Brutally Normal

Brutally Normal is an American sitcom television series that starred Mike Damus which aired on The WB. The series premiered on January 24, 2000 with two back-to-back episodes airing along with Zoe... A total of eight episodes were produced with only five of those episodes airing with the show being canceled on February 14, 2000; the series revolved around a teenage boy with a group of diverse friends. Anna is a foreign exchange student and Russell is his wise-cracking best friend all going through their senior year at Wacker H. Normal High School. Many of the show's story lines dealt with surreal situations that the group would get into hence the series name. Mike Damus as Robert "Pooh" Cutler Lea Moreno as Anna Pricova Eddie Kaye Thomas as Russell Wise Tangie Ambrose as Dru Antwon Tanner as Shaheem Joanna Pacula as Gogi Pricova Brutally Normal on IMDb Brutally Normal at Brutally Normal at

Mood Rings (band)

Mood Rings are an alternative rock band based in Atlanta. Debuting in 2011 with the EP Sweater Weather Forever, they have since been recognised nationally for their sound, called "engaging" by The Guardian, "lush and ethereal" by BrooklynVegan, "dreamy post-punk" by Stereogum, "lush, neon hued" by Spin Magazine, their second single, "Pathos y Lagrimas" was featured in Converse's "Ready, Set: Get Lost" music series. Converse recorded and released a music video for the song on YouTube in October 2012, they released a limited edition silk-screened 7" of "Pathos y Lagrimas" and "333" for Record Store Day 2013, performed an instore at Atlanta's Criminal Records. Their first album, VPI Harmony, was released on Mexican Summer on 25 June 2013. Heather Phares of Allmusic praised the album, saying "Held together by its oddly luxurious feel, VPI Harmony blends its many sounds and moods into a remarkable debut." When playing in Loring Park in Minneapolis, MN the band was rumored to play naked, when in fact they wore socks.

William Fussell relocated to London, England, in 2015 and set up a solo-project titled, Promise Keeper. He released his debut EP on May 19, 2017