Artur is a cognate to the common male given name Arthur, meaning "bear-like,", believed to be descended from the Roman surname Artorius or the Celtic bear-goddess Artio or more from the Celtic word artos. Other Celtic languages have similar first names, such as Old Irish Art, Artúur, Welsh Arth - which may be the source for the modern name. Art is a diminutive form of the common name Arthur. In Estonian, many Romance and Germanic languages the name is spelled as Artur; the Finnish versions are Artturi. Artur Adson, Estonian author Artur Alliksaar, Estonian poet Artur Axmann, German Nazi leader Artur Sérgio Batista de Souza, Brazilian footballer Artur Boruc, Polish footballer Artur Davis, American attorney and politician Artur Fischer, German inventor Artur Fonte, Portuguese footballer known as Artur Artur Jorge, Portuguese footballer and manager Artur Jorge, Portuguese footballer Artur Jorge, Portuguese footballer Artur Kapp, Estonian composer Artur Khachaturyan, Armenian basketball player Artur Kotenko, Estonian footballer Artur Lemba, Estonian composer Artur Lind, Estonian biologist Artur London, Czechoslovak politician Artur Mägi, Estonian legal scientist Artur Mas, Catalan politician Artur Meleshkevich, Belarusian race walker Artur Moraes, Brazilian footballer Artur Phleps Romanian-German military commander Artur Pikk, Estonian footballer Artur de Sousa Pinga, Portuguese footballer and coach Artur Quaresma, Portuguese footballer Artur Rasizade, current Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Artur Sanhá, Guinea-Bissauan politician Artur Schnabel, Austrian pianist Artur da Costa e Silva, Brazilian politician Artur Sirk, Estonian politician and military commander Artur Soares Correia, Portuguese footballer Artur Soares Dias, Portuguese football referee Artur Maljers, School Artur Talvik, Estonian filmmaker and politician Artur Terras, Estonian politician, former mayor of Tallinn Artur Uritamm, Estonian classical composer and pedagogue Artur Văitoianu, Romanian politician and military commander Artur Jesus Vieira, Brazilian footballer King Arthur, medieval British legendary king


Stockinger is an Austrian-made police television drama, with fourteen 45-minute episodes first aired from 1996 to 1997. The series is a spin-off from the popular Italian-Austrian television drama Inspector Rex, focuses on Ernst Stockinger, one of the original members of the homicide division or Mordkommission in German. Stockinger leaves the series to return to Salzburg where his wife has inherited a dental practice from her late father, he is appointed as Bezirksinspektor at the Landes Gendarmerie, sharing an office with District Inspector Antonella Simoni. Unlike the members of the team in Rex, who appear to be self-directed and are seen to answer to senior management, Stockinger reports to Dr Brunner, a philosophising bureaucratic senior police inspector. Stockinger is portrayed as a clumsy Inspector Clouseau-like character, driving a clapped-out 1973 VW Variant, but single-minded when following up clues; the series was first broadcast in Australia in February 2008 on SBS television. SBS was responsible for the English subtitles therefore bringing the series to a wider audience than those with a knowledge of the German language.

SBS provided the English subtitles for all the Inspector Rex series. The series has since been released in two parts on DVD.'Stocki' arrives at the height of the Salzburg Festival, receiving free tickets to the annual performance of Jedermann. Coincidentally, this event will set the scene for his first case which involves the murder of one of the city's chocolatiers, Herr Fehling, his bitter business rival, Baldinger, is the obvious suspect but Stockinger is not prepared to jump to conclusions. Salzburger Balls Fatal Night Last Stop Hallstadt Corpse in a Field of Daffodils Innocent Lambs Horror on the Traun Murder Season at See-Hotel The Secret of Krimmler Falls The Power of The Dead Living Targets Arrows at Tennegau Still Water Clues to a Death Death at Saalbach review on The Age website Stockinger at The Internet Movie Database Episode Synopses