′41″E / 50.42861°N 7.46139°E / 50.42861; 7.46139