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Will & Grace is an American sitcom television series created by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan. Set in New York City, the show focuses on the friendship between best friends Will Truman, a gay lawyer, Grace Adler, a straight interior designer; the show was broadcast on NBC from September 21, 1998, to May 18, 2006, for a total of eight seasons, returned to NBC on September 28, 2017. Will & Grace has been one of the most successful television series with gay principal characters. Despite initial criticism for its stereotypical portrayal of homosexual characters, it went on to become a staple of NBC's Must See TV Thursday night lineup and was met with continued critical acclaim, it was ensconced in the Nielsen top 20 for half of its 1998–2006 network run. The show was the highest-rated sitcom among adults 18–49 from 2001 to 2005. Will & Grace earned 83 nominations; each main actor received an Emmy Award throughout the series. In 2014 the Writers Guild of America placed the sitcom at number 94 in their list of the 101 best-written TV series of all time.

Since the final episode of the 1998–2006 run aired, the sitcom has been credited with helping and improving public opinion of the LGBT community, with former U. S. Vice President Joe Biden commenting that the show "probably did more to educate the American public" on LGBT issues "than anything anybody has done so far". In 2014, the Smithsonian Institution added an LGBT history collection to their museum which included items from Will & Grace; the curator Dwight Blocker Bowers stated that the sitcom used "comedy to familiarize a mainstream audience with gay culture" in a way, "daring and broke ground" in American media. During its original run, Will & Grace was filmed in front of a live studio audience on Tuesday nights, at Stage 17 in CBS Studio Center. Will and Grace's apartment was put on display at the Emerson College Library, donated by series creator Max Mutchnick; when the set was removed in 2014, rumors came up about a cast reunion, but the actors involved denied that such a reunion was planned, explaining it was being moved.

A long-running legal battle between both the original executive producers and creators and NBC took place between 2003 and 2007. In September 2016, the cast reunited for a 10-minute special, urging Americans to vote in the 2016 presidential election. After its success, NBC announced that the network was exploring the idea of putting Will & Grace back into production. In January 2017, NBC confirmed the series' return for a ninth season, for the 2017–18 television season, expanded to 16 episodes; this was followed by renewals for 18-episode eleventh seasons. On July 25, 2019, it was announced that the eleventh season will be the final season of the series which premiered on October 24, 2019. Will & Grace is set in New York City and focuses on the relationship between Will Truman, a gay lawyer, his best friend Grace Adler, a Jewish woman who owns an interior design firm. Featured are their friends Karen Walker, an alcoholic socialite, Jack McFarland, a flamboyantly gay actor; the interplay of relationships features the trials and tribulations of dating, marriage and casual sex.

Eric McCormack as Will Truman: The first titular protagonist in the show, Will is a gay man, a successful corporate lawyer who studied at Columbia University, where he met Grace as a freshman. He is precise and obsessive when it comes to certain tasks cleaning and decorating. However, Will does have a patient and compassionate nature towards those close to him to a fault. Though Will is gay, he sometimes tries to pass as straight. Several characters commented that his relationship with Grace is more like that of a married couple than two friends. Debra Messing as Grace Adler: The other titular protagonist in the show, Grace is a straight interior decorator with a fondness for food, she has been Will's best friend since roommate throughout most of the show. Grace does not practice her religion staunchly, she plays as a neurotic counterbalance for Will's more everyman character. Grace tends to rely on Will for moral and emotional support after a break-up. Megan Mullally as Karen Walker: Karen "works" as Grace's assistant, making "Grace Adler Designs" popular among her socialite acquaintances.

She is married to the wealthy Stanley Walker. Karen is known for casually downing alcohol and prescription medication and can be uncaring. However, she is close to Jack, is friends with Grace, throughout the show's run warms to Will. Though she is silly at times, Karen has shown bouts of intelligence: having a working knowledge of business/real-estate market economics, a moderate understanding of computers, a flair for interior design, she is a certified public notary and an aficionado of various liquors and prescription drugs. Despite this, she is unaware of or ambivalent toward habits of the working and middle classes criticizing and mocking what she fails to understand. Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland: Will's close friend since college. Jack is flamboyantly gay and free-spirited, having been so from a young age, he drifts from man to man and changes occupations being fickle when it comes to both. He has worked as a struggling actor, an acting instructor, a back-up dancer for Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson, a sales associate at Banana Republic and Barneys New York

Prince Joel Dawit Makonnen

Prince Joel David Makonnen Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is an Italian-born Ethiopian attorney, businessman and member of the Ethiopian Imperial House of Solomon. He is the great-grandson of the last Emperor of Ethiopia. Under the terms of the 1955 Constitution of Ethiopia he is fifth in the line of succession to the former Imperial Ethiopian throne. Makonnen was born in exile in Rome, Italy in 1982, his parents, Prince David Makonnen and Princess Adey Imru Makonnen, were exiled from Ethiopia during the 1974 communist revolution, while other members of the family were exiled, imprisoned, or executed. He is the youngest child of Princess Adey, he has Prince Yokshan Makonnen. His paternal grandparents are Duke of Harar and Sara Gizaw, his great-grandparents, Haile Selassie I and Menen Asfaw, were the last Emperor and Empress of Ethiopia. His father died from health complications in 1989 while in exile in Switzerland. In 1993 Makonnen came to Ethiopia for the first time to visit his family after members of the Imperial family were released from prison and their properties were restored to them.

In 1999 Makonnen moved to Addis Ababa with his mother, working with the United Nations, lived there for two years. Makonnen was educated in Switzerland and France, having attended the Collège du Léman in Geneva and a boarding school in Haute Savoie. In 1999 he moved to Ethiopia and attended the International Community School of Addis Ababa until 2001. In 2001, he enrolled at the Euro-American Institute of Technology in France, he transferred to American University in Washington, D. C. in 2003 where he earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration with a focus on international business from the Kogod School of Business. In 2015 he obtained a Juris Doctor from Howard University's School of Law. In 2009 Makonnen began working as the director of grants for Humanities DC, a non-profit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, he was a legal intern at the United Nations in 2011 before working as a law clerk in international trade and equal opportunity employment in 2013.

From 2016 until 2017 Makonnen was a compliance project manager at a real estate corporation. Since 2017 he has worked for Otsuka Pharmaceutical as corporate counsel. Makonnen is a co-owner of the Wabe Shebelle Hotel in Addis Ababa, he is a co-founder and the country director of Alchemy World Projects USA, a non-governmental organization focused on creating schools and entrepreneurship curriculums for impoverished youth in Ethiopia. On August 10, 2018 Makonnen wrote an op-ed for True Africa about political change, national unity, social progress in Ethiopia. In November 2018, Makonnen and his wife launched Old World/New World Productions, a media company that produces documentaries, feature films, television shows focused on Africa and the African diaspora. Makonnen met American philanthropist Ariana Austin, daughter of Bobby William Austin, at Pearl nightclub in Washington, D. C. in December 2005. They got engaged in 2014. Makonnen and Austin were married on September 9, 2017, in an Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony at Debra Genet Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in Temple Hills, Maryland.

Their wedding went viral, receiving international attention. The wedding was officiated by thirteen priests and included a coronation ceremony where both the bride and groom were crowned, their wedding reception was held at Foxchase Manor in Virginia. Over three hundred guests attended the five days of wedding festivities, which correlated with the Ethiopian New Year, starting on September 5 and ending on September 10th. Guests included Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, Prince Paul Makonnen, Prince Phillip Makonnen, Prince Beedemariam Makonnen, Princess Mary Asfaw Wossen, Johnnetta Cole, Sharon Pratt, Brandon Todd. Makonnen speaks English, French and Spanish. Makonnen formally uses the style His Imperial Highness with the title Prince Joel David Makonnen Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. According to the terms set in the 1955 Constitution of Ethiopia, he is fifth in the line of succession to the former Imperial Ethiopian throne. Official Website Instagram Twitter

St. William's Church, Road Town

The St. William's Church alternatively called Catholic Church of St. William is a religious building, affiliated with the Catholic Church and is located on the island of Tortola in the Main Street of the village of Road Town capital of the British Virgin Islands, a territory of the United Kingdom in the Lesser Antilles. Although the community was founded in 1957 with a small chapel it was completed in 1993 and the first church much larger current building dates from 1999 and included the construction of a parish hall and administrative offices. Follow the Roman or Latin rite and depends on the diocese of Saint John's - Basseterre. Most Masses are held in English with one in Spanish on Saturdays. Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John's – Basseterre Holy Family Cathedral