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Yoshikazu Taru

Yoshikazu Taru is a Japanese professional wrestler, better known as Taru. He is signed to Makai, while working for Pro Wrestling Zero1, where he is the leader of the Voodoo Murders, he has worked for All Japan Pro Wrestling, Diamond Ring, Wrestle Association R and Toryumon: Japan known as Dragon Gate. Taru trained in professional wrestling from a karate background as part of Koji Kitao's Buko Dojo and started wrestling in 1996 for Wrestle Yume Factory, Wrestle Association R and other independent promotions, he debuted in WAR in December 1996 under his real name as part of Kitao's entourage. Like his partners, Taru wrestled in a modified karategi and utilized kicks and grappling holds in a shoot-style gimmick. Although he sometimes teamed up with Masaaki Mochizuki and Takashi Okamura, Taru wrestled low level matches, having an on/off rivalry with Osamu Tachihikari and other beginners. In November 1998, as part of a working agreement between WAR and Último Dragón's Toryumon, Taru traveled to Mexico, where he took part in team matches along with the heel stable Crazy MAX.

Around this time, Taru changed his gimmick away from his shoot-style roots, starting to use boots, leather bodysuits and more villainous traits. He never returned to WAR instead moving full time to Toryumon. Taru's debut in the Japanese branch of Toryumon happened in February 3, 1998, where he participated along with Mochizuki and Keiichi Kono in a special match between Buko Dojo members. About the end of the match, Crazy MAX came to the ring and attacked all the wrestlers except by Taru, whom they inducted into their stable. Through this way, Taru adopted his definitive role in Toryumon and became Crazy MAX's suave yakuza-like manager and mouthpiece, he would always be clad in tailored dark suits and wield a black-painted baseball bat which he would use to attack their enemies with. For many years they were a powerful faction in Toryumon Japan and Dragon Gate but the group dissolved on November 2, 2004, Taru left the promotion. After leaving Toryumon, Taru soon showed up in All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he formed a tag team with Johnny Stamboli.

After adding Chuck Palumbo, he created the stable Voodoo Murders and announced his plans to take over AJPW. This prompted them to clash with another villainous faction, Taka Michinoku and his group Roughly Obsess and Destroy, causing them to feud for the next year. Taru recruited his former Toryumon enemies Shuji Kondo and Yasshi, as well as the superheavyweight Giant Bernard, changed his yakuza outlook for a more bizarre, sinister cult leader image. Under this new character, he now used illegal tactics and weapons like garrotes and lead pipes, opted to grant himself disqualifications in the process of beating down opponents with the help of his stablemates; the rivalry with RO&D ended in September 2006, when Taru and Michinoku agreed to a trios match where the loser should disband his stable. However, unbeknown to his opponent, Taru had secretly bought the loyalty of Michinoku's partners D'lo Brown and Bull Buchanan, who betrayed RO&D in midst of the bout to give Voodoo Murders the final win.

Taru and his group proceeded to beat down Taka until Keiji Kaz Hayashi made the save. As a consequence, Voodoo Murders left as AJPW's greatest heel faction, Mutoh and his alliance of babyface wrestlers became their main opponents. Taru wrestled one match against The Great Muta as The Great Ruta in November 2005. Taru challenged Satoshi Kojima for the Triple Crown on January 8, 2006. However, Kojima defended his title. In July 2007, Kojima shocked the All-Japan roster when he turned on them and joined the Voodoo Murders, where he was made the group's co-leader alongside Taru. Soon after joining and Taru won the World Tag Team Championship. Along with Big Daddy Voodoo, he won the All Asia Tag Team Championship. On June 1, 2011, Taru was suspended indefinitely by AJPW after an alleged attack on stablemate Nobukazu Hirai leaving Hirai hospitalised with an acute hematoma. All Japan also suspended Taru's stablemates Masayuki Kono and Minoru for not attempting to stop Taru's assault on Hirai and disbanded the Voodoo Murders, while the promotion's president Keiji Mutoh took the blame for the incident and resigned from his position on June 7.

On June 30, TARU's suspension was upheld, while his former stablemates were allowed to return to action. Taru took a near two year hiatus from professional wrestling after the incident. In January 22, 2013, announced that he would be returning to professional wrestling for the Diamond Ring promotion on February 11. Taru's return match, where he and Kazunari Murakami faced Kento Miyahara and Taishi Takizawa, ended in a no contest, following run-ins from "brother" Yasshi and Kengo Nishimura. Afterwards, Murakami and Nishimura, reforming the Voodoo Murders, were defeated in an eight-man tag team match by Miyahara, Satoshi Kajiwara and Mitsuhiro Kitamiya. After the match and Takizawa turned on their partners and joined the new Voodoo Murders, with Yasshi positioned as the leader; the new Voodoo Murders would decrease their appearances in Diamond Ring in favor of Pro Wrestling Zero1, where they moved to after the former promotion's demise. Voodoo Murders would debut in Zero1 feuding with him. However, Kamikaze would turn on his teammates and join Taru.

Voodoo Murders allied with Daemon Ueda's Daemon-gun, forming a super stable unofficially named VD-gun. On January 3, 2015, AJPW announced that Taru would be returning to the promotion on January 31 t

John McAleese

John Thomas "Mac" McAleese, MM was a Scottish soldier who took part in several late 20th century conflicts with the British Army's Royal Engineers and the Special Air Service Regiment, including the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London during a hostage taking siege incident in May 1980. McAleese grew up in Laurieston, Falkirk, he joined the Royal Engineers in 1969, aged 20, in 1973 passed the All Arms Commando Course, which earned him the green beret and transferred to 59 Independent Commando, Royal Engineers. In 1975 he transferred into the Special Air Service Regiment, he was a lance corporal in 1980, serving in Pagoda Troop,'B' Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment, when he led "Blue Team" in the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London during a hostage siege on 5 May 1980. McAleese fought in the Falklands War in 1982, in The Troubles, he was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in action at the Loughgall ambush in County Armagh on 8 May 1987, was present at the Drumnakilly ambush in County Tyrone in August 1988.

He served as a bodyguard for three Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. He was discharged from the British Army on 8 February 1992 with the rank of staff sergeant. After leaving the British Army McAleese worked for a short while as the landlord of a Hereford public house, was employed as a security contractor in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, became an advisor/interviewee on several British television programmes examining the working practices of British Special Forces soldiering, he sold his British Army service medals for an undisclosed sum to the Lord Ashcroft Collection. He appeared in the BBC produced television documentary series'SAS Survival Secrets', detailing the organizational structure of the Special Air Service Regiment and the nature of the military and security roles in which it is used, he found employment in the corporate sphere of airsoft gaming, as a spokesman for the corporate development of the martial art'Goshinkwai'. McAleese married twice. On 20 August 2009 his elder son, Serjeant Paul McAleese of 2nd Battalion The Rifles, was killed on active service in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb during a foot patrol in Helmand Province.

At a funeral service for Sjt. Paul McAleese's repatriated body at Hereford Cathedral on 14 September, John McAleese was seen to be visibly distressed during the ceremony. Four days after his son's funeral John McAleese was arrested by officers from West Mercia Police on charges of accessing child pornography on the internet via a home computer, he had first been contacted by the British police in relation to the matter in 2007 whilst at his home in Greece, had told them he would attend a British police station to assist with their enquiries when he was next back in the United Kingdom. After his son's funeral he had voluntarily attended a police interview, during which he had been cautioned, placed under arrest and bailed pending further enquiries, after which he returned to his residence in Greece. On a failure to attend the next bail appointment in the UK, McAleese had been contacted by West Mercia Police at his home in Greece, whereupon he refused to return to England to attend the bail hearing.

In March 2010 West Mercia Police applied for a European Arrest Warrant for John McAleese at Hereford Magistrates Court, granted, in November 2010 the British Government formally requested McAleese's arrest by the Greek Government and extradition from its territory back to the United Kingdom. The matter was still ongoing at the time of McAleese's death. For unknown reasons Greek police did not arrest McAleese, despite a warrant being sent to the Greek authorities around November 2010. McAleese died on 26 August 2011 of a heart attack in his sleep at the age of 62 in Thessaloniki, where he was residing, his funeral was held at Hereford Cathedral. He was survived by his second wife, a daughter by his first marriage, two children by his second marriage, his second wife committed suicide in November 2018

Two Months Off

"Two Months Off" is the first single by Underworld from the album A Hundred Days Off released in 2002. This track was one of the first songs; the single peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number 12 as well as number two for three weeks on the US dance chart. The track contains samples from Don Airey's 1989 album K2. A short spoken word vocal section can be heard above the track lead-in; the contributing artist for these vocals is Juanita Boxill, whose voice features in "Little Speaker", track 5 of A Hundred Days Off. Boxill is the namesake of separate Underworld single Juanita / Kiteless / To Dream of Love. "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Headset" – 5:58 "Two Months Off" – 9:09 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 "Tiny Clicks" – 2:13 "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 "Two Months Off" – 9:09 "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 "Tiny Clicks" – 2:13 "Headset" – 5:58 "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 9:09 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 "Tiny Clicks" – 2:13 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Headset" – 5:58 "Two Months Off" – 3:58 "Two Months Off" – 9:09 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 "Two Months Off" – 7:00 "Two Months Off" – 9:09 "Two Months Off" – 8:17 "Two Months Off" – 7:32 A stripped down and sonically reworked version of the song's bridge set the backdrop for the lighting of the Olympic cauldron during the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

A cover of the song by Techno Masters was featured in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2, a music video game produced by Konami. It was featured in EA Sports FIFA Football 2004's soundtrack. Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics Discogs

One Market Under God

One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism, Market Populism, the End of Economic Democracy is a 2000 book by historian and author Thomas Frank. It was published by Anchor Books; the book traces the development of what Frank decries as market populism: "the idea that markets are a far more democratic form of organization than democratically elected governments." He discusses many facets of the New Economy, "culture studs," and internet brokerages. An excerpt of the book was the cover story of the October 2000 issue of The Nation. One topic that Frank devotes considerable page space to is television commercials those for brokerages and mutual funds, he cites many examples of corporations being compared to rock stars, the Civil Rights Movement and the French Revolution and God. Frank discusses the Beardstown Ladies, an informal investment group comprising elderly women from Beardstown, Illinois, he covers their usage by the media to promote the idea that Average Joe Americans were just as good as, if not better than, professionals at picking stocks.

It was reviewed in The American Prospect on December 18, 2000, in The New York Times on December 21, 2000 The book at Thomas Frank's website Excerpt that appeared in The Nation Review in The American Prospect Review in The New York Times

First Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

First Presbyterian Church and Cemetery is located at 600 Rahway Avenue in Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States, one of the first townships established in the state at the end of the 17th century. It congregation was founded in 1675; the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 2, 2008. The oldest headstone in the cemetery dates from 1690. Archibald Riddell Trinity Episcopal Church – adjacent church, at 650 Rahway Avenue List of cemeteries in New Jersey Media related to First Presbyterian Church at Wikimedia Commons Official website

Snežana Pajkić

Snežana Pajkić-Jolović is a former middle distance runner from Serbia. She won the gold medal for Yugoslavia in the women's 1500 metres at the 1990 European Athletics Championships in a Yugoslav record. Pajkić represented her country at the 1991 World Championships in Athletics, she took a silver medal in the 800 metres at the Mediterranean Games. She was a two-time 1500 m champion at the European Athletics Junior Championships and was twice a medallist in that event at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics. 800 metres: 2:01.78 1500 metres: 4:08.12 3000 metres: 9:07.44 Serbian records in athletics Snežana Pajkić at World Athletics Interview Atletska legenda Snežana Pajkić Jolović ----article from: Serbian Athletic Association website