William A. Wheeler

William Almon Wheeler was an American politician and attorney. He served as a United States representative from New York from 1861 to 1863 and 1869 to 1877, the 19th vice president of the United States from 1877 to 1881. Born in Malone, New York, Wheeler pursued a legal career after attending the University of Vermont. After serving in various local positions, he won election to the New York State Legislature, he served in Congress from 1861 to 1863 and from 1869 to 1877. He was respected for his integrity, refused his salary increase after Congress passed an 1873 pay raise that he opposed. After the 1876 Republican National Convention settled on Rutherford B. Hayes as the party's presidential nominee after seven ballots, the delegates nominated Wheeler for vice president. Nominated by Congressman Luke P. Poland, Wheeler surged into an early lead over Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Marshall Jewell, Stewart L. Woodford to clinch the nomination on the first ballot. Wheeler was nominated because he was popular among his colleagues, having worked to avoid making enemies in Congress.

In addition, as a resident of the populous Eastern state of New York, he provided geographical balance to the ticket, since Hayes was from the populous Midwest state of Ohio. The Republican ticket prevailed in the contentious 1876 presidential election, though they lost the popular vote. Though they had not known each other before the convention and Hayes got along amicably while in office, they chose not to seek second terms, Wheeler returned to Malone, New York after the end of his term. He died in 1887, was buried at Morningside Cemetery in Malone. William Almon Wheeler was born in Malone, New York, attended Franklin Academy and the University of Vermont, although monetary concerns forced him to drop out without graduating. Wheeler received the honorary degrees of master of arts from Dartmouth College in 1865 and LL. D. from the University of Vermont and Union College. In 1876 he received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Vermont "as in course", making him a graduate of the class of 1842.

In 1845 he married Mary King. He studied law with Asa Hascall, a Malone attorney and politician who served as town supervisor, justice of the peace, district attorney, member of the New York State Assembly. Wheeler was admitted to the bar in 1845, practiced in Malone, he was District Attorney of Franklin County from 1846 to 1849. He was a member of the Assembly in 1850 and 1851, he was elected as a Republican to the 37th United States Congress, holding office from March 4, 1861, to March 3, 1863. He was elected to the 41st, 42nd, 43rd and 44th United States Congresses, holding office from March 4, 1869, to March 3, 1877. During his House tenure, Wheeler served as chairman of the Committee on Pacific Railroads and the Committee on Commerce. Wheeler's reputation for honesty was celebrated by Allan Nevins in his introduction to John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage. Roscoe Conkling, a Senator and a political boss once offered, "Wheeler, if you will act with us, there is nothing in the gift of the State of New York to which you may not reasonably aspire."

Wheeler declined with "Mr. Conkling, there is nothing in the gift of the State of New York which will compensate me for the forfeiture of my self-respect."Wheeler served as President of the New York Northern Railroad. He was President of the New York State Constitutional Convention which met from June 1867 to February 1868, his acceptance speech gave a ringing endorsement for racial equality: "e owe it to the cause of universal civil liberty, we owe it to the struggling liberalism of the old world...that every man within, of whatever race or color, or however poor, helpless, or lowly he may be, in virtue of his manhood, is entitled to the full employment of every right appertaining to the most exalted citizenship."When Congress voted a pay raise in 1873 and made it retroactive for five years, Wheeler not only voted against the raise, but after it passed he returned his salary increase to the Treasury department. Wheeler was responsible for the so-called Wheeler Compromise of 1875, which settled a volatile political situation in Louisiana but led to the withdrawal of federal troops and the end of Reconstruction.

Wheeler was a delegate to the 1876 Republican National Convention, which had nominated Rutherford B. Hayes for President on the seventh ballot. Wheeler was considered a "safe" choice for the vice presidential nomination, as he had not made many enemies over the course of his political career, though Roscoe Conkling himself supported the former congressman from New York Stewart L. Woodford; when the time came for the convention to nominate a vice presidential candidate, congressman Luke P. Poland of Vermont nominated Wheeler, who surged to the lead over Woodford and several other candidates. By the time the roll call reached New York, the result was apparent, Woodford withdrew, enabling New York to cast all its votes for Wheeler. Wheeler won the nomination with 366 votes to the 89 for his nearest rival Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, who served on the Electoral Commission which decided the 1876 election in favor of Hayes and Wheeler. Governor Hayes, when he heard of Wheeler's nomination, wrote to his wife Lucy: "I am ashamed to say: Who is Wheeler?"

Hayes and Wheeler had not served in the House of Representatives at the same time, so Hayes was unfamiliar with his running mate. He was inaugurated in March 4, 1877 and served until March 4, 1881. Since Wheeler was a recent widower, his wife having died one year before he took office, he was a frequent guest at the White House's alcoho

Rajesh M. Selva

Rajesh M. Selva is an Indian film director and screenwriter working in Tamil cinema. Rajesh began his career in entertainment by being a part of the band, formed in 1999 alongside his school mates Naresh and Sathish Ramalingam at M. C. C. Higher Secondary School, he is a reputed Corporate designer. He graduated a visual communications degree from St Thomas College in 2003 & did his Master's from Loyola College, Chennai in 2005 and continued to work on his music career, by recording songs at DesignSelva, a record company he founded in 2005. Alongside with his band, he released the independent album She 16, in collaboration with Saregama HMV, during October 2006, he subsequently went on to make a feature film with new technicians, titled Kaalaippani, shot for the project throughout 2007. Featuring Vasundhara and Nassar alongside several newcomers, Kaalaipani was a murder mystery film which had a low-key release, but received positive reviews. A critic noted that Rajesh Selva has "very well applied his paper works on the screen", adding his "clarity in execution is evident throughout the film".

Furthermore, a critic from wrote Rajesh "deserves praise for maintaining the suspense till end", that it was a "good attempt by the debutant director". In 2008, Rajesh decided to join Raaj Kamal Films International on the advice of his friend, director Sri Krishna, he subsequently joined Kamal Haasan for the pre-production works of Marmayogi and served as the film's third assistant director. He worked on gathering information to help script portions set in the 6th century and spent nearly forty-five days with the researchers at the archaeological department to know the scriptures of sixth century Tamil that existed in Pandiya kingdom; the film was shelved soon after but he continued to work with Raaj Kamal Films through the productions of both parts to Vishwaroopam and Uttama Villain, playing cameo roles as an actor in both films. After gaining offers to direct films in 2014 after the completion of Vishwaroopam II, Rajesh left Kamal Haasan's team, but the films which were being planned failed to materialize.

Kamal Haasan subsequently called him back to the company in April 2015 and requested that he direct the official remake of Sleepless Night, which Raaj Kamal Films had purchased. Titled Thoongaa Vanam in Tamil and Cheekati Rajyam in Telugu, Rajesh completed both version of the film within sixty days of shoot. Featuring an ensemble cast headed by Kamal Haasan, he worked with the actor on adapting the original script into the Tamil and Telugu languages, wrote in new characters to be played by Trisha and Madhu Shalini. Rajesh was in charge of gathering and selecting the members of the cast and crew; the films opened in November 2015 to critical acclaim and had a good performance at the box office

Tennessee Foreign Language Institute

The Tennessee Language Center known as the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, is an agency of the University of Tennessee's Institute for Public Service. Created as an agency of the State of Tennessee in 1986, TLC provides language classes, language teacher training and certification, interpretation and translation services. TLC was created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1986 to promote the learning and teaching of foreign languages, it is the only state-government-supported organization of its kind. TLC, located in Nashville, has four major departments: English as a Second Language, World Languages and Training, Interpretation and Translation Services; the legislation that established TLC called for its governing board to consist of the state commissioners of economic and community development and tourist development or their designees. The official goals of the Tennessee Language Center can be found in the legislative mandate in the Tennessee Code Annotated; the legislation outlines the purposes of TLC, "which shall include, but not be limited to, the following: Coordination and provision of foreign language skills needed by state government for purposes of industrial recruitment, tourist development or any other state purpose.

Fees for services are a major source of funding for TLC. State appropriations, which totaled $349,100 in 2009-10, provide about 20% of its budget. Additional funds come from donations. Cabbies' English skills targeted, The - March 10, 2008 News of note in Williamson County, The - September 17, 2007 People in business, The - September 9, 2007 Push for English-only driver's test stirs debate, Greenville News, The - July 30, 2007 EXECUTIVE Q&A. DAVID BEREZOV, The - June 10, 2007 Immersion programs: Local opportunities, The - February 6, 2007 Starbucks brewing at MetroCenter, The - August 4, 2006 PEOPLE IN BUSINESS, The - July 23, 2006 EDUCATION NOTEBOOK, The - July 3, 2006 PEOPLE IN BUSINESS, The - June 11, 2006 Official website