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Yodo castle

The Yodo Domain (淀藩, Yodo-han) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, and the only domain located in Yamashiro Province. Its castle was located within modern-day Fushimi, Kyoto.

The strategic location of the castle figured in the 1582 Battle of Yamazaki.[1]

During the 1868 Battle of Toba–Fushimi, the master of Yodo changed his allegiance from the Shogunate to Imperial forces, going as far as closing his gate and refusing protection to the retreating army of the shōgun Tokugawa Yoshinobu.

List of lords[edit]

  1. Sadatsuna
  1. Naomasa
  2. Naoyuki
  1. Noriyuki
  2. Yoshitaka
  3. Fusayoshi
  1. Mitsuhiro
  2. Mitsuchika
  1. Norisato
  1. Masatomo
  2. Masatō
  3. Masatsune
  4. Masachika
  5. Masayoshi
  6. Masahiro
  7. Masanobu
  8. Masanari
  9. Masaharu
  10. Masamori
  11. Masayoshi
  12. Masakuni


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