Winamp is a media player for Windows, macOS and Android developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft, which they sold to AOL in 1999 for $80 million. It was acquired by Radionomy in 2014. Since version 2 it has been sold as freemium and supports extensibility with plug-ins and skins, features music visualization, playlist and a media library, supported by a large online community. Version 1 of Winamp was released in 1997, grew popular with over 3 million downloads, paralleling the developing trend of MP3 file sharing. Winamp 2.0 was released on September 8, 1998. The 2.x versions were used and made Winamp one of the most downloaded Windows applications. By 2000, Winamp had over 25 million registered users and by 2001 it had 60 million users. A poor reception to the 2002 rewrite, Winamp3, was followed by the release of Winamp 5 in 2003, a release of version 5.5 in 2007. Playback formats Winamp supports music playback using MP3, MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 audio layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, WMA.

Winamp was one of the first used music players on Windows to support playback of Ogg Vorbis by default. It supports ReplayGain for volume leveling across tracks. CD support includes playing and importing music from audio CDs, optionally with CD-Text, burning music to CDs; the standard version limits maximum burn datarate. Winamp supports playback of Nullsoft Streaming Video. For MPEG Video, AVI, other unsupported video types, Winamp uses Microsoft's DirectShow API for playback, allowing playback of most of the video formats supported by Windows Media Player. 5.1 Surround sound is supported where decoders allow. Media Library At installation, Winamp scans the user's system for media files to add to the Media Library database, it supports Unicode metadata for media files. In the Media Library user interface pane, under Local Media, several selectors permit display of subsets of media files with greater detail. Adding album art and track tags Get Album Art permits retrieval of cover art, confirmation before adding the image to the database.

Autotagging analyzes a track's audio using the Gracenote service and retrieves the song's ID2 and ID3 metadata. Podcatcher Winamp can be used as an RSS media feeds aggregator capable of displaying articles, downloading, or playing such content as streaming media. SHOUTcast Wire provides a directory and RSS subscription system for podcasts. Media player device support Winamp has extendable support for portable media players and Mass Storage Compliant devices, Microsoft PlaysForSure, ActiveSync, syncs unprotected music to the iPod. Media Monitor Winamp Media Monitor allows web-based browsing and bookmarking music blog websites and automatically offering for streaming or downloading all MP3 files there; the Media Monitor is preloaded with music blog URLs. Winamp Remote Winamp Remote allows remote playback of unprotected media files on the user's PC via the Internet. Remote adjusts bitrate based on available bandwidth, can be controlled by web interface, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, mobile phones. Plug-ins In February 1998, Winamp was rewritten as a "general-purpose audio player" with a plug-in architecture.

This feature was received well by reviewers. Development was early and rapid: 66 plugins were published by November 1998; the Winamp software development kit allows software developers to create seven different types of plug-ins. Input: decodes specific file formats. Output: sends data to specific devices or files. Visualization: provides sound activated graphics. DSP/Effect: manipulates audio for special effects. General Purpose plug-ins add UI features. Media Library plug-ins add functions to the Media Library plug-in. Portables plug-ins support portable media players. Plug-in development support increased Winamp's flexibility for, for example, a plethora of specialized plug-ins for game console music files such as NSF, USF, GBS, GSF, SID, VGM, SPC, PSF, PSF2. Skins Skins are bitmap files which alter the aesthetic design of the Winamp graphical user interface and can add functionality with scripting. Winamp published documentation on skin creation in 1998 with the release of Winamp 2 and invited Winamp users to publish skins on

As of 2000 there were nearly 3,000 Winamp skins available. The ability to use skins contributed to Winamp's popularity early in MP3 development. With the increasing number of available skins, genres or categories of skins developed, such as "Stereo", "Anime", "Ugly". Online communities of skin designers such as and have contributed thousands of designs. Designers see skins as an opportunity to be creative: nontraditional examples have included Klingon, iPod, Etch-a-sketch designs; the Winamp skin format is the most popular, the most adopted by other media player software, is usable across platforms. One example is the XMMS player for Linux and Unix systems, which can use unmodified Winamp 2 skin files. Winamp 5 supports two types of skins – "classic" skins designed to Winamp 2 specifications, more flexible, freeform "modern" skins per the Winamp3 specification. Modern skins support true alpha channel transparency, scripting control, a docked toolbar, other innovations to the user interface.

Until the release of Winamp in 1997, WinPlay3 was the sole option for playing MP3-compressed music on Microsoft Windows. Winamp was first released in 1997, when Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev, formerl

International game

The International game is a ball game modality that joins up many sports derived from the Jeu de paume. It's played in the Handball International Championships by teams from the Europe; the International game was created so that players from similar sports could play with some minimal changes in their respective rules by the International Ball game Confederation. In first instance, it was made by European federations of different and until isolated sports: Belgium: Balle pelote France: Longue paume Italy: Pallone Valencian Community: Llargues Netherlands: Frisian handballLater on, some countries from the Americas joined: Argentina: Colombia: Chazas Ecuador: Mexico: Pelota tarasca Uruguay: International game is played on a rectangular, flat surface, 70 m long and 20 m wide for men; the endings of this rectangle are the "service" and the "receive" lines. In the "service" field there is an 8 x 8 m area, that's the "service box". For women, the rectangular is 60 m long and 15 m wide with a service box 6 x 6 m.

Every ball game is played with a different ball, when writing the rules of this new sport a ball everybody could feel comfortable with was searched. Not as small and tough as the Valencian badana or as big and heavy as the Italian one. It's played with a white rubber ball. No gloves but protections like a layer of esparadrapo or a glove of One Wall are allowed. Two teams formed by 5 players play to score more games by hitting a ball with the hand; every point consists in four points: 30, 40 and game. Every point begins when a rotating player from the team at the "service" field throws the ball from the "service box", after that players hit it in order to send it behind the opponent's end line or, at least, move it as far as possible. If on the serve the ball surpassed the midfield the ball must be hit on the air or after the first rebound on the ground, but if the ball arrives bouncing before the midfield there is no one-rebound limit. 3 points are involved by party. The team which gains the victory, obtains 2 points if the score is 6-3, 6-4 or 6-5 but the team obtains 3 points if the score is 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2.

The champion of this modality is the team. The llargues is a Valencian pilota modality; the Internacional Ball Game Federation established rules to make an international sport by making him play on a ground used for the Balle pelote. When a team gets two "lines", or the score is "40 and 1 line", both teams must change their respective midfields; the point may be postponed. Direct points are obtained:; when an opponent player hits the ball but it doesn't advance. When a player hits the ball with any other part of the body but the hand, except in case of blocking the ball. Postponed points are those got when winning the "line". Lines: Lines are a signal resting on a side of the field marking the place where a ball has been blocked so that it didn't advance any more in the defending team's area; when teams swap midfields the new serving team tries to attain the lines they did at the "receive field". In order to get them they must throw the ball surpassing that line so that it's blocked behind that line the postponed point is scored.

If they don't get to send it so far or it's blocked in their own side of the line it's the opponent team who obtains the point. The rectangular is 60 m long and 20 m wide with a service box 8 x 6 m; the sets will last 40 minutes. Handball International Championships Frisian handball Longue paume Pallone Valencian pilota Llargues Ballon au poing Balle à la main Internacional Ball Sport Federation

List of educational institutions in Sialkot

This is a list of educational institutions located in Sialkot District, Pakistan. Ad-Dawa School System Aisha Lasani Model School Al Yaqoobia Girls High School, Sialkot Ali Academy, Haji Pora Allama Iqbal Public High School, Sialkot Cantt American Grammar School, 115-Mehmood Ghaznavi Road, Cantonment Sialkot, Pakistan. American public high school, Sialkot Army Public School, 39 Zafar Ali Road, Sialkot Cantt AT-Taqwa Science School, Khan Mahal Road, Sialkot Azam Science School & College, Defence Road, Sialkot Beaconhouse School System, Said Pur Condal Road Blue Coat School System Bright Future High School, Harrar Cathedral High School No.1, Christian Town, Sialkot City Model High School Neka Pura, Sialkot City Public High School City Public School Khadam Ali Road, Sialkot City School, Iqbal Campus CSS Model Town Convent of Jesus and Mary Girls High School Crescent Model High School, Abbot Road, Sialkot CTI High School Bara Pathar Sialkot Dar e Arqam Schools Iqbal Campus Adda Pasrurian Sialkot Eden Garden Grammar High School Mughal Pura, Gohad Pur, Sialkot Fauji Foundation Model School Sialkot Future Foundation School, Doburji Mallian Sialkot Garrison School System Govt.

Comprehensive High School Jammu Road, Sialkot Government High School Bogray Govt. Pilot Secondary School Sialkot Great Folk Public School Harvard Grammar School, Kutchery Road, Sialkot Hafeez Public High School, Haji Pura Sialkot Ibn-e-Sina High School, Harrar Iqbal Vision International College, Daska Road Mor Sambrial, Sialkot Iqra Foundation School College Road Daska Islamic Vision School And Girls College, Sialkot Village Kanpur John & Scot High School, Harrar K. B. F School Kent Kids Campus, Iqbal Town Defence road, Sialkot Kids Club Grammar School, Nasir Road, Pakistan Knowledge Inn Public Higher Secondary School Lahore Grammar School, Faraz Shaheed Road, Sialkot Knowledge Inn Public Higher Secondary School Leads Grammar School, Paris Road, Sialkot Learning Grammar High School Fazalpura Sambrial Learning Star School System, Eimeen Abad Road, Near New Ghandam Mandi Madrassa Tuz Zahra Merab Kids University Mumtaz Public High School Fatehgarh Road Sialkot Munimmuddin Model School Pakpura Sialkot National Secondary School, Adda Gunna Kalan, Sialkot New Cantt Public School, Sialkot New Day School, Sialkot Cantt New Horizon Academy Roras Road, Sialkot Noble Public High School, Harrar Ocean Ideal School, Muradpur Marala Road Sialkot Prime English and Grammar Public High School Ghallian - Kotli Loharan - Sialkot Prince Public School Kotli Behram, Muhallah Chah Lalarian, Sialkot Public Foundation School, Sambrial Peace Grammar School, Marala Road, Sialkot The Punjab School, New Muslim Town, Kotly Behram Sialkot Queen Mary's High School, Harrar Resource Academia Leading To International School- kalma chowk - Sialkot Royal City Grammar School Sheikh Zaid International School Sialkot public school Sir Sayyed Public High School, Chaprar Sir Syed Public School, New Ghalla Mandi Sialkot The Spirit School Akbar CAMPUS, Main Wazirabad Road Randeer Moor, Punjab, Pakistan.

St Mary's High School, Harrar Sunrise Public High School Hajipura Sialkot Surosh Public high School Near noul mor Sialkot Quaid e Azam Ideal public School Chaprar, Sialkot Quaid's Dream of Education Awan Computer Tech CASTECH CCPD - Centre For Continued Professional Development Computer People 2000 Latech Soft Computer Center Street Microtech Institute Netcom Institute NetRox Tech Royal Aviation Institute Sialkot Institute of Science and Technology, Buttter road sialkot Softec Computer Center Softman College Theta Solutions Govt. College of Technology, Sialkot Govt. Poly Technique Institute, Sialkot. Govt. Vocational Training Institute Sialkot Knowledge Technical & computer Education. Sialkot Royal College of Technology, Daska Royal College of Technology, Sambrial Islam College of Engineering & Management sciences School of Engineering, University of Management & Technology, Sialkot Campus Superior Group Of Colleges Army Public College, Sialkot Cant Army Public School, Sialkot Cant Cadet College, Sambrial Federal Government Inter College, Sialkot Cant FG Boys High School, Sialkot Cant FG Boys Public School, Sialkot Cant FG Girls Public School, Sialkot Cant FG Girls Middle School, Sialkot Cant Rangers Public School, Sialkot Cant Govt.

Murray College, Sialkot Govt. Jinnah Islamia College, Sialkot Govt. Allama Iqbal College, Sialkot Govt. Higher secondary school ghuinke sialkot Brits Education Excellence college Sialkot Government Allama Iqbal College for Women Sialkot Government APWA College for Women Sialkot Government College Women University Sialkot Allama Iqbal College of Commerce, Sialkot Apex College of Commerce, Sialkot Comprehensive Punjab College of Commerce, Sialkot Edutech college Govt. College of Commerce for women, Sialkot Govt. College of Commerce, Sialkot Govt. Institute of Commerce, Sialkot Leadership College for Women, Sialkot Leadership College of Commerce, Sialkot Leads College of Commerce & Information Technology, Sialkot Nisa Girls college Peers' College of Commerce, Sialkot Punjab college for Women, Sialkot Punjab College Of Commerce Punjab College of Commerce, Sialkot Sialkot College of Commerce, Sialkot SIIT College of Commerce, Sialkot Shadab College of Commerce, Abbot Road Sialkot sims college of commerce SKANS School of Accountancy Superior College of Science The Standard College Of Business Administration, Sialkot The Standard College The vision group of colleges sialkot Vision Academy of Commerce & sciences, Sialkot Idris Hospital Islam Medical College Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College Ali law college Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot Islam law College Services Law College, Sialkot Shadab