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Thinkery is a children's museum in Austin, Texas. The museum was founded in 1983 without a permanent location, providing traveling exhibits in public places such as malls and libraries. In 1987, a storefront on Fifth Street became the Austin Children's Museum's first established location. In 1997, a fundraising campaign, including a million-dollar donation by Michael and Susan Dell, helped the museum move to a larger space at Colorado and Second Street; the downtown location closed on September 7, 2013, with the new Thinkery location opening December 7 at the Meredith Learning Lab — a 40,000-square-foot facility in the Mueller Community. In 2015, nearly 500,000 visitors came to Thinkery. Thinkery was designed to meet the demand of the greater Austin region for learning experiences in Science, Engineering and Math subjects. For children and families. Thinkery was one of 33 organizations selected to participate in Cognizant’s Making the Future grant program. Thinkery established its Spark Club program as a result of this grant.

In 2014, Thinkery was one of three organizations in Texas designated as a host site for Maker Corps. Part of the Maker Education Initiative, Thinkery was selected to host a resident Maker and engage local youth in STEAM learning through making-oriented projects; the Smithsonian Latino Center selected Thinkery as a host site for their Young Ambassadors Program — a nationally recognized program for graduating high school seniors. Thinkery was the first children’s museum selected to participate in Portal to the Public — a National Science Foundation funded program to increase interactions between volunteer scientists and the public. Thinkery was chosen as a local site for the City of Austin’s Google Fiber Community Connections program. Thinkery website Austin Children's Museum website at

Zechariah 4

Zechariah 4 is the fourth of the total 14 chapters in the Book of Zechariah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. This book contains the prophecies attributed to the prophet Zechariah, is a part of the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets; this chapter is a part of a section consisting of Zechariah 1–8. The original text was written in the Hebrew language; this chapter is divided into 14 verses. Some early manuscripts containing the text of this chapter in Hebrew are of the Masoretic Text, which includes the Codex Cairensis, the Petersburg Codex of the Prophets, Codex Leningradensis. Fragments containing parts of this chapter were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, that is, 4Q80 with extant verses 1–4. There is a translation into Koine Greek known as the Septuagint, made in the last few centuries BCE. Extant ancient manuscripts of the Septuagint version include Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alexandrinus and Codex Marchalianus; the fifth of the eight visions uses the'seal imagery' of the golden lamp and the olive-tree to symbolize joint leaders to do the works for God: Joshua the high priest and the Davidic governor Zerubbabel.

So he answered and said to me: “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts.""Not by might": Zerubabbel's work will be accomplished through the grace of God alone. Septuagint: "not by great might. Zerubbabel might feel dispirited thinking how much there was to do with so few at his disposal, how formidable the opposition, so this message reassure him of the promise of Divine aid, knowing that God regards him precious as a servant of the Lord, governor of Judah. "But by my Spirit": the work is to be effected by the living Spirit of God, unaffected by man's weakness, because God's might will bring strength out of weakness. In the might of God's Spirit He appointed in the Church "first Apostles prophets and evangelists" 1 Corinthians 12:28,'filling them with divine gifts and enriching them by the influx of His Spirit'. While the task to build the temple falls on Zerubabbel, the two leaders are both'anointed ones'. Lampstand Olive Zerubbabel Related Bible parts: Haggai 1, Zechariah 1, Zechariah 2, Zechariah 3, Zechariah 5, Zechariah 6 Zechariah 4 Hebrew with Parallel English Zechariah 4 Hebrew with Rashi's Commentary Zechariah 4 English Translation with Parallel Latin Vulgate

Jungle Man (film)

Jungle Man is a 1941 American film directed by Harry L. Fraser and starring Buster Crabbe in his first of many films for Producers Releasing Corporation, he is reunited with Charles B. Middleton from the Flash Gordon serials. Cinematographer and associate producer Mervyn Freeman was an experienced newsreel cameraman. Bruce Kellogg and his friend Alex are off to Africa on an expedition to the "City of the Dead", footage of Angkor Wat. Bruce's fiancee Betty and her father decide to go along to visit her father's brother James, a missionary in the same part of Africa. Arriving at the Rev Graham's home they meet Dr Hammond who has spent five years developing a serum to a deadly fever that rages in the area; the results of his work are placed on a freighter to America, sunk by a submarine. As Alex and Bruce venture to the lost city, an epidemic of the fever rages in the territory. Buster Crabbe as Dr. Robert Hammond, aka Junga Charles B. Middleton as Rev. James Graham Sheila Darcy as Betty Graham Vince Barnett as Buckthorn the Guide Weldon Heyburn as Bruce Kellogg Robert Carson as Andy Paul Scott as William Graham Hal Price as Capt.

Aleck Floyd Shackelford. In 1951 it was retitled Drums of Africa as part of a package of PRC films now titled "Pictorial Films" that were sold to television. Jungle Man on IMDb Jungle Man is available for free download at the Internet Archive


Falerone is a town and comune in province of Fermo, in the Italian region of the Marche, southeast of Urbisaglia. Nothing is known of the ancient town except from inscriptions, from which, from the remains of its buildings, it appears to have been a centre of some importance in the Picenum, it was founded as a colony by Caesar Augustus after his victory at Actium. A question arose in the time of Domitian between the inhabitants of Falerio and Firmum as to land, taken out of the territory of the latter, though not distributed to the new settlers, had not been given back again to the people of Firmum; the emperor, by a rescript, a copy of which in bronze was found at Falerio, decided in favor of the people of Falerio, that the occupiers of this land should remain in possession of it. In the Late Antiquity the city decayed, in the Middle Ages it followed the history of the local lordships. Considerable remains of a theatre in concrete faced with brickwork, according to an inscription, in 43 BC, 49 metres in diameter, were excavated in 1838 and are still visible.

An amphitheatre, less well preserved exists. Between the two is a water reservoir connected with remains of baths. Media related to Falerone at Wikimedia Commons This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed.. "Falerio". Encyclopædia Britannica. 10. Cambridge University Press. P. 147

Naresh Kumar HN

Naresh Kumar HN is an Indian film director and a screenwriter who works in Kannada cinema. He gained following on his directorial debut First Rank Raju, followed by his second movie Raju Kannada Medium. At present, On the story of First Rank Raju, He is set to make his debut direction for the Tollywood Industry with the remake of First Rank Raju in Telugu all set to release in June 2019. Naresh Kumar HN was born in 1987 at rural Bangalore, Dodaballapura Taluk to Narshima Murthy and Roopakala. Naresh graduated with a degree in engineering from PESIT in 2008, he obtained a Diploma in Film Direction at KANFIDA. Naresh worked as an Assistant Director to Ramesh Aravind and Madhu Chandru. In 2015, Naresh directed his debut film First Rank Raju Kannada which saw a star cast of Sadhu Kokila, Anant Nag, Achyut Rao and Gurunandan; the movie was well received by the audience. In the year 2018 he directed his second movie Raju Kannada Medium which saw Kannada movie star Kicha Sudeep be a part of it along with Gurunandan and Avantika Shetty, screened for 75 days.

Following the success of his movies, He is replicating the First Rank Raju story in Telugu for the audience of tollywood. He has made appreances in the famous Kannada version of the Bigg Boss hosted by Kicha Sudeep. Won the Best Dialogue writer for 1st Rank Raju at the Times Of India - KAFTA Awards. Nominated for BIFFES film festival for Raju Kannada Medium. Naresh Kumar HN on BookMyShow Teaser Launch: Photos of Naresh Kumar HN and producer Manjunath First Rank Raju in Telugu Starcast DetailsCategory:Kannada film directors