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Shikha Joshi

Shikha Joshi was an Indian actress and classical dancer. Joshi had alleged Dr. Vijay Sharma, who had performed a breast implant surgery on her in 2006, sexually exploited her in 2011; the doctor had gone missing since her death, until 20 May, when the Mumbai Police recorded a statement from him. In November 2013, Joshi and her brother, Vishesh Joshi, were arrested for pelting stones at Sharma's residence in Andheri, but were released on bail. According to a police officer, Shikha Joshi was supposed to make a court appearance on 24 May 2015 in connection with the stone-pelting incident. On the evening of 16 May 2015, Joshi, at 40 years of age, committed suicide in her flat in Versova, Mumbai, by slitting her throat with a kitchen knife in the bathroom, her neck had a large cut. The flat owner Madhu Bharti, Bharti's boyfriend Riyaz Pathan, friend Pushpa Parmar were present with Joshi at the flat during the incident. Madhu Bharti recorded Joshi's last moments on Parmar's mobile phone in which Joshi named Dr. Sharma and "many married men" as responsible for her decision to commit suicide.

After the message was recorded, they called Bharti's boyfriend Riyaz Pathan, who arrived at the scene 10 minutes following which Joshi was taken to a nearby hospital. According to an official, Joshi was taken to the hospital more than an hour after she had slit her throat; the hospital stated. Joshi's family believes that this is a case of murder and has been petitioning for a CBI investigation. B. A. Pass Shikha Joshi on IMDb

The Makings of Me

The Makings of Me is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Monica. It was released by J Records on October 2006 in the United States. Built upon the hip-hop and modern quiet storm styles of its predecessor, After the Storm, Monica envisioned her follow-up project to sound as close knit and intimate as her previous project, she enlisted frequent collaborators Missy Elliott, Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri to work with her on the album, with the latter serving as its executive producer, as well as new partners such as The Underdogs, Tank, LRoc, Swizz Beatz, Sean Garrett. The album was released to positive reception from music critics, who applauded Monicas's vocal performances and cited the album a solid addition to her catalogue. Criticism targeted the trendchasing character of snap-influenced lead single "Everytime tha Beat Drop", as well as the album's unremarkable production; the Makings of Me debuted at number eight on the US Billboard 200 and became her first album to top Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, with first week sales of 93,000 copies.

A moderate commercial success in general, it became her lowest-selling full-length effort up to that point. The Makings of Me produced four commercial singles, with "Everytime tha Beat Drop", a collaboration with rap group Dem Franchize Boyz, becoming the album's only entry on the Billboard Hot 100. Subsequent singles such as "A Dozen Roses" and "Sideline Ho" failed to chart or sell noticeably on any chart. Disappointed by its performance, Monica expressed her discontent of the album's promotional campaign; the Makings of Me earned a Soul Train Music Award nomination in the Best R&B/Soul Album – Female category and was reissued in April 2007, featuring free ringtones for "The First Night," a free cellphone wallpaper, a blow-in card was sold by Walmart. In June 2003, following several revamps and numerous delays, J Records released Monica's fourth studio album After the Storm in the United States, it debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, her first album to do so, produced three singles that attained Billboard chart success, including chart topper "So Gone".

The following year, she announced. While most of her fifth album was not recorded before the birth of her son Rocko in May 2005, the singer met several producers and songwriters in preparation of her album during her pregnancy, involving Missy Elliott and her regular co-producers Cainon Lamb and Craig Brockman as well as Bryan Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri, with Dupri again taking over executive production duties alongside Monica after Elliott had replaced him in this position on After the Storm following the retooling of original album All Eyez on Me. While both Elliott and Dupri contributed most to the album, Monica was anxious to keep the number of collaborators close knit and intimate and thus, settled on working with a small amount of additional producers, including Sean Garrett, Harold Lilly, Swizz Beatz and The Underdogs. In total, their sessions resulted in forty finished records. At different times, Monica recorded with duo Dre & Vidal as well as Tricky Stewart, Scott Storch, Jazze Pha, No I.

D. and rappers Mannie Fresh and Young Jeezy, though none of the songs produced with them made the final track listing. Some of them, such as "Ain't Nothing", "So in Love", "Why Lie", appeared on her 2007 mixtape Greg Street Present...... Monica Made: The Mixtape or were leaked onto the internet. Although the project was tentatively titled Street Butterfly, Raw, or A Dozen Roses at one time or another, the album was named after Curtis Mayfield's song "The Makings of You" from his solo debut album Curtis, sampled in the Elliott-produced song "A Dozen Roses": "With a dozen roses / Such will astound you / The joy of children laughing around you / These are the makings of you." When asked about the meaning of the title, Monica elaborated in a 2006 interview with Billboard that "this album is the makings of me because it talks about so many different scenarios, both good and bad, that have pretty much brought me to the point where I'm at mentally," she said, comparing it with a "musical diary where people can see me in a lot of different lights for once."

Although Monica received neither a producing nor a songwriting credit on The Makings of Me, the album was addressed as her most personal effort yet. The singer attributed the personal sound of the album to the words of her self-written poetries, she has started writing in the late 1990s and of which about half of the songs on the album are based on. Having used the writings before to inspire the themes of the tracks for previous albums All Eyez on Me and After the Storm, it was the first time she handed the poems over to her songwriters. "That was kind of private," Monica said in an interview with Deseret News. "It was going into the hands of about eight people. It was difficult to do something like that the first time around." Feeling obligated to unveil her true thoughts about past relationships, writers Tank, Manuel Seal and others crafted songs such as "Sideline Ho" and "Why Her," which were inspired by the poems or their backstories. The album contains several references to Atlanta and alludes to contemporary fashion labels such as Gucci, automobile manufacturers Bentley and Mercedes Benz.

In "A Dozen Roses," singers R. Kelly and Gladys Knight are mentioned. Although Monica intended for the album to include some light recordings, she stated that The Makings of Me "is not an album for kids." "This album is very different from the other ones, because of me personally. Now, at 26, the way

Human and Social Sciences Library Paris Descartes-CNRS

The Human and Social Sciences Library Paris Descartes-CNRS is one of the most important French libraries concerning sociology and science education. The library collaborates with BNF as an associated pole on topics such as health and public policy and bioethics, Health sciences and society, drug use and abuse, social psychology. Being a unité mixte de service, the library both depends of Paris Descartes University and the French National Centre for Scientific Research, it is located in the Latin Quarter. The collection of the library comes from two different origins: A part comes from the former Human and Social Sciences collections of Paris Descartes University – the collections of social sciences and linguistics were held in the Sorbonne and those of science education in a library in Rue des Saints-Pères. Part of the major linguistics collection come from the private libraries of well-known 19th and 20th-century scholars such as Abel Hovelacque, Joseph Vendryes, others; the main part of the collection comes from the former Sociological Library of the CNRS.

The collections increased during the second half of the 20th century. Georges Gurvitch gave books that he had purchased in the United States to the library and Maurice Halbwachs gave a part of his private library to the Sociological Study Center just after World War II; the library, founded by Lucienne Thomas, had the same fate as the CES. First situated in Rue de Varenne, it moved to Rue Cardinet in 1959, its aim is to buy and make available books and knowledge to researchers but to indicate the resources at a national scale: thus, the library is in charge of the "sociology" section of the Bulletin Signalétique at the beginning of the 70s. Jacques Lautman, head of CNRS' Human and Society sciences department, decided to change its name in «Bibliothèque de sociologie du CNRS» in 1986, it moved one more time to Rue Pouchet. Closed for a time while being reorganized, it re-opened in 2004: it held 50,000 sociological books and a collection of 1,500 periodicals. In 2006, it became part of the new Human and Social Sciences Library Paris Descartes-CNRS.

The library reopened at the end of 2006, at the same time that Paris Descartes Social Sciences Faculty moved from the Sorbonne to its new location in Rue des Saints-Pères. It is a library reserved for scientific research for grad students, scholars and human scientists from all universities and scientific centers, it possesses a collection of more than 80,000 books and 2,000 periodicals - add all the electronics periodicals and reviews subscriptions bought by the University Library. In 2008, the former "Friends of Centre d'Études Sociologiques'Society" has entrusted to the library some photographic portraits of sociologists: Raymond Aron, André Davidovitch, Émile Durkheim, Georges Friedmann, Louis Gernet, Alain Girard, Marcel Granet, Georges Gurvitch, Maurice Halbwachs, Robert Hertz,Lucien Lévy-Bruhl, Marcel Mauss, Pierre Naville, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Jean Stoetzel; the complete collection consists of 15 framed photographs, size 32.5 × 38.5 cm. Part of this collection is available on the open archive MediHAL But it is an experimental library for new tool for scientific information circulation in France and abroad.

The library plays an important part to digitize French Social Sciences reviews for Persée website. It plays a leading role in several national projects of CNRS such as TGE-Adonis and Isore. Official Website

Ignacio González González

Jaime Ignacio González González is a Spanish politician and member of the Partido Popular. González served as the President of the Community of Madrid, one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain, from 26 September 2012 to June 2015. González´ predecessor, Esperanza Aguirre, resigned from office in September 2012 citing declining health. González held his first official meeting with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at Moncloa Palace on 15 October 2012, two weeks after taking office as President of the Community. González continued to be involved with running the public water company Canal de Isabel II. Since 2016 the Justice investigates the relationship between the politician, the former Worker Minister and businessmen linked to politics; as a result of these investigations known as Operación Lezo, González was arrested on corruption charges on 19 April 2017. He was held on remand from April to November 2017 at Soto del Real prison

Sandje Ivanchukov

Sandje Ivanchukov was an American soccer defender who played professionally in the North American Soccer League, American Soccer League and Major Indoor Soccer League. Ethnically Kalmyk Mongol, Ivanchukov's father, Saran Ivanchukov, immigrated to the United States from Bulgaria where he had played on the Bulgarian national team. Born in Neptune Township, New Jersey, Ivanchukov grew up in Howell Township and graduated from Howell High School, he was a 1977 Second Team NSCAA High School All American soccer player. In 1978, the Tampa Bay Rowdies drafted Ivanchukov out of high school, he signed on an amateur contract. He played one indoor season with Tampa Bay. In June 1980, the Rowdies traded Ivanchukov to the San Jose Earthquakes; the Earthquakes released him at the end of the season. In 1981, he played for the New England Sharks of the American Soccer League. In the fall of 1981, he joined the Philadelphia Fever of the Major Indoor Soccer League and spent the 1982 season with the Pennsylvania Stoners of the American Soccer League.

Ivanchukov played for the national youth teams. In 1979, he was a member of the U. S. soccer team at the 1979 Pan American Games. Ivanchukov gained his degree from DeVry Technical Institute in computer robotics. Tampa Bay Rowdies: Sandje Ivanchukov NASL stats Obituary